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Where to buy electronics in Germany

Where to buy electronics in Germany

Every day, we are surrounded by a multitude of electronic devices that accompany us throughout the day. This goes from consumer electronics to household electronics. In order to cover all areas in the best possible way, there are a large number of suppliers in the electronics industry in Germany. This industry is very competitive and each market wants to win customers for itself, which is why the battle for customers is primarily fought over price and is very positive for you as a consumer. 

In order to give you an overview of the best-known German electronics markets and their characteristics, we would like to shed some light on the darkness with this article and introduce you to the markets in a little more detail. You can find the links to the shops below.



Media Markt and Saturn


Probably the best-known German electronics stores are Media Markt and Saturn, and every German child definitely knows these two. Although they exist as independent brands, they both belong to one company. Although there are clear similarities in product descriptions, payment and shipping, the offers sometimes even differ in price – and also in individual functions.

They both have a wide range of electronics and offer an average of 45,000 items, mainly in the areas of telecommunications, computers, photography, hi-fi and kitchen appliances. Nevertheless, both also offer smaller products apart from electronics, such as merchandising for games or children’s games in their more than 1000 Media and Saturn stores in 12 countries. So you will find a wide range of electronic devices that leave almost nothing to be desired. 



Conrad Electronic


Conrad Electronic is a German company in the electronics mail order business. It always offers clever ideas and practical solutions for every technology use for “users, hobbyists or freaks”. Good expertise and advice in these areas make them very popular with customers. With a product range of more than 750,00 products, Conrad offers a very wide range. They were then known only as an electronic components mail order company, but now offer a full range in the areas of, electronics, multimedia, computers and many more. 

The large assortment can be purchased through the 19 local branches or through the online shop. For years, the online shop has been one of the websites with the most online shop visitors in Germany. 





According to their own information, Alternate GmbH is one of the best-known mail-order companies for software and hardware and consumer electronics. They are especially popular with “PC hobbyists” because they offer a wide range of computer components. By means of its webshop and own call centres, Alternate distributes its product range of approx. 85,000 products to private and corporate customers throughout Germany and Europe. In 2016, the turnover was 430 million, making it the tenth largest online shop in Germany. They focus entirely on the online sale of their products, as well as on corporate social responsibility, which is why they support various projects in the area of sustainability or climate-neutral shipping.

They are also very active in e-sports and have already sponsored various e-sports events and teams before founding their own team. 





From an online retailer that used to specialise mainly in Apple products, cyberport has worked its way up to become a mail-order company for a wide range of IT products and is represented in twelve cities with 14 retail shops – where you can also pick up goods ordered online. They are one of the most successful retailers of computer technology and digital consumer electronics in Germany and you will find more than 45,000 items in many categories such as notebooks, smartphones or kitchen appliances. They have set themselves the goal of competing with Media Markt and Saturn in the area of shops and are trying to expand this network further. At the moment, however, the online shop is still the most important medium and you can go shopping there in a relaxed way. 





In addition to the notebooks that give it its name, notebooksbilliger also offers a wide range of other products such as multimedia, smartphones and gaming. It has to be said, however, that they specialise very strongly in the field of computers and you can get everything you need there. Besides their online shop, they offer their products in ten retail shops. They were listed among the top shops in electronics by several German technology magazines in 2019. 




If you click on the different logos, you will be redirected to the respective shop:











How to save money

How to save money

To get the best price when shopping online, many consumers use comparison portals. And you should also look here, because you are sure to find the best price there, because within a few seconds you will be shown the best price.


To make sure you really get the best deal, you should look at several comparison portals to get the best price for your product. In Germany, there are 3 major comparison portals:






There you can simply enter your desired product and the comparison portals will do the rest. Different filters can be used to achieve even better results.


We also have a tip for Amazon for you. Check out first and you can see the prices for your desired product. There you can also see whether your product has really been reduced in price or whether it was already cheaper in a certain period of time. And of course, we will send you your product from Germany, no matter where you live!

Corona Lockdown in Germany – what does that mean?

Corona Lockdown in Germany – what does that mean?

We are currently in a lockdown in Germany, which will last until February 14th. However, we will have to see if the rules have been followed or if the lockdown will be extended again.

But what does a lockdown in Germany mean and what restrictions do we have?

The federal government has decided that all employers must allow home office where possible. The consequence is that all areas of myGermany work in the home office, where possible. Of course, our warehouse staff who take care of your packages can not work in the home office. They are still on site in the warehouse and strictly adhere to all Corona measures. This means wearing masks, keeping a distance of 1.5m, having appropriate disinfectant dispensers everywhere and always airing out. This is the only way we can all contain the virus, but still process your packages.
Nevertheless, it can happen that the warehouse is closed if a Corona case occurs. This does not even have to occur directly with someone, but also in the environment of the person involved, forces our employees into quarantine. There you have to spend 14 days in isolation and also a negative test forces you to the 14 days, which is controlled by the health department.

Furthermore, in certain areas of public life, one must wear medical masks or FFP2 masks. This includes stores, nursing homes or public transportation. A cloth mask or scarf no longer counts there and is punishable by a fine.

To further contain the virus, there are also special contact restrictions and only one’s own household is allowed to meet with a maximum of one other person. This means that either only grandma or grandpa is allowed to visit one, but one is allowed to go with the household to both. At the same time, the number of households from which the additional people come should be kept as constant and as small as possible.

