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For Normal use, consoldating/forwarding approx 1-4 packages a monthE.g. for collectors, sensitive item shippers. myGermany spends more than average time in packaging sensitive items.For Professional use, e.g. for merchants, dealers, distributors or return handling. myGermany is forced to spend more than average time for consolidation and packaging.
Free Storage up to 60days
0,5 cbm1,0 cbm2,0 cbm
Free Parcel Receipt< 10 per day< 10 per day< 25 per day
Time spent per Day
to process packages
< 1h< 4h< 2h
Free Packaging Material
used for outgoing packages
normal, additional can be purchased for each package
more than average packaging material
normal, additional can be purchased for each package
Free Consolidation
of your stored goods
< 4 per month< 4 per month< 8 per moth
Drop Shipment
sent package as received, fastet way to receive your goods
Account Run Timeongoingongoing1 year
Costsfreeadditional 39,00-199,00 EUR per outgoing parcel (evaluation on case to case)49,00 € per months (payable yearly) + 0,50 € per each order in consolidation
Registration Fee1,00 €1,00 €1,00 €

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