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myGermany GmbH meets Horst Köhler

myGermany GmbH meets Horst Köhler meets Horst Köhler Bundespräsident a.D.

What an honour for myGermany GmbH!

We have achieved a lot in 2019: our account has been further developed, interfaces have been programmed, the marketplace is ready and we have been present at many interesting events. We have proven that our topic of Cross Boarder shipping is becoming more and more interesting for Germany, the German economy and German retailers.

Therefore, the year 2020 could not have started better than Horst Köhler was able to personally introduce former German Federal Presidents to our idea and our previous success in the framework of the Acclerator Program Startport.

We are overwhelmed by this unique opportunity and therefore look forward to the new year all the more euphorically and confidently.

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myGermany GmbH
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No volumetric weight – no hidden fees

No volumetric weight! Pay only for the KILOGRAM you see.

With UPS /Standard/Express) and DHL Weltpaket (Economy/Premium) we provide a revolutionary new rate calculation with no hidden shipping fees!

What is dimensional or volumetric weight?
The dimensional weight is the calculation basis for carriage by air. The dimensional weight is related to the size of the packing used by the seller. The dimensional weight provides an easy way to calculate the actual air freight space required for the transportation of goods, which may be low in weight and bulky at the same time. The dimensional weight of the shipment is compared with the actual weight, whereas the higher value is used to determine the freight cost or rate.
This means that a lightweight picture frame may turn out more expensive than a heavy television. Why? Because the picture frame is larger in size and volume than the small television.
See also here »

myGermany provides with UPS Standard / UPS Express and DHL Weltpaket Economy / DHL Weltpaket Premium four shipment options, where we charge on package weight only. No complicated calculation based on dimensional (or volumetric) weight – no complexity or unpredictability for you!


Lets take an example with a 10 KG package:

L = Lengths = 50 cm
W = Widths = 50 cm
H = Height = 55cm
UPS Standard/UPS Express & DHL Weltpaket Economy/DHL Weltpaket Premium
Other Shippers
confusing dimensional weight factors can mean paying more for shipping than you were quoted
Airfreight Calculation Kilogram(50*50*55)/5000 = 27,5
27,5 kg is larger than 10 kg real weight
10 kg
is billed
28 kg
is billed

Applies to international shipping from Germany via DHL Weltpaket (not DHL Express) and UP.  Excludes oversized shipments and palletized shipments.

myGermany GmbH
Nordstrasse 5
99427 Weimar


Marketplace Introduction at PWC – The Scale Programme – Investor Event in Berlin 06/2019

Marketplace Introduction at PWC – The Scale Programme – Investor Event in Berlin 06/2019

myGermany GmbH releases new Marketplace and Sowftare plans at the PWC Scale Program in Berlin 
Company presentation infront of international investors

Infront of a more than 100 visors, corporate partners and investors, myGermany GmbH presented the new Marketlace solution After tripling the turnover was discussed, Sebastian Meier, CMO myGermany, gin into the full and explained the new groundbreaking solution. From 2020, German retailers will be able to present their products on the marketplace platform.

Sales to international end customers have never been so easy: as an international fulfillment service provider, the marketplace/platform/online shop brings German dealers and international end customers together – myGermany market and sell dealers’ products to foreign customers, taking over the entire logistics process including customs clearance, so that neither dealers nor end customers have to fear the hurdles and risks of international shipping.

German (especially small and medium-sized) retailers shy away from the expense and risk of addressing an international market. In particular, much higher shipping and packaging prices, ignorance of customs or export/import laws, warranty processing or returns and specific local marketing approaches pose problems. takes care of these tasks for retailers: on the marketplace, myGermany handles online sales (including translation of the article presentation into English and other languages), communication and logistics on their own. myGermany is the buyer for the dealer and the seller for the end customer. So the dealer does not have to deal with the hurdles of the international sales and shipping processes.

The aim should be to address above all small and medium-sized dealers whose products do not exist abroad.
For international end customers, the platform offers a wide range of German products from a single source at affordable purchase and shipping prices. Another unique feature is consolidation: end customers can have articles from different retailers packaged and shipped in one package. Instead of several expensive parcels, sending one parcel that is delivered quickly and cheaply to your door thanks to their framework agreements with FedEx, DHL, UPS, DPD and GLS.
The concept of parcel forwarding has only existed for about 20 years, coming from the USA. The German market is still a very young market with only 2-3 serious suppliers. The idea is based on the idea of parcel forwarding (pure logistics) and extends it by the eCommerce aspect: international online trade and dispatch from one source.

Target group: small and medium-sized German retailers with simple, inexpensive or exclusive self-made products.
With the knowledge and shipping volume myGermany can offer shipping and customs processes (including the preparation of the necessary export and import certificates) quickly and cheaply. In addition, the high shipping volume enables us to offer packaging and shipping prices (with frame contracts DHL, FedEx, UPS, DPD, GLS etc.) that are simply not possible for individual traders. They advertise the marketplace in English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic in the social media, via newsletters, internal and external (“influencers”) blog articles and build landing pages for dealers for the SEM search engine marketing – thus they also take over the international marketing for the dealers.

