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Things To Consider Before Buying Items From Overseas

Organizations try to buy products abroad for an assortment of reasons, for example, purchasing mass things at a lower cost, accessing crude materials not found in local markets, or being unable to discover local organizations that are eager or ready to give an intricate service. myGermany is one such company from through this you can purchase your items from Germany and shipped with low cost, good quality and intricate services.

Regardless of whether your organization needs to buy crude materials abroad or needs to expand income by purchasing less expensive supplies, there are numerous issues to consider in the event that you go down this street. Your organization should decide if it is fit for going out on a risk related to international trade and building up an alternate plan for potential issues that may happen later on is a fundamental part of relieving these uncertainties.

With this post, you will be able to find the things you need to consider while buying items from overseas. 

Quality and Condition

Quality is a basic segment of any item and an absence of it very well may be monetarily destroying if your agreement does not have any prerequisites for stipulating quality. Utilizing abroad suppliers can convert into going out on risks and results, which can affect the quality and condition of your merchandise and services. Here there is one company on with you can rely on that is myGermany. You will be at least risk and will get the desired results.

You ought to think about how these variables into your choice to buy overseas. Think about what you will do if the item you ordered does not live up to your desires. By working with foreign providers, your operations will wind up reliant on the quality and states of the merchandise they give. At the point when issues with the nature of the products emerge, the additional separation among you and your abroad suppliers, alongside the distinctions in language, culture, and lawful guidelines can result in lengthy postponements in operations, manufacturing, and conveyance. So ask yourself: 

  • By what means will you figure out what can be considered as gathering an adequate “quality”? The quality can fluctuate significantly relying upon your line of business, your industry, and your objectives. 
  • In what capacity will you manage the issue of value when managing organizations and individuals from an alternate country, which may have an alternate understanding of what is considered a “quality” item? 
  • Imagine a scenario where the item arrives harmed, unusable or in unsellable condition? 
  • On account of perishable goods, consider the possibility that the refrigeration unit breakdowns and the item ruins during travel. 


So as to utilize any raw materials, it needs to arrive first and affirmation of conveyance can be a reason for concern, particularly on the off chance that you are manufacturing an item. Here at myGermany will assure to deliver your raw material as soon as possible so that you can do optimum utilization of your whole resources.

  • What will you do if the thing does not land on schedule or in the event that it never arrives? 
  • In what manner will you decide whether the delivery is finished and what will you do on the off chance that it is incomplete? This inquiry may appear to be basic enough in case you’re requesting a container of 100 Items, yet the way toward checking each request can turn out to be increasingly muddled with each extra box ordered. 
  • What will you do if an order is deficient and what impact will this have on your business? For example, what are the implications of accepting just 65 things from an order that was set for 100 things? 

Transportation may not exclusively be expensive, yet there can be dangers related with it and the dangers increase in respect to the separation between you and the supplier. myGermany also take full responsibility for the safe transportation of your material. It can likewise be expensive to transport heavy, bulky, or perishable merchandise, particularly when it requires unique handling. Contingent upon your business, you might need to consider the accompanying questions identifying with the transportation risk of purchasing abroad: 

  • Is the expense of transporting the great high in the extent to the sale price of the item being sold?
  • Will your organization bear the expense of transportation?
  • At what physical point will your organization acknowledge responsibility regarding transportation? International transactions can take a while for the conveyance to leave the supplier and touch base at the doors of the purchaser. For example, will your organization be responsible of transportation?
  • when the conveyance leaves the industrial doods of the abroad supplier? 
  • when the conveyance leaves the port from the nation that is sending out the item?
  • when the conveyance lands at the port of your nation? 


In business, timing can be everything. In case you’re buying merchandise that is occasional, the planning of how you get products will be imperative to consider. 

  • Timing your payments can likewise be dubious. When will you pay the supplier: before the conveyance or supply of the shipment? Additionally, will you pay the financing costs while the merchandise are in travel? 
  • On account of manufactured items, will the late entry of a segment cause the generation line to be held up? Provided that this is true, how dependent is your business on this part and what is the money risk with not accepting the segment on schedule? 
  • Consider the situation where your business buys Christmas stock, which is initially booked for way in October, yet arrives at the port toward the beginning of December. 
  • Will there be sufficient time to convey the products to the suitable stores in time for the Christmas selling season? 
  • Will your clients won’t pay if the products don’t arrive on schedule? 
  • Will there be sufficient time for the merchandise to sell before Christmas? If not, what will you do with the stock after Christmas? What amount of will you lose in sales and what amount of will it cost to store this stock?


