Are You Ready To Celebrate The Worlds Best Folk Festival -

Oktoberfest is almost upon us again! The granddaddy of all festivals, Oktoberfest is the stuff of legend. After 200 years of wrapping a thrilling atmosphere around traditional dress, food and a lot of drink, Oktoberfest represents everything that a good festival aspires to be: a moment outside of the norm, which firmly establishes the sense of community. 
Here are things you’ll only ever see at the original, and the best.

  • Family-friendly environment and fairground rides

If you’re showing up with a group of pals an expecting a bar-like atmosphere, you might be a bit taken aback to see so many children underfoot. In fact, Oktoberfest is a very family-friendly event, and you may even see some school trips there. Sure, you’re unlikely to see a seven-year-old chugging a one-liter Stein (unless they have VERY irresponsible parents), but the kids will definitely enjoy the abundance of food and the Ferris wheel, roller coaster, carousel, and giant slide.

  • Lederhosen

Now here comes the most unique part of the Oktoberfest. Without discussing this Oktoberfest’s description will be incomplete. Oktoberfest is the only occasion when people witness this traditional outfit. Witnessing the moment of Oktoberfest is an experience out of the time. Age, time and era doesn’t matter, the flag of German culture welcomes everyone to celebrate Oktoberfest under it as a whole. So it becomes important to dress yourself as you mean it. 

  • Dirndl 

Of course, women get in on the fun too whereas, how a dirndl is worn sends a message. If the apron is tied on the left, the wearer is single, while tying it on the right means there’s a significant other in the picture.  The dress can be long or short.

  • How to pay the beer-maids (and how much to tip them!)

The beer-maids make around 10% of the sales because of their way to carry so many beers at once. Most of the beer-maids work 80 hour weeks over the festival and will aim to earn between €5,000 – €10,000 in this time, you should definitely tip them. Not only because it’s grueling work, but also because they will remember when it comes time to order the next round. 

  • Tying your apron to convey your relationship status

If you’ve ever been to a traffic light party, this is kind of like a subtler version of that. Women, tying your bow on the left side recommends you are single and ready to mingle. Tying on the right side sends a clear message that you’re off the market. Tying the bow in the back can mean the wearer is a waitress, or a widow (so try to assess that correctly before asking sad-looking women to get you a beer). And tying in the front? While the obvious thing here might be “have a boyfriend but looking to replace”.

  • Engraved pegs, or Wiesn Glupperl:

Although trying to say Wiesn Glupperl sounds similar to you wheezed and afterward promptly started stifling, they are in actuality little wooden clothes pegs that you get your name carved on, and then wear. Slightly cooler than the “Hello, my name is…” sticker, although numerous individuals will get fake names or messy words etched on instead.

  • Human vs Beer: the ultimate showdown

The celebration of Oktoberfest is worth watching, there is a lot to see at the fest. But one thing that grab people’s attention is to down an entire 1 litre of beer. Once you stand on the chair you become the center of attraction for everyone. The whole tent will start cheering for you. There are many people who believe that they are born for such moments whereas some do it under the pressure. 

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