Fitness 2018 - Sports Wear from Germany for any Type of Sports

Let’s admit, the new year is not quite as new anymore now, we’re already near the end of February. The year is moving forward in a fast pace like it does every year, but how about your New Year’s Resolutions? How is the “New Year, New You” Resolution coming along?

We are sure you are doing great! Which type of sports did you choose for 2018? Running? Cycling? Fitness? Or maybe trend sport yoga? To help you keep up your motivation and work out in style and with the best equipment, we have put together some of the best suppliers of sports wear and equipment from Germany! Check it out and find what fits your exercise plan 2018 best!

mysportswear Sports Wear for Him and Her »

Find everything you need to work out in style
with a great selection of sports wear for Him and Her
Galeria Kaufhof Skiing Wear Galeria Kaufhof »

Heading to the mountains?
Get your ski and snowboard gear for the whole family
BikeINN Bicycles and Equipment from Germany »

Life happens on two wheels?
Have your new bicycle shipped to you from Germany
Sportscheck Running Gear »

Run, Forest, Run! If running is your sport of choice you’ll get the most out of your run with high-quality gear from SportScheck
Glore Organic Yoga Wear »

Organic yoga wear for
a perfectly balanced body and mind
Otto Outdoor »

Outdoor is your territory?
Otto has everything you need for your adventure outdoors »
Plus Home Exercise Equipment»

Prefer exercising at home?
Get high-quality equipment for your home at
Saturn Wearables Fitness Trackers »

Keep track of your fitness
with the best wearables fitness trackers
Top Shops in Germany Top Shops in Germany

Haven’t found what you’re looking for yet?
Visit our Top Shops to find more sports gear for you from Germany
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