Here we have brought Some top German business shops like Kaercher, Wuerth, Westfalia, Toolineo, Werkzeugstore24 and many more. These are top German shops which you can find on myGermany. With myGermany you can easily purchase and get various discounts and offers on these brands. 
You need not to think twice before buying items from overseas if you are going for myGermany. myGermany will fulfill all your needs and wants for your products according to you. Here above we have discussed some points that you should consider before purchasing anything from abroad. Consider all the things and myGermany will develop your trust even more by giving its services. With this, you will get easy, fast, reasonable and accurate delivery of your products at your doorstep.

Amazon Prime Day 2019: Go and Grab the Amazing deals

Mid July is not too far off, summer is finally beginning – and for budget plan customers, that implies it’s a great opportunity to begin assembling a list of things to get and saving some money for Amazon Prime Day 2019. The Black Friday-like occasion will return again this mid year with huge discounts on games, tech, movies, toys, and for all intents and purposes anything you should need to purchase from the world’s biggest online retailer. Additionally, different retailers will unquestionably offer their very own deals to capitalize on the commerce craze, for example, Target’s Deal Days. 

Amazon has finally uncovered more insights regarding the current year’s event, so right away, here’s all that you have to think about Amazon Prime Day 2019- – including a few hints on the best way to take advantage of it.

What amount is Amazon Prime?

 The catch is that you must be an Amazon Prime member to exploit Prime Day benefits. The yearly cost of a Prime participation is $119, or you can get a one-month enrollment for just $12.99. Purchasing a membership is a bummer, yet there are ways around dropping money just to take part in Prime Day. In the event that you’ve never been a Prime part, you can get a free 30-day trial just by joining. Students get even better deal: their Prime membership starts with a free half year trial. 

Regardless of whether you’re a slipped by Prime member and you can’t get the free trial, signup for a one-month participation might be advantageous, depending upon what Prime Day gives you need to take advantage of. There’s likewise a decent possibility Amazon will offer a discount on Prime memberships in the run-up to Prime Day, so your most logical option is to sit back and watch.

Some Tips For Prime Day

Black Friday manages customers with a ton of time to design and prepare for the enormous day. That is not the situation with Prime Day; while we get a select number of deals early, you’ll should be prepared on Monday and Tuesday to act rapidly. We’ve assembled a scope of Prime Day tips to enable you to take advantage of the day, including how to ensure you’re getting the most ideal deals.

Go For Alexa and Will Help You in Astonishing ways

Buy this amazing device from Amazon and get to know about all the fair deals that are available for Prime day sale 2019. Amazon’s AI-driven assistant Alexa is like an Echo or Amazon fire tablet which will show you some deals which can only be ordered with this gadget once Prime day sale started. This is not a new thing, it happens in Amazon world. 

Move fast otherwise deals will sell out fast

You’ve to spend a lot of time surfing Amazon to get the best deals on Prime Day. Amazon discovers most of the lightning deals that are available on a timely basis i.e. after the specific time the deals get vanished. Those kinds of deals are grabbed by the people who see them first and Amazon also provides extra 15 minutes to make you place your order. So if you miss out a deal, it’s worth adding yourself to the holding up rundown to check whether more stock opens up in light of the fact that individuals take excessively long. To monitor the quick moving deals, keeping an Amazon tab open while you’re at your Smartphone may be a smart thought. If you can’t do that and you’re principally keen on identifying with computer games, you can watch out for GameSpot’s Prime Day 2019 hub.

Visit other websites to check sales

With the sale on one platform, other ecommerce retailers also get influenced and put heavy discounts on their products. Keep a look on the other retailers products that you want to buy, that they are giving deals on them or not. 
Shop online at Amazon Germany and get it delivered to your myGermany warehouse address or let myGermany shop for you. They will deliver your products at your doorstep without any hassle.

Every Woman In Germany Has At Least One Of These Brands In Her Wardrobe

In case you’re set to locate the most elite Summer wear for Women in 2019, these pieces will spare all of you the inconvenience and unquestionably get you on the best-dressed rundown! It is safe to say that you are prepared to beat the warmth in style? Seasons change, so for what reason should our closets continue as before? A late spring perspective is what we’re in, and that requires a fresh out of the box new shopping rundown with the most trendy summer outfits for ladies. Take a look at the given below dresses and you will wish to have these German brands in your wardrobe. We have collected some of the most stylish German brands for our beautiful ladies. Fill your wardrobes with these elegant, classy, stylish and casual dresses.

