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Time for Spring Cleaning

Time for Spring Cleaning

It’s already the beginning of March now and spring is upon us. The rainy, windy and wet winter season is coming to an end and it’s time to fill the house with spring decor and the garden with colourful flowers. Before we can let spring into our homes, however, we should say goodbye to the traces winter left behind: It’s time for Spring Cleaning

With the wind and rain in the winter, windows get stains, the terrace gets neglected and more dust settles inside the house. So, let’s clean and make room for spring! Germany has lots of outstanding manufacturers that provide high-quality products to make this year’s spring cleaning a piece of cake – with some of the best vacuum cleaners, high-pressure cleaners, washing machines and more. Find out what our partners from Germany have to offer to make your home sparkle.

Miele Home Appliances - Vacuum Cleaners, Washing Machines and »

Miele is a leading German manufacturer of domestic appliances: vacuum cleaners, washing machines and more will help you keep your home spotless for a long time
Plus Steam »

Steam cleaners from will make your spring cleaning so much easier
Karstadt cleaning »

Find helpful cleaning utensils for your spring cleaning now at
Siemens Vacuum Cleaners and Home »

If you want super clean and spotless floors, vacuum cleaners by high-quality German brand Siemens are for you
Kärcher High Pressure Cleaners, Window vac and »

Kärcher high-pressure cleaners and window vac for a sparkling inside and outside
B&C Direkt Spring CleaningB&C Direkt »

Little helpers for fast and easy spring cleaning with utensils from B&C Direkt