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How to Choose the Best International Shipping Company

Looking for a shipping company to ship your goods internationally? There are certain things you need to be sure of. Though choosing an ideal shipping company is an irksome task as you need to compare companies on some crucial features such as packaging, warehousing, security as well as proper loading and unloading and of course safe delivery on time. And any company that renders you the following can opt for shipping goods internationally. Some other features that one should look into while selecting a shipping company are-

No hidden charges– When you’re dealing with any International shipping company, you do not expect any charges pending after you’ve settled all the payments for your containers but many shipping companies request other hidden fees such as insurance and tax payments etc. With myGermany there are no hidden charges as it gives you detail info. of all charges it takes.


Transparent terms and policies– A shipping company should always make sure that the terms, conditions, and procedures given to the clients are clearly stated with the provision of questions and answers. Many non-professional companies work with an opaque contract. And charge you with useless fees without any explicit notification. But myGermany believes in transparency and it makes sure that their clients are well aware of all the terms, conditions and policies of the contract.

Safety of your cargo– Not every shipping agency gives you an insurance policy, this clearly states that your shipment is at your own risk. And, since you are not shipping contraband items, why can’t your goods be safe and sound throughout the journey? And this is why Insured International Shipment service by myGermany gives you a provision of safe delivery by ensuring your items.

Provision of moving boxes– A good shipping company will always provide you with the provision of moving boxes. This is done to make sure that your items are safe and secure in the container throughout the journey. These boxes ensure that all your items are packed together. And in case you items are taller than the available container, then the company should provide you with an open container to transport your goods safely. myGermany provides you with such boxes and makes the packaging a lot safer and secure.

Service fee– When it comes to choosing your shipping company, it’s important that you find out everything about it include the costs. It is not advisable to go for companies with a deficient charge, but there are still some sensible companies that will provide you with an excellent shipping service at a meager price. And myGermany holds a great reputation here.

Excellent delivery service– Another feature that needs to be considered before choosing any moving company is to check their packaging and delivery services. A good shipping company should be able to provide you with indoor packaging and unloading of goods. And with myGermany you get your items delivered safely at your doorstep.

Paper clearance– A good shipping company, should be familiar with the moving rules and regulations especially when you are shipping internationally. Therefore, it’s important to find out about the company and make sure that they have all the papers for moving items across the world. With myGermany you need not to worry about it as it takes care of everything.


So, if you’re on a hunt for choosing the best international shipping company you have it right here, myGermany has all the features that an ideal shipping company should have and it provides you with all the above-mentioned services and more. Therefore, contact myGermany and avail its services and experience the joy of shipping internationally.

Bicycles are our Speciality

Bicycles are our Speciality

As it turns out, delivering high-quality German bicycles around the globe is one of our new-found specialities. We’ve already had the honour to deliver more than a few bicycles to all kinds of countries all over the world. One of hour most recent deliveries went all the way from Germany to Nigeria to a very happy customer: 

Bicycle from Germany delivered to Nigeria

Bicycle from Germany delivered to Nigeria

If you’d like your own bicycle from Germany, no matter if it’s CANYON, MÜSING, CUBE or pretty much any other bicycle brand, we can make it happen.

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FIFA World Cup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018

The FIFA World Cup is just around the corner! Are you already excited for all the great football matches with teams from all over the world fighting for the trophy? In Germany everyone is already looking forward to it and starting to get ready for a month full of football fun! Get your fan gear, football jerseys and home entertainment equipment ready now to get the most of the FIFA World Cup 2018!

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Jerseys, fan gear and
accessories for the whole family at
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Spargelzeit is Cooking Time

Spargelzeit is Cooking Time

After spring has finally arrived in Germany, one of our favourite seasons of the year has now started! No, we don’t just mean spring, we mean what comes with it: Spargelzeit, or asparagus season! Now is the time German restaurants and kitchens are filled with the best fresh and locally grown asparagus in all kinds of different dishes. Stock up your kitchen now with the best equipment and appliances from German high-quality brands to cook your favourite asparagus spring dishes!

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

The day to celebrate one of the most important persons in our lives is around the corner. On May 13th Mother’s Day is celebrated in Germany and lots of other countries around the world. It’s time to pamper the person that brought you into this world with some of the best gifts. Get some wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas from Germany to show your Mom how much you care about her!

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