November 2019 -
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Black Friday Doorbusters Are On!

Black Friday Doorbusters Are On!

Black Friday is just around the corner. It’s a great time of the year when tons of deals are offered by many stores from all over the world.

On November 29th this is time again. Numerous shops and online shops are celebrating the kick-off of the Christmas business for 24 hours on Black Friday 2019 with special promotions and discounts. 

Planning out your Black Friday shopping goals is an absolute must when it comes to saving as much as possible. Knowing which shopping stores will have the items on your list, at the lowest prices, should be one of your top priorities. To help you out with that goal, we’ve organized a list of which items you may be tracking and where we think you should be buying them. Here at myGermany, you will find hundreds of German stores that give Black Friday Deals and bargains from Germany at a glance. Take a look at the below Top German & European webshops and get marvelous discounts & offers.  



Hot Deals 

Get amazing offers and deals on thousands of products from and save a huge amount on all articles. 



Save up to 50% on all unique items and gifts from Tchibo Germany. 


Top Electronic Deals 

Save maximum money on all electronics products like T.v, Camera, Mobile Phones, etc. at Germany. 


Mobile Phones 

Black Friday 2019 gives you hard-hitting discounts on smartphones, TV, notebooks, gaming & toys, etc. 


Watches & Jewelry 

Huge discounts on watches & jewelry by


Bags & Travel Luggage 

Black Friday lasts until Saturday with the best deals on traveling luggage and bags from


Games & Toys 

Take advantage of the Great offers on toys & games on Black Friday.


In Europe, Germany has the largest national economy and people love to use German products due to its quality. This Black Friday get unbelievable offers and discounts from Top German & European stores and get the International shipment from myGermany. Visit the top German stores at and there you will find your wishful products at very low rates. Make your purchases freely and get forwarding services from There you will get worldwide shipping services at the cheapest rates. 

Cheapest Ever – Economy Shipping With DHL

Cheapest Ever – Economy Shipping With DHL

myGermany is a German-based international shipping company which provides shipping and freight services from Germany to all over the world. They help customers who buy their products from German or European web shops. You can also get international package forwarding services from Germany in which you will get a German Shipping Address. With myGermany you can also be shipped your goods in the cheapest and fastest way possible. 

Get whole transparency in shipping services and its costs provided by myGermany. Here we will tell you about the transparent and simple cost structure of this company. Get to know the total costs for packages, total costs for myGermany services including their partner fees. They are your partner of choice for logistics and post fulfillment services, or if you need to ship a bike, motorcycle, furniture, apartment contents, spare parts, and other things, etc. 

myGermany does not charge any membership fees, monthly fees or hidden fees. They will only charge you for getting their services as if you will send a parcel with them. While paying for their services, you will be charged for their partner fees i.e. DHL, FedEx, DPD, GLS, UPS, DB Schenker. 

Calculate your final shipping costs with myGermany with their shipping cost calculator. Their shipping cost calculator enables you to calculate the estimated total costs while using their services and shipping your packages from Germany to other nations. The estimated costs of myGermany includes: 

  1. International shipping from Germany: partner fees, including fuel surcharge and customs handling. 
  2. For getting services from myGermany: 
  • Documents preparation
  • Free storage for 60 days
  • Receipt, inspection, and pictures
  • Repacking and consolidation of packages 
  • Drop shipment & discreet shipping

myGermany has several shipping partners like DHL, FedEx, Deutsche Post, DB Schenker, UPS, DPD, GLS, etc. And every shipping partner has their different economy shipping rates. We will tell you about the DHL economy. 

DHL Economy

DHL economy service is based on DHL WELTPAKET International and guarantees calculable delivery packages. In this service, the packages will always be shipped and make them reach the destination country in the most economic way. You can check the Country-Guide of myGermany for more details. You can also check the door-to-door delivery of packages by DHL economy here

  • Collaboration with local providers
  • Track your shipment via the internet or telephone via customer services. 

