May 2020 -
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The best outdoor activities in times of Corona

The best outdoor activities in times of Corona

We have already introduced you to the best indoor activities the other day, but we are still allowed to go out in Germany. That’s why we’ve put together the best outdoor activities for you, so you won’t get bored. Of course you have to check to what extent your country allows certain activities outside – and if you need anything for the outdoor activities, we will gladly send it to you!

1. Go for a walk

A clever philosopher once said that the best thoughts usually come during a walk. And there’s a lot of truth to it, I suppose. After all, anyone who knows how refreshing a walk can be after working on a laptop in the home office for a long time or just sitting at home for a long time will have to pull themselves together to get some fresh air outside.Because walking pumps oxygen through the body and revitalizes the mind. And the good thing is that walking is an activity that doesn’t cost money or require special equipment.

2. Gardening

If you have your own garden, it is a good idea to bring it back to life.  Mowing the lawn, pulling the weeds or digging up the bed. The good thing is that the do-it-yourself stores are open in this country and you can buy the gardening tools you need. Probably the gardens here in Germany never looked better

3. Breakfast on the balcony or in the own garden

Put out the garden chairs and enjoy an extensive breakfast outside. When it’s still a little fresh, just put on a jacket or blanket and warm yourself with your coffee and the sun. A breakfast in the fresh air gives you an extra portion of energy!

4. Ride a bike

On the bike, “Social distancing” works very well and is therefore very popular with people in the current situation. You can not only avoid the bus or train in your city, but also protect your immune system with the sport. Of course you should not ride your bike in a larger group, but it is just as much fun to explore the area with your family or just a friend.


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5. Barbecue

Good weather and there is usually a delicious smell of barbecue in the air. Unfortunately the barbecue evening cannot take place with your friends at the moment, but you can start the barbecue with your family or alone. And at the barbecue you can also try different things, because there are many delicious dishes and it doesn’t always have to be the Bratwurst.

6. Go for a hike

The current situation is perfect for avoiding crowds and going out into nature. A nice hike keeps you and your immune system fit and you discover new corners of home.

7. Camping in the garden

During the Corona period most campsites are closed, so the local garden can be perfectly converted into a campsite. Just put up your tent and enjoy the night outdoors. This outdoor activity is also very suitable for families, as especially the children will have a lot of fun here.

8. Geocaching

If you have a GPS device, you can try out Geocaching. It is a kind of modern treasure hunt, colloquially known in Germany as GPS scavenger hunt. The idea is to find treasure using GPS data or maps and to note the successful finding in the logbook, which is usually located at the place where the treasure was found. Often you will find a little something at the place where you found the item, which you can take with you like a trailer or a small figure – but you should also put something down for it!