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You already know that myGermany.com is your partner when it comes to shopping in German and European shops and have your items delivered to you. But with myGermany.com you get more than just ordering something online and receiving it in your home. Here are 5 reasons why to choose myGermany.com for your online shopping in Germany and Europe:

1.      Shop in German and European online shops

with your personal German shipping address and have all your favourite products delivered to your doorstep, no matter where you live! Shop your favourite brands now and discover new shops and unique stuff!

Your personal shipping address in GermanyGet your personal German shipping address now and start shopping online! 
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2.      Global payment

You’re shopping on German websites and your payment is not accepted? Not to worry! Use our Concierge Service and we’ll order and pay on your behalf! Thanks to our partners PayPal and WireCard, we offer fast and global payment methods with the highest security standards.

Let myGermany shop and pay on your behalf with our Concierge and Pick Up ServiceLet myGermany.com shop and pay on your behalf with our Concierge and Pick Up Service
Global payments made fast and easy thanks to our partners PayPal and wirecard

3.      Save on shipping

Shop as much as you want and in as many shops as you want. We’ll keep it for you in our warehouse until you feel you’re ready and will consolidate your items and send everything to you in one package. That way you get everything at once and you save on shipping costs!

Calculate your shipping costs
Calculate your total costs
that will encure when using
myGermany.com to send your shopping to you
We repack and consolidate your shipmentCombine multiple orders in
one package to save costs with
our free consolidating and repacking service

4.      Never lose sight of your items

If you ship your shopping with myGermany.com, you will never have to worry when or if your package will make it to you. We provide tracking and insurance with all our shipments, so you will always know where your shipment is at and when it will reach you. Lean back with peace of mind and just enjoy your new items.

Insured Shipping with DHL and FedExThanks to our master agreements with DHL and FedEx your goods will be insured and forwarded in the fastest and cheapest way possible

5.      No hassle with customs declaration and documents

We are happy to prepare your customs documents and pro forma invoice for you. If your shipment’s value is more than EUR 1.000 we will also take care of the electronic customs declaration and depending on your chosen shipment method we will also handle the customs clearing process for you. Just enjoy your products and leave the rest to us!

Let us prepare customs documents for you so you can just concentrate on enjoying your shipmentWe prepare customs documents for you

Can’t wait to get started and hit the shops?

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Register with myGermany now and start shopping in Germany and Europe!

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