You can get your packages insured with DHL. Let us tell you the shipping conditions of our insurance partner DHL.

DHL Premium

Your parcel is automatically covered without any extra cost up to EUR 500

  • EUR 20 will be charged by us in case the value of order exceeds EUR 2500
  • EUR 70 will be charged by us in case the value of order exceeds EUR 25,000

If you want insurance higher than this then please myGermany. 

DHL Express

Insurance must be purchased at 1.5% of the value but it must be minimum 20EUR. provides you the cheapest international shipping in less time. Now go and get your packages forwarded with myGermany and get at your doorstep.

No Volumetric Weight – Pay Only For What Your Package Weight

myGermany is a German-based international shipping and forwarding company established in 2012 by two friends, and headquartered in the middle of Germany, in Weimar. It is Germany’s #1 Forwarding company and offers purchasing and logistics services like freight, mail, parcel, and cargo to its customers and small and medium scale companies. They provide international shipping for small packages as well as bulky packages.

This is the company where you will get assured services and at a reasonable cost. Here you will get full transparency in your shipping cost and get to know everything about that. You can also calculate your shipping rates with


What means Dimensional or Volumetric weight? 


The dimensional weight is used as the base for calculation for carriage by air. This weight relies upon the size of the packaging of the parcel used by the seller. The dimensional weight is an easy method to calculate the actual air freight space needed for movement or transfer of goods, which can be lighter in weight and heavy at the same time. After all that, both the dimensional weight and the actual weight get compared and the higher one will be used to calculate the freight cost. 

  • The dimensional or volumetric weight

The actual weight and dimensional weight of parcel get compared and after that which gets higher value used to determine the freight charges. So, we can say that if the size of your light container is larger then it may cost you higher. This means that a lightweight photo frame may turn out costlier than a heavy LED because the frame is bigger in size and volume than the small television. 

  • The Girth Measure

The girth measure is measured on the basis of the package’s circumference o.r. Length*Width*Height. The shipping partners of myGermany has specified some limits if the package cross those limits then the shipping cost will be affected and it will get charged according to the applicable rate class. The exceeding limits of length of the package differ from country to country. 


No Volumetric Weight – You Pay Only What You See


With UPS Standard/Express and DHL Weltpaket Economy /Premium methods myGermany estimates and charges its members based on package weight ONLY* for international shipments. Other shipping companies use a complicated calculation based on dimensional (or volumetric) weight. 

With our revolutionary No Volumetric Weight Price system, our members pay what it weighs*. With no surprises or hidden costs.

We are sure that now you get to know everything about the shipping cost of your package and how can you determine the cost of your package with myGermany’s shipping cost calculator. Now you can use our shipping cost calculator to determine the size and cost of the parcel.

Drop Shipment – Our Fastest Shipping Method Saves 15% On Regular Shipment Rates

myGermany is an International shipping company which provides different kinds of logistics services related to international shipment of small packages as well as heavy packages. myGermany is serving its customers from the last 7 years with great goodwill in the market. With myGermany you will get a German delivery address to get your packages forwarded from Germany to all over the world. So you can make any purchases from any German or European online store and myGermany will make them reach you to your place. 

At myGermany you will get an abundance of services related to international shipment like delivery address & warehouse, concierge & pickup, parcel checks & pics, repacking & consolidation, drop shipment, shipping, customs, return management for business. Here you will also get concierge services, buy for me services, freight forwarding services, fulfillment services, mail services, parcel forwarding services, etc. For More, you can check myGermany’s official website. 

myGermany’s Drop shipment is the fastest shipping method with you will get a 15% discount for your final shipping costs. In Drop shipment, myGermany follows the first-in-first-out Concept, which means received packages at myGermany’s warehouse will be forwarded the same day they receive them. They do not waste any extra time in opening, checking, repacking, consolidation. In this case, you will be able to save 15% of your standard shipping costs. 