Already since November all bars, pubs, discos are closed. So are restaurants, but they are allowed to offer food for delivery or pick-up.
Only stores for daily needs are open, such as supermarkets, gas stations, drug stores, etc.
Schools and kindergartens are also closed and the only way to get emergency care here is for parents to work in the medical field, for example. This is an immense hurdle for many parents, as they also have to take care of homeschooling and look after the little ones.

For particularly high incidences of more than 200 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in a week, the radius of movement will be restricted to 15 km around the place of residence, unless there is a valid reason. If one violates this, heavy fines may await one.

We hope that with these measures we in Germany can contain the virus and its mutation in the best possible way – myGermany is also doing its part!

We would like to continue to enable you to buy products in German online stores and send them to you. That’s why we are here for you, even if it may take a little longer sometimes, but we have to follow all the rules.

The best gifts for Valentine’s Day

The best gifts for Valentine’s Day

Every year on February 14 is Valentine’s Day. In Germany and many other countries around the world, flowers and chocolates are given away on this date, affection is expressed, and people even get married. Malicious tongues claim that Valentine’s Day is an invention of florists and chocolate manufacturers, but the custom goes back many hundreds of years.


There are some myths about the origination of Valentine’s Day but the most mentioned story is the celebration of about Saint Valentius. Saint Valentius was a man who loved flowers and performed weddings to soldiers who were not allowed to marry, but he was imprisoned for this. He wrote many letters to the daughter of his jailer with the words “From your Valentine” before he was executed. He was buried on the 14th of February. This day was not associated with romantic love and gifts for the soulmate in the middle age. Only since the 1700s the Valentine’s Day is celebrated like today.




If you are struggling to find the perfect little gift for your loved one to tell them how much you love them, let us help you with these beautiful Valentine’s Day gift ideas:











Always a perfect gift and an ideal present on Valentine’s Day is jewelry. You have many choices which piece you want to give your love. You have the option of rings, earrings, chains, bracelets or watches. Find the perfect one for your love or combinate it – maybe earrings to Valentine’s Day and the suitable chain to the birthday. You have the choice to make your partner happy.








Love Lock

A perfect and very creative idea is a selfmade gift especially a love lock. You maybe know places like the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne or the Pont des Arts in Paris where many love locks are hanging. This habit is established in China where couples lock a padlock on a chain or a gate and throw the key away which shows symbolically locking your love forever.










The classic Valentine’s Day gifts are of course the red roses, because they express love. Herewith you do nothing wrong and your partner will be very happy about it










Other gift ideas:


  • Chocolate
  • Candlelight Dinner or time together
  • Perfum
  • Personalized Cups


The best outdoor activities in times of Corona

The best outdoor activities in times of Corona

We have already introduced you to the best indoor activities the other day, but we are still allowed to go out in Germany. That’s why we’ve put together the best outdoor activities for you, so you won’t get bored. Of course you have to check to what extent your country allows certain activities outside – and if you need anything for the outdoor activities, we will gladly send it to you!

1. Go for a walk

A clever philosopher once said that the best thoughts usually come during a walk. And there’s a lot of truth to it, I suppose. After all, anyone who knows how refreshing a walk can be after working on a laptop in the home office for a long time or just sitting at home for a long time will have to pull themselves together to get some fresh air outside.Because walking pumps oxygen through the body and revitalizes the mind. And the good thing is that walking is an activity that doesn’t cost money or require special equipment.

2. Gardening

If you have your own garden, it is a good idea to bring it back to life.  Mowing the lawn, pulling the weeds or digging up the bed. The good thing is that the do-it-yourself stores are open in this country and you can buy the gardening tools you need. Probably the gardens here in Germany never looked better

3. Breakfast on the balcony or in the own garden

Put out the garden chairs and enjoy an extensive breakfast outside. When it’s still a little fresh, just put on a jacket or blanket and warm yourself with your coffee and the sun. A breakfast in the fresh air gives you an extra portion of energy!

4. Ride a bike

On the bike, “Social distancing” works very well and is therefore very popular with people in the current situation. You can not only avoid the bus or train in your city, but also protect your immune system with the sport. Of course you should not ride your bike in a larger group, but it is just as much fun to explore the area with your family or just a friend.


outdoor activities

5. Barbecue

Good weather and there is usually a delicious smell of barbecue in the air. Unfortunately the barbecue evening cannot take place with your friends at the moment, but you can start the barbecue with your family or alone. And at the barbecue you can also try different things, because there are many delicious dishes and it doesn’t always have to be the Bratwurst.

6. Go for a hike

The current situation is perfect for avoiding crowds and going out into nature. A nice hike keeps you and your immune system fit and you discover new corners of home.

7. Camping in the garden

During the Corona period most campsites are closed, so the local garden can be perfectly converted into a campsite. Just put up your tent and enjoy the night outdoors. This outdoor activity is also very suitable for families, as especially the children will have a lot of fun here.

8. Geocaching

If you have a GPS device, you can try out Geocaching. It is a kind of modern treasure hunt, colloquially known in Germany as GPS scavenger hunt. The idea is to find treasure using GPS data or maps and to note the successful finding in the logbook, which is usually located at the place where the treasure was found. Often you will find a little something at the place where you found the item, which you can take with you like a trailer or a small figure – but you should also put something down for it!