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The best gifts for Valentine’s Day

The best gifts for Valentine’s Day

Every year on February 14 is Valentine’s Day. In Germany and many other countries around the world, flowers and chocolates are given away on this date, affection is expressed, and people even get married. Malicious tongues claim that Valentine’s Day is an invention of florists and chocolate manufacturers, but the custom goes back many hundreds of years.


There are some myths about the origination of Valentine’s Day but the most mentioned story is the celebration of about Saint Valentius. Saint Valentius was a man who loved flowers and performed weddings to soldiers who were not allowed to marry, but he was imprisoned for this. He wrote many letters to the daughter of his jailer with the words “From your Valentine” before he was executed. He was buried on the 14th of February. This day was not associated with romantic love and gifts for the soulmate in the middle age. Only since the 1700s the Valentine’s Day is celebrated like today.




If you are struggling to find the perfect little gift for your loved one to tell them how much you love them, let us help you with these beautiful Valentine’s Day gift ideas:











Always a perfect gift and an ideal present on Valentine’s Day is jewelry. You have many choices which piece you want to give your love. You have the option of rings, earrings, chains, bracelets or watches. Find the perfect one for your love or combinate it – maybe earrings to Valentine’s Day and the suitable chain to the birthday. You have the choice to make your partner happy.








Love Lock

A perfect and very creative idea is a selfmade gift especially a love lock. You maybe know places like the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne or the Pont des Arts in Paris where many love locks are hanging. This habit is established in China where couples lock a padlock on a chain or a gate and throw the key away which shows symbolically locking your love forever.










The classic Valentine’s Day gifts are of course the red roses, because they express love. Herewith you do nothing wrong and your partner will be very happy about it










Other gift ideas:


  • Chocolate
  • Candlelight Dinner or time together
  • Perfum
  • Personalized Cups


Suspension of DHL Economy Shipping method to Israel

Suspension of DHL Economy Shipping method to Israel

Effective immediately (20.01.2021): We no longer offer shipping to Israel via DHL Economy.

Even though it is our greatest good to offer a variety of different shipping providers to our customers, we had to realize that the benefit of DHL Economy is not in proportion to the expectations of our customers. Delivery times of up to 65 days do not reflect our promise to our customers of speedy processing and delivery. The reason for this is the transfer of DHL Economy to Israel Post on the soil of Israel. Here it comes increasingly to delays that are difficult to convey to our customers. Therefore, we take this delivery option out of our offer until further notice.

Of course, our other delivery options remain unchanged. Customers can still have their products and packages delivered via DHL Express, FedEx Economy, FedEx Express and DPD Express.

We say Thanks 2020 and Hello 2021

We say Thanks 2020 and Hello 2021

Rarely has a year been as crazy as 2020 and the expectations for the new year globally as promising as at this turn of the year. For myGermany GmbH, too, the past year was in every respect a meaningful, groundbreaking but also challenging one.

The COVID19 crisis initially caused our incoming and outgoing parcel volumes to plummet by 50% for regular parcels and by more than 80% for freight. Concerns arose as to how we should deal with this situation. But even before we had to change our personnel, the situation changed. More and more packages were arriving at the warehouse but could not be handed over for shipment. Our shipping partners were struggling with delivery conditions in their respective countries and also had to put packages on hold. An unfortunate chain reaction ensued and uncertainty spread. The situation was particularly difficult because the lockdown meant that our employees could only work reduced hours, in some cases not at all, as childcare had to be ensured thanks to closed schools and kindergartens. Our customer communication department had to work extra shifts because our customers understandably wanted their packages anyway, but we were only able to send them to a limited extent, and in some cases not at all.

With the increase in tasks and the amount of work on the parcel, we had to increase our team and retrain them. The crisis freed up personnel resources in other areas of the economy. Our team was thus able to be supplemented by wonderful people. Here we have been really lucky. With the summer off and the backlog cleared, we were able to turn our attention to processes in the warehouse. With a new warehouse system, we have since successfully met the increased demands and significantly increased the speed in the warehouse.

After a short breather and also some vacation for all employees, the Christmas business started creeping but nevertheless very clearly. With the growth in eCommerce in general, we were also surprised by the increase in packages. Our team struggled every day to process the parcels as best as possible, to consider every customer request and to deliver our customers their valuable parcel as fast and as safe as possible. With very few exceptions, we managed to do this very well. This is especially noteworthy as the situation in Germany is getting worse again with the Christmas season. Since December 13, Germany has been in a severe lockdown, which has brought public life to a virtual standstill. Kindergartens and schools are closed again and our employees are struggling day by day with every single minute to manage the balancing act between family, childcare, homeschooling and work.

We are extremely proud that we have succeeded in this way so far. Even though the lockdown will continue at least through January, we are confident that we as a team can withstand this extraordinary situation and look forward to 2021 with great confidence.