Target group of foreign end customers.
Made-in-Germany is a term for many of the 7 billion people in the world. The Onlineshop offers not only a market place with many so far hardly or not at all available products, but also simple, fast and favorable dispatch options with proven partners such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, DPD, GLS etc.. The marketing happens in the important world languages English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. It has never been so easy for the foreign end customer to get products from German dealers at German/affordable prices!

The price of German products depends on the dealer, myGermany calculates a maximum of 5-10% additional cost per sale, there are no monthly fees for dealers.
The shipping depends on weight and destination country, generally can be estimated: to European countries the average is 20-50 EUR, worldwide about 40-150 EUR. This means affordable prices for the average consumer.

myGermany wants to start in the first year acquiring at least 100 dealers and expect a dispatch of approx. 5,000-10,000 packages, which corresponds to an annual turnover of approx. 500,000 to 600,000 EUR. Outside capital must be acquired. myGermany has warehouse, shipping, web technology and marketing knowledge in various languages.
Goal is to reach an annual turnover of 2-3 Mio EUR within 3 years, annually increasing with an increasing / expanding marketing portfolio. The most important criterion will be the establishment of international localized marketing channels – here they are pursuing the goal of a franchise concept that will be established as soon as they have established stable processes.

The new marketplace will be released in 2020.

myGermany GmbH
Nordstrasse 5
99427 Weimar


New postal code information required for shipping to Ecuador, Romania and Slovakia

New postal code information required for shipping to Ecuador, Romania and Slovakia

If you ship to Ecuador, Romania and/or Slovakia, please note that from 1 April 2019, you will need to use the correct postal codes and postal code formats when you ship to any of these three countries using your account.

From the effective date without correct postal code information we cannot guarentee that your package will reach you safely.

This change will help to prevent lost or abandoned shipments, enhancing our customer service, as well as satisfying regulatory compliance requirements.

Do you use the address book feature?

If you frequently use the address book feature or other recipient address source, please update any entries for these countries and save the correct postal code and format by March 31, 2019. We recommend updating your recipient delivery address information now to prevent issues with shipping label generation.

The following table shows the postal formats for these countries. Please note that Ecuador postal formats are also changing.

Country Code Region Postal Format Effective April 1, 2019
LACXXXXXX (6 digits)*
EUXXXXXX (6 digits)
EUXXXXX (5 digits)
myGermany is looking for you. Wir suchen Dich!

myGermany is looking for you. Wir suchen Dich!

Teilzeit 50% – Unterstütze unser Team: Kundenbetreuer im Innendienst Englisch, im Büro in Weimar

Wir, die myGermany GmbH, sind ein junges Thüringer Unternehmen mit mehreren Auszeichnungen. Kernkompetenz unseres Unternehmens sind Einkaufs- und Logistikdienstleistungen, wodurch internationale Kunden in und aus Deutschland Produkte erwerben können, die für sie normalerweise nicht zugänglich sind. Wir sind ein aufgeschlossenes und flexibles Unternehmen in der internationalen Kulturstadt Weimar.

Wir wachsen schnell und suchen ab sofort einen deutsch- und englischsprachigen Kundenbetreuer für den Innendienst, Sprache Englisch und Deutsch.

Ihre Aufgaben:
Sie werden bei uns in Weimar optimalerweise Montag bis Freitag 4h im Büro mit Ihren Kollegen arbeiten. Ihre Aufgaben umfassen hauptsächlich das Beantworten unserer Kundenanfragen in Englisch via eMail und Telefon, Kommunikation mit deutschen Lieferanten und unterstützende Massnahmen für unseren Concierge-Dienst, in dem wir für unsere Kunden als Einkäufer agieren. Schnelligkeit beim eMail-Schreiben, Teamfähigkeit und effizientes Arbeiten sind Eigenschaften, die Sie mitbringen oder schnell bei uns lernen müssen.

Was wir Ihnen anbieten:
Wir bieten Ihnen ein festes unbefristetes Angestelltenverhältnis in einem jungen dispersen Team mit vielen Freiheiten und Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten. Natürlich werden wir Sie fundiert einarbeiten und stellen verschiedene interne Dokumente zur Verfügung. Unser gemeinsames Ziel ist es, die Stelle Vollzeit zu besetzen, und/oder ein Team für diese Arbeiten aufzubauen.

Was Sie mitbringen sollten:
Uns ist wichtig, dass Sie eigenständig sowie lösungsorientiert handeln. Sie sollten Deutsch und ein sehr gutes Englisch sprechen, sowie eine außerordentlich kundenfreundliche Kommunikation pflegen. Der Umgang mit eMail Programmen sollte Ihnen leichtfallen. Eine abgeschlossene kaufmännische Ausbildung ist von Vorteil, aber kein Muss.

Bitte bewerben Sie sich ausschließlich via eMail
Fügen Sie Ihrer Bewerbung Ihren Lebenslauf, ein Anschreiben im Motivationsfeld des Online-Formulars und Zeugnisse bei. Wir freuen uns insbesondere über Onlinebewerbungen schwerbehinderter und ihnen gleichgestellter behinderter Menschen direkt auf diese Ausschreibung.

Ihr Ansprechpartner
Herr Christian Schmalisch


myGermany GmbH
Nordstrasse 5
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