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Barbecue season has arrived!

Barbecue season has arrived!

The sunny season finally spreads its vibes – what better way to celebrate those long, warm summer nights than with a barbecue party for your friends and colleagues?

Germans love to have barbecues and this kind of love demands for a proper way of doing things – therefore German stores inevitably offer top notch equipment and ingredients. It doesn’t matter if your guests prefer to throw steaks, sausages, seafood, cheese or veggies on the grill; with the proper tools you can make a barbecue out of everything.

Don’t worry if you’re not prepared yet – myGermany collected a list of shops to get you started. Let us help you become the new master of the grill and start some mouths to water!

Hornbach »
Grills and grill accessoriesbbq-hornbach
promondo »
BBQ and fire placesbbq-promondo
Saturn »
Gas and electronic grillsbbq-saturn
Otto »
Gas, coal, electronic
and table grillsbbq-otto
gourmondo.de »
Sauces, marinades and
mustard for steaks and BBQs
GALERIA Kaufhof »
Everything you need
for a successful barbecue
casando »
BBQ sauces and herbsbbq-casando
Grillfürst »
Big selection of grills, knives & toolsbbq-grillfuerst
Grillstar.de »
Famous BBQ & grill specialty storebbq-grillstar

Title photo by mhaller1979 via flickr, CC

Your next car – imported directly from Germany

Your next car – imported directly from Germany

Germany is the number one car exporting country, being responsible for over one fifth of the world’s total car exports – and that’s not without reason. German car engineering is defining and increasing the standard of automobiles worldwide. With BMW, Volkswagen, Mercdedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche, there are models available for everyone, ranging from the practical family car to the top notch racing machine – while quality persists as a constant attribute.

You don’t have to go out of your way to finally sit behind the wheel of your own new piece of top-notch engineering either: myGermany is offering convenient car shipping, straight from the German vendor to your desired destination. Utilizing FedEX/DHL Freight we offer door-to-door shipping – taking care of customs and all other organizational aspects. Whether your car is a high value sports car or you’re looking for a cost effective way to ship you family van, we’ll offer the right service to suit your needs!

So, if you’re thinking about ordering a car straight from Germany, answer these few guiding questions and let us do the rest!

1. Do you prefer shipping via air cargo or over seas?
2. Is your car boxed/packed/wrapped/in a container already or can it be driven?
3. What’s the prefered delivery method to bring the car to Frankfurt Airport?
4. What are the car’s measurements (width x length x height)?
5. Whats the axle track length/distance between the wheels?
6. What’s your precise address?

a) Do you want us to take care of the export declaration?
If so:
b) Are you the owner of the car/who is the owner?
c) Who is the seller?
d) Potentially we need additional details about the car itself

For import
e) Do you prefer DAP or DDP*?
DAP: You handle taxes/duties yourself, aswell as custom fees
DDP: We take over the process of paying taxes & duties and you can conveniently pay for everything later (plus a small commission)

And as always, if you need specific information or have any questions, feel free to contact our support!


Importing cars from Germany has been practice for quite a while!

Importing cars from Germany has been practice for quite a while!

VR – The future is here!

VR – The future is here!

Virtual Reality has finally arrived. After years of development, both Facebook’s Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive are ready for pre-order. The new headsets are not only for tech-geeks though: While the Vive is supported by Steam and aims for gamers’ hearts, the Rift delivers unprecedented interactive, creative and social applications. Both systems impress with immersive worlds, ground-breaking short films, new ways of storytelling and a lot more to come.

At this point HTC and Oculus only ship to a few supported countries, which – thanks to our service – does not have to stop you from being one of the first to experience the new technology. Germany is on the list to have early access to the devices and we were already able to deliver the first pre-orders.

More devices will be available starting in June, so don’t miss out on reserving yours. Of course our customer service will be pleased to help you if you have any questions concerning shipping to your country; or you can conveniently let our concierge get everything ready for you to dive into new worlds!

Pre-order here:
HTC Vive »
Pre-order here:
Oculus Rift »

Photos: BagoGames via Flickr, HTC, Oculus VR