You save 15% of your final shipping costs!

myGermany always treat your packages confidentially and with priority so that they can give the best services to their customers. When they get your package at their warehouse you will get notified by email and in the inbox. With this, you will be able to choose the shipping options and pay your shipping cost, so that your packages will be sent as received immediately without any wastage of time. If you have done all your work previously then your package will be shipped immediately and cut down all the time-consuming process. While receiving the packages if they found the package or packing damaged then they will repack it at free of cost. 

Comparison of Drop Shipment and standard shipment

In Drop Shipments, it will take less time in shipment processes than standard shipments. In standard shipments, more time is consumed because parcels are automatically or manually consolidated. The package gets repacked only in standard shipments, not in drop shipments. For drop shipment, myGermany can guarantee you the fastest processing time possible. provides ensured services to its customers and you can also grab your required services regarding the shipment of the products from myGermany. myGermany will give you great services with less costs and time.

Black Friday – Bring It On People!

Black Friday – Bring It On People!

Black Friday is regarded by many as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Many stores offer highly promoted sales on Black Friday and many even start their sales at some time on Thanksgiving. Black Friday is becoming a global phenomenon. Germans taking part actively in it. It’s a great time of the year and the best time to snag deals. 
What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year, with many discounted prices and amazing offers on the hottest items on the market. With the greatness of Amazon, Black Friday made its way over to Germany and beyond. 
When is Black Friday 2019?

In 2019, Black Friday comes on the 29th of November. Throughout the day, you can buy the corresponding offers from various retailers.

As the competition in the Black Friday business is getting tougher, some traders have begun to publish offers early in the Black Friday week and to offer them beyond the actual offer day. This year the Black Friday week starts on Monday the 25th of November. myGermany’s goal is to bring you the best Black Friday deals from your favorite German & European online stores so that you can spend your savings and shopping time wisely. Get the best deals on Black Friday from the top German shops and get it forwarded with myGermany.

Who coined the name Black Friday?
Police officers in Philadelphia were initial to link Black Friday to the post-Thanksgiving phase in the 1950s. Large crowds of tourists and shoppers came to the city the day after Thanksgiving for the Army-Navy football game, creating chaos, traffic jams and shoplifting opportunities. 

Police officers in the city weren’t able to take the day off work and instead had to work long shifts to control the carnage, thus using the term “Black Friday” to refer to it. As the name spread throughout Philadelphia, some of the city’s merchants and boosters disliked the negative connotations and unsuccessfully tried to change it to “Big Friday”.

By the late 1980s, the term was unremarkably famous across the country and retailers soon joined it to their post-Thanksgiving sales.

 Today, Black Friday is Germany’s biggest shopping event of the year, when many shops cut their prices on a range of products, in order to boost profits and officially kick off the festive season. 

German Black Friday

The Black Friday phenomenon is already very recognized in Germany. Nearly 90% of Germans know what stands behind the Black Friday idea. Over the past 5 years, the average growth of interest of Black Friday in Germany was 900% while the average global growth of interest was “only” 117%.Do Germans buy a lot on Black Friday? It seems the atmosphere of looking for deals is well adapted here. In comparison to regular Friday, on the Black Friday sales increase by 2106% in Germany.
What myGermany have in store for you this holiday season

myGermany’s coverage strategy will assist you to strategize your holiday shopping initially — and make quick decisions about last-minute deals as they pop up in real-time.

  • Breaking Black Friday news: Retailers often launch last-minute deals to compete with each other. We will be rounding up the best deals by category and store.
  • Deal alerts via our mailing list: Sign up for myGermany’s mailing list to be notified of the best ad and deal alerts.

Purchase the highly rated and the best quality German products from German & European online stores and get international delivery by myGermany. On the occasion of Black Friday, grab the amazing deals and exciting offers on electronics and other major things and will make them deliver to you.