In this way, to make it simpler for you, we have picked some stunning summer dresses for ladies. Examine and don’t pause, shop-on! Get these conveyed appropriate at your doorstep with us!

1. S.Oliver Shirt Dress

This dress is specially designed for the spring season which is made in shirt style, you can also say a shirt dress. This summery dress contains trendy allover print, side pockets for giving a cool look, waist belt, ¾ sleeves and sleeve cuffs. The cloth used while making this dress is 71% cotton, 25% polyamide, 4% spandex. You will look fabulous if you wear this dress in this warm weather.

2. Patterned Dress With Drawstring

This navy blue colored dress is very simple and casual wear which will look very peaceful in summers. The cloth used while designing this dress is 95% viscose and 5% elastane. This sleeveless dress contains regular fit, round neck with decorative border, knee-length, short sleeves and drawstring waist. This beautiful dress is very comfortable to wear in summers.

3.Steilmann Dress

This chiffon dress seems to be amazing and wonderful for the spring season. Mostly warm weather dresses are sleeveless and V-neck. This dress is whole black which is looking so classy and elegant. This black colored dress is also zipper from the back. The cloth used in the 1st outer of the dress is 100% polyester and in the 2nd outer 95% polyester and 5% elasan.

4. Tom Tailor Summery Dress

The white patterned design is so summery. Not all girls love pink or red, some women love to wear white. This timelessly elegant summery dress contains regular fit, V-neck, sleeveless, Tie belt at the waist, and loose cut from the pelvis. In this dress, 100% viscose is used. This dress is available only in a single color that is white.

5. Tom Tailor Striped Dress

This dress is so trendy with a striped pattern and contains a belt at the waist. The trendy striped dress is sleeveless, V-neck, back zip, two side pockets at the front and regular fit. This dress is made of 97% cotton and 3% elastane.

6.Steilmann Print Dress

This printed dress is made of pure, airy viscose and is therefore perfect for warmer days. This dress includes half sleeves with bow, round neck with V-Slot and decorative element and finely detailed zip at the back center which looks very sexy. The material used while making this dress is 100% viscose on the outer shell and 100% polyester on the inner lining. You will get five colors in this dress i.e. ecru, red, green, melba, yellow.

7. Tom Tailor Dress With Overlay

This light blue colored dress is very simple and casual wear which will look very peaceful in summers. The cloth used while designing this dress is 100% cotton. This sleeveless dress contains regular fit, crew neck, knee-length, overlay on the upper body and contains the whole embroidery at the hem edges. This beautiful dress is very comfortable to wear in summers and contains all over striped pattern.

8. S.Oliver Dress With Crepe Structure

This white floral printed dress looks so elegant and beautiful. This dress is made up of polyester elastane and puts on little eye-catcher. This dress includes close-fitting, sleeveless, short leg length and slit and button on the neck. You can accompany this dress with a ballerina, high heels or a thin cardigan or blazer. You can also carry a scarf with this beautiful dress if you want to.

Buy these beautiful dresses and myGermany will provide international shipping from Germany to all around the world at an affordable price. You can purchase these dresses from top German brands to make your summer peaceful and beautiful. Generally, customers get problems in the delivery of their products because certain e-commerce sites do not provide international shipping. myGermany plays a major role in providing international shipping service for their customers. You can buy these products from German brands and get your products delivered to your doorstep.


Get Ready For Easter With These Fabulous Gifts

Get Ready For Easter With These Fabulous Gifts

For some German families, Easter is the principal event to go outside to celebrate after a long winter. The youngsters chase for Easter eggs in the gardens, while the grown-ups take strolls to appreciate the mellow spring air. Germans keep up numerous conventions and traditions that make Easter, the most critical Christian feast, a pleasant issue. In any case, some presently grumble that it is ending up progressively popularized.

Have you at any point known about egg striking? Or on the other hand, read Goethe’s Easter Walk? For a huge number of years, Germans have respected the main significant religious dining experience of the year with an entire scope of conventions and traditions. It’s a fairly able depiction of how Germans feel when Easter, at last, comes, proclaiming the appearance of spring after a long cold winter. Parks and gardens allure them to leave their warm scarves and caps at home and appreciate the first beams of daylight together with loved ones.

