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St. Nicholas Day Gift – 20% shipping discount

St. Nicholas Day Gift – 20% shipping discount

20% Discount:
Your Saint Nicholas gift from

Use our shipping services between 06. Dec 2021 and 20. Dec 2021 and get a 20% discount for your next shipping.
In the tradition of St. Nicholas, you can expect a surprise early in the morning of December 6 in your boots/shoes cleaned the night before. Your surprise from is a 20% discount for one of your shipments in 2021: after your next shipment, you will receive a 20% coupon, which can be used for any further shipment in 2021!

How it works:
Send a package (checkout and paid successfully) and we save 20% discount for your next shipping to your account. It will be substracted automatically from your next shipping order during the checkout without any further efforts for you.

Please keep in mind: Please choose our express services to ensure that the shipping arrives on time before christmas.


More storage space, store longer for free: additional 30days

More storage space, store longer for free: additional 30days

We add +30days free storage on! More space, more free time to collect and send.

Hard to believe, but the year 2021 is almost over. A lot has happened at myGermany GmbH this year and we would like to celebrate this with our customers:

One of the most important innovations is our additional warehouse in our town Weimar. After long deliberations, concrete inquiries, and planning for the construction of a new hall, chance played into our cards. A tenant on our premises surprisingly had to give up his business at the location and was looking for a new tenant for his now-vacant halls. Understandably, we accepted this immediately. Since the first of September, we have been able to dispose of about 30% more space. With a conversion plan at hand, we started to adapt the building according to our needs. Even if the work is not finished at the moment, the new warehouse is already in use.

In order to allow our customers to benefit from this positive development, we have decided to increase the free storage period by additional 30days::

  • for Standard Members: from current 30 days to 60 days.
  • for Premium Members: from current 60 days to 90 days

Enjoy the new free storage in our warehouse from the 1st December 2021.

Enough time, therefore, to organize all the goods in peace and send them to your home at low-cost thanks to our consolidation team

myGermany GmbH team would like to say thank you

myGermany GmbH team would like to say thank you

The entire myGermany GmbH team would like to say thank you!

Thank you for your patience in this extraordinary situation. Not only that we have to deal with the COVID19 crisis and the related difficulties also the Brexit gave us additional work at the beginning of the year due to the uncertain shipping situation. To make matters worse we had to put our warehouse in emergency mode for a total of six days in mid-February because the winter conditions made it impossible to work. Altogether no optimal conditions to guarantee a regular process flow.


Nevertheless, we are finally back with a full staff and now working extra shifts to clear the backlog. We know that this is demanding a lot of patience from our customers. But we assure you that your parcels are as important to us as they are to you and we are doing everything we can to clear the backlog as quickly as possible.

Emergency operation due to extraordinary weather conditions

Emergency operation due to extraordinary weather conditions

We do process

  • incoming packages after a 48-72 h
  • outgoing packages after 48-96 h
  • Concierge ist still working and will be done within 24 h weekdays. In case items are not available, your payment will be 100% refunded.
  • Consolidations will take 2-5 business days

(11.02.2021): Update – We have resumed regular operation

After the entire commercial yard of myGermany GmbH was covered with a 50 cm thick blanket of snow on Monday, February 8, we rebuilt the regular operation step by step. The snow was cleared, the electricity reconnected and the water in the pipes thawed. After not a single parcel carrier visited our warehouse on Monday and Tuesday, we were understandably graced with three times the amount of parcels on Wednesday and Thursday. Our team is working intensively on a coordinated process to cope with the increase in parcels.

We apologize to all customers who now need a little more patience for their packages. As long as a notification from the service provider has been sent, your package has arrived safely at our warehouse and is now waiting for the matching process.

(07.02.2021): Emergency operation due to extraordinary weather conditions

The center of Germany, and Thuringia in particular, are affected by a harsh onset of winter. Besides partly freezing rain with glassy roads, up to 50 cm of snow fell within few hours. Also, strong winds lead to drifts that partially paralyze road sections completely. Bus and train companies have temporarily suspended their services. In addition, the Thuringian state government has closed all schools at the beginning of the week. Children must be taken care of and taught at home.

As a result, employees may be limited or may not be able to come to work at all. Parcel service providers will also be unable to reach our warehouse until Wendnesday. Operations on a regular basis are not possible.

Therefore we apologize to all our customers that myGermany GmbH will be in emergency operation until Thursday, February 11 probably. We will accept all incoming parcels and process them within the possibilities of Express Shipments.

Unfortunately all other orders will be processed only once the overall situation has calmed down.


Deutsche Welle press article

Suspension of DHL Economy Shipping method to Israel

Suspension of DHL Economy Shipping method to Israel

Effective immediately (20.01.2021): We no longer offer shipping to Israel via DHL Economy.

Even though it is our greatest good to offer a variety of different shipping providers to our customers, we had to realize that the benefit of DHL Economy is not in proportion to the expectations of our customers. Delivery times of up to 65 days do not reflect our promise to our customers of speedy processing and delivery. The reason for this is the transfer of DHL Economy to Israel Post on the soil of Israel. Here it comes increasingly to delays that are difficult to convey to our customers. Therefore, we take this delivery option out of our offer until further notice.

Of course, our other delivery options remain unchanged. Customers can still have their products and packages delivered via DHL Express, FedEx Economy, FedEx Express and DPD Express.