Extended Storage Time due Corona Crisis - myGermany.com

An epidemic has now officially become a pandemic. This means that the coronavirus and infections are spread all over the world. We can already guess the economic consequences of the falling stock market values. Companies in the event, aviation and tourism industries are already suffering from massive cancellations and restrictions, but the logistics industry will also feel the effects with a delay in the coming months.


myGermany.com  would like to do its part to mitigate the consequences and has decided to extend the option of free storage in our warehouse from currently 30 days to 60 days until further notice. With this, we grant our customers the possibility to collect and consolidate their products in quite and to have them delivered at the time that suits them best.


With the exception of protective clothing such as masks, gowns, and glasses, it is still possible to purchase products from German shops and manufacturers. If you are not sure if the products are subject to any restrictions in the current situation, simply use our Concierge Service and we will take care of the complete process from ordering, acceptance, invoicing and even the VAT refund.