Celebrating Easter in Germany involves chocolates, egg hunts, get together of loved ones, tasty foods etc.The Easter-holiday is a four-day occasion. It starts on Good Friday and finishes on Monday. Both Friday and Monday are National Holidays so every one of the shops, banks and mail stations are closed. The real date for Easter Sunday is distinctive consistently. It falls on the first Sunday after the main full moon, after the Vernal Equinox. Since the lunar cycle and the timetable don’t coordinate, Easter moves around constantly. This year Easter Sunday will be celebrated on of the April in Germany.

Good Friday (Karfreitag)

Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday. As indicated by the church this was the day Jesus was executed on the cross. This day is typically gone through with family. Church rings are commonly quite on good Friday.

Easter Saturday (Karsamtag)

For certain individuals, Easter Saturday is viewed as a peaceful day, multi-day of waiting. The most amazing thing on this day may be to visit an Easter market where you can discover hand-created ornaments for your Rosenbaum i.e. Easter tree or decoration materials for your home. It is also a custom to lit bonfires to pursue away from the haziness of winter.

Easter Sunday (Ostersonntag)

Many people attend a special church service on Easter Sunday. The church services generally have a celebratory mood and churches are decorated with a range of spring flowers. Some communities hold an Easter breakfast or lunch after the church service. Many people give and receive Easter eggs and Easter hares on Easter Sunday. Many families, communities and businesses organize Easter egg hunts occur on Easter Sunday or Easter Monday.

Easter Monday (Ostermontag)

Easter Monday is a multi-day of remembrance or reflection. You may see candlelight processions or strolls in the morning to recall the walk Jesus made to his torturous killing. People love to spend their day outside their homes if the weather allows. They walk, climb, excursion and for the most part appreciate nature. Numerous people group hold Easter egg races for kids or play different games.

Different Symbols and Traditions

Germany’s first Easter Bunnies

It was German researcher Georg Franck von Franckenau who originally wrote in 1682 about the custom of a legendary Easter Bunny that concealed eggs in the greenery enclosure for kids to discover. The custom was being drilled in the focal and southwestern German districts, including Alsace and Palatinate. The custom stuck and turned into a typical practice in some different nations as well. The custom of utilizing eggs and bunnies as Easter images start from agnosticism since they symbolize ripeness, birth, and fresh starts.

Easter Tree (Osterbaum)

In Germany, individuals enrich live trees or shrubs in their yard with shaded eggs tied on with lace. Not at all like Christmas trees, these trees are living, and don’t require an extraordinary stand or lights. The hued eggs add a happy environment to neighborhoods and towns.

Easter Fountains

In parts of Germany, there was a custom of illustration Easter Water for wellbeing and cleansing from wells. In Pomerania, Easter water implied life and fruitfulness, and unmarried ladies would go to gather some before the sun came up… in the event that she could sprinkle it onto the man she adored, there could be a wedding soon. Today, the custom of enhancing the town’s drinking fountain or well has spread crosswise over Germany. Today, OsterWasser regularly alludes to the Schnapps that is tanked with companions.

Spring Cleaning

The spring customs are, in any case, not tied in with eating, drinking and playing amusements. Another old German Easter custom is to give the house an intensive spring clearing and get free off the old residue which has accumulated over the long winter months.

Easter is a very special occasion to celebrate. Some people also like to give gifts to their loved ones. We would like to suggest you to find something beautiful gifts from myGermany and give it to your loved ones. Buy some expensive German chocolates, flowers, easter decorative materials, shoes, dresses etc. Make this Easter Sunday special with some of the most beautiful gifts for your family whether it’s your sister, mother, brother, father, wife, and anyone. myGermany will give you so many options so you can choose easily. Visit now and select some gifts for your special ones and make their Easter memorable.


Galeria Kaufhof »

Get inspired by a great selection of fashion and decor to invite spring and Easter into your home with Galeria Kaufhof.

The cute plate by GALERIA SELECTION is in a rectangular shape measuring 25 x 14 cm. The bunny motif makes for a happy note.

Table Runner “Easter Patch” »

Unique and handmade Easter home decor from Germany. »

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Give yourself sparkle with floral jewelry designs from the Swarovski Spring Collection.




