Cheapest Ever - Economy Shipping With DHL -

myGermany is a German-based international shipping company which provides shipping and freight services from Germany to all over the world. They help customers who buy their products from German or European web shops. You can also get international package forwarding services from Germany in which you will get a German Shipping Address. With myGermany you can also be shipped your goods in the cheapest and fastest way possible. 

Get whole transparency in shipping services and its costs provided by myGermany. Here we will tell you about the transparent and simple cost structure of this company. Get to know the total costs for packages, total costs for myGermany services including their partner fees. They are your partner of choice for logistics and post fulfillment services, or if you need to ship a bike, motorcycle, furniture, apartment contents, spare parts, and other things, etc. 

myGermany does not charge any membership fees, monthly fees or hidden fees. They will only charge you for getting their services as if you will send a parcel with them. While paying for their services, you will be charged for their partner fees i.e. DHL, FedEx, DPD, GLS, UPS, DB Schenker. 

Calculate your final shipping costs with myGermany with their shipping cost calculator. Their shipping cost calculator enables you to calculate the estimated total costs while using their services and shipping your packages from Germany to other nations. The estimated costs of myGermany includes: 

  1. International shipping from Germany: partner fees, including fuel surcharge and customs handling. 
  2. For getting services from myGermany: 
  • Documents preparation
  • Free storage for 60 days
  • Receipt, inspection, and pictures
  • Repacking and consolidation of packages 
  • Drop shipment & discreet shipping

myGermany has several shipping partners like DHL, FedEx, Deutsche Post, DB Schenker, UPS, DPD, GLS, etc. And every shipping partner has their different economy shipping rates. We will tell you about the DHL economy. 

DHL Economy

DHL economy service is based on DHL WELTPAKET International and guarantees calculable delivery packages. In this service, the packages will always be shipped and make them reach the destination country in the most economic way. You can check the Country-Guide of myGermany for more details. You can also check the door-to-door delivery of packages by DHL economy here

  • Collaboration with local providers
  • Track your shipment via the internet or telephone via customer services. 

You can get your packages insured with DHL. Let us tell you the shipping conditions of our insurance partner DHL.

DHL Premium

Your parcel is automatically covered without any extra cost up to EUR 500

  • EUR 20 will be charged by us in case the value of order exceeds EUR 2500
  • EUR 70 will be charged by us in case the value of order exceeds EUR 25,000

If you want insurance higher than this then please myGermany. 

DHL Express

Insurance must be purchased at 1.5% of the value but it must be minimum 20EUR. provides you the cheapest international shipping in less time. Now go and get your packages forwarded with myGermany and get at your doorstep.