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Freight Forwarder Facts You Need To Know

Freight Forwarder Facts You Need To Know

A freight forwarder or forwarding agent is a company or a person who organizes shipments for individuals or other corporations to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market. Forwarders contract with a carrier or often multiple carriers to move the goods. A forwarder does not move the goods but acts as an expert in the logistics network. These carriers include ships, airplanes, trucks and railroads and they also use multiple modes for a single shipment.

Freight forwarders typically function as intermediaries between the businesses that hire them, and the various transportation services responsible for getting their products to overseas customers, including carriers, handlers and customs officials. The quantity of agents associated with conveying things from providers to clients, to a great extent relies upon the last goal of the shipments and the idea of the items sold. Be that as it may, the general target is dependably the equivalent, to guarantee the conveyance of flawless items, by indicated dates. Also, in the occasion an item breaks amid delivery, freight forwarders can protect customers with protection benefits like insurance services, that can reimburse them for losses.


Freight forwarders usually help organizations package and get ready items for export. This task has varying degrees of complexity, based in on a product’s final destination. A valid example: packaging for delivery inside Germany might be less difficult than packaging items for expanded transportation, where things might be dispatched in huge payload compartments, and things might be stacked and emptied on different occasions along the course. Things may likewise be put away in situations of extraordinary high and low temperatures, they can encounter unstable climate that can jostle the freight ships.


Freight forwarders help organizations effectively mark packages to ensure they contain the accompanying data:

  • An organized rundown of items in the container.
  • Any perilous things
  • Country of origin
  • Right weight, reflected in pounds and kilograms
  • Port of entry details
  • Any details required in the language of the goal nation.

Some facts you need to know about freight forwarding

  • A problem-free approach to import and export products.

Using a freight forwarder to import and export goods can make the entire process considerably less stressful. Extremely proficient in the components of inventory network, freight forwarders can help on all dimensions, from the pressing and distribution center stages to the custom strategy, taking a portion of the pressure off you.

  1. Freight forwarders provide a range of services.
  2. Freight forwarders can help with the supply chain on various dimensions including:
    • Custom clearances
    • Global import and export documentation
    • Protection/Insurance
    • Packing/Bundling
    • Capacity/Storage
    • Inventory management
  3. Profitable to your business

Using a freight forwarding Organization for the transportation of products to your business can be profitable from multiple points of view. Utilizing their insight and mastery, freight forwarders will guarantee that your products will touch base at the right goal on time and spare your cash simultaneously, compared with doing only it.

  1. They are not in charge of shipping delays.

Freight forwarding companies are not in charge of postponements in transportation. These postponements frequently happen because of terrible climate, breakdown, port deferrals or unexpected course changes. In spite of the fact that delivery deferrals can be baffling, recollect that it is out of your cargo sending organizations hands and that they’re attempting to determine it as fast as could be allowed.

  1. It’s critical to keep up a decent association with your freight forwarder.

Your freight forwarder is responsible for your valuable load, so it’s vital that you build up a decent working association with them. You need to guarantee that you pick an Organization that you can trust and depend on, just as one with immaculate client administration to guarantee that your freight shipments arrive securely and on time.

Freight Forwarding in Germany

myGermany is a Germany based international shipping and forwarding company established in 2012. myGermany provide various services like concierge & pickup, parcel checks, and pics, repacking & consolidation, drop shipment, shipping, customs etc. The special services are like freight, furniture, household, mail, spare parts, containers, bikes, alloy wheels etc.

myGermany is a Germany based company with you can export anything from Germany whatever you want. myGermany provides international shipping of bulky goods by road, sea, and air. With this company, you can forward car & mobile home, furniture, kitchen & bathroom appliances, freight, and bulky items. myGermany also provides amazing packaging to your products and items that your products will not get even a single scratch. We would also like to mention that in Germany mostly the climate is clear and there is nothing like a monsoon, taifun, storm or rain storms happens. So they do not provide waterproof packaging. But as per the customer’s requirement, myGermany provides waterproof and safe packaging so that the product will get received by the customer in perfect condition. myGermany has collaborated with some shipping partners which are trustworthy like DHL, FedEx, DB Schenker, and Dachse. These networks are located in every major part around the world and throughout Germany.

myGermany also provides payment methods as per the customer’s comfort. As we can take an example of Chinese people, most of them like to pay with Alipay and WeChat, and not even a single company of online shopping in Germany provides the payment method with these both. So myGermany works as a bridge between the customer and the vendor. This company provides wonderful shipping services and also ensures the door to door delivery of the products. For more information visit today at myGermany.

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