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Reasons Behind The Strength of German Economy – myGermany

Reasons Behind The Strength of German Economy – myGermany

Germany is the industrial powerhouse and one of the largest exporter in Europe. It is the country whose economy alone has stopped the European countries to fall in recession. It is the only nation that has enough funds to save Europe. 

  • The Important Role of Industry

German Industry plays an important role to make it’s economy strong. In gross value added, the share of industry is 22.9 percent. Therefore, Germany is the highest country in the G7 countries. Vehicle construction, engineering industry, electrical industry, and chemical industry are the strongest sectors in Germany. 

  • High Exports

Germany is the 3rd largest exporting country Along with China and the USA. According to the data recorded goods worth 1,278.9 billion Euros were exported by Germany. Shipping from Germany is quite easy and affordable. Almost 40% was the export quota from over 50% in industry. 

  • Open Economy

Among all the G7 countries, Germany is the most open economy. This is concluded with the importance of foreign trade of the gross domestic product. In relation to the gross domestic product, 84.4 percent is foreign trade quota which you can say is the sum of imports and exports. If we start comparing it with the USA, then their quota is 26.7 percent. 

  • High Performing Medium Scale Industries

The German economy is built with the high performance of medium-sized enterprises. Medium-scale enterprises mean the company with an annual turnover of fewer than 50 million euros and employees less than 500. This economic sector holds 99.6 percent of German companies. Over 1000 companies in this sector are called hidden conquerors. It means they are publically less popular in international markets.

  • Best Trade Fair Location

International trade fairs are organized in Germany. It is the world’s primary location for trade fairs. Over two-thirds of the major international industrial events take place in Germany. Every year around 10 million visitors attend about 150 global trade fairs and exhibitions. 

  • Strong Economic Centers

Germany’s most important and strong economic centers are metropolitan areas of Stuttgart (vehicle construction), Frankfurt is Main (finance), Munich (high tech), Rhine-Neckar (chemicals, IT) and Hamburg (port, aircraft construction, media). The strong startup regions are Berlin/Brandenburg. 

  • Good Employment Rate

Germany is on its way to achieve full employment targets. In 2018, people who were unemployed were 2.2 million. Germany’s largest employers are Robert Bosch (402000), Deutsche Post (519,000), Siemens (372,000), Schwarz-Gruppe (retail, 400,000) and Volkswagen is the one to generate maximum employment opportunities. Around 642,000 employees worldwide. 

  • Labour Reforms

Labor reforms are another factor that helps the German economy to get stronger. To make Germany a strong economy, employment protection legislation and a degree of trust took an initiative to build a close relationship with labor unions so that they can push them for moderation in wage inflation. These reforms lead to the formation of a stable and flexible labor market. 

  • Relationship With Education 

The German education system is the major reason behind the strength of the German economy. Mr. Woergoetter calls a societal preference in which they allow children to spend time with their families that’s why they finish school before lunchtime. 

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Ship German Brands From Germany Using myGermany

Ship German Brands From Germany Using myGermany

The most popular items in the world are produced by German brands. From toys to sports items, cars to shoes German brands produce everything. German goods are known for their high-quality material and hence they have gained a good reputation around the globe. Shopping directly from German brands through their websites is preferred the most. There are many benefits to purchasing their own websites. 

First and Foremost, when we buy directly from manufacturers we get goods at their best price and offers. Secondly, purchasing directly from manufacturers gives you more choice as compared to purchasing from a third party. A brand will limit items to a number of lines and ranges. However, if we buy goods from German brands retail sites we can have a whole range of goods including those who have limited release or edition that might not be available with any third party. 

Purchasing from German websites is much cheaper than purchasing from a third party. German brand retailers offer free delivery to a German shipping address and after that, the parcel can be forwarded by getting Parcel Forwarding Services from the German shipping company. 

Here are some items which are popular among the customers who buy from German retailers and ship them to any part of the world.

  • Clothing

German brand retailers have almost every style and category of clothes for everyone. They got the latest trends and fashion available. 

In women’s fashion, Otto is one of the most popular garments brands which got trending outfits for all seasons. 

Closed, Jack Wolfskin and Tchibo are some brands where you can find a whole family range. 

  • Shoes

German brands got really high standard quality goods which have spoiled the buyers when it comes to shoes. Shoes from German brands are so good in quality that they are at the top of the shopping list. The most popular German shoe brand Mirapodo got a wide range of shoes for men, women, and children. Another popular brand Gortz is available all over the world. But purchasing directly from their website offers you easy access to all the ranges. 

  • Tech

German brands got amazing tech at a reasonable price. These brands offer you a great choice in all the items. Saturn is one of the leading brands which offer a great range of products including smartphones, PCs, laptops, televisions, home electronics, and gaming. Another brand where you can find a wide range of technology and electricals is Conrad

  • Homeware 

In this section, there are few German brands that offer you an outstanding choice. OBI is the most popular German DIY and home store. It got an amazing collection of everything that you need for your home. From garden furniture to power tools everything. 

Otto and Tchibo offer good quality contemplation home interior and furnishing items. 

  • Toys & Books

A well known German brand Smythstoys is popular all over the world. Their soft toys are loved all over the globe. Not just soft toys you got a whole range of products that are available on their website. Hugendubel and Ravensburger are also famous German brands for the shopping of toys & books. 

  • Car parts

German car brands are popular all over the world but their parts are really expensive to purchase. Save your money on the purchase of car parts of all the popular brands like BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen by purchasing directly from Germany. eBay Germany is a platform where you can look for car parts from both private sellers and businesses. 

  • eBay Germany

If you are a fan of German brands and goods then eBay Germany is a one-stop-shop for you. All that you need to do is use myGermany’s warehouse in Germany and get your items shipped with them. myGermany has made easy access for the shoppers to purchase items from German-based eBay sellers. There are some items that myGermany ship frequently from eBay Germany. These items include electricals, smartphones, car parts, books, and camera equipment. 

  • Sustainability

At you can discover more than 200,000 sustainable products from over 4,000 brands. They offer Eco-Fashion, Green Lifestyle and also offer green alternatives for every product you might want to buy. Here you can get a selection of the thought collection. Bamboo socks, bamboo leggings, bamboo dresses, and many other high-quality eco-fashion are available from thought in environmentally friendly fibers. You can conveniently buy thought products here at Avocadostore!

myGermany got huge success as a parcel forwarding company. We have realized that it is easy and cheap to buy goods directly from German websites so we made an effort to reduce the shipping cost and make easy access for buyers to purchase from Germany.

Black Friday Doorbusters Are On!

Black Friday Doorbusters Are On!

Black Friday is just around the corner. It’s a great time of the year when tons of deals are offered by many stores from all over the world.

On November 29th this is time again. Numerous shops and online shops are celebrating the kick-off of the Christmas business for 24 hours on Black Friday 2019 with special promotions and discounts. 

Planning out your Black Friday shopping goals is an absolute must when it comes to saving as much as possible. Knowing which shopping stores will have the items on your list, at the lowest prices, should be one of your top priorities. To help you out with that goal, we’ve organized a list of which items you may be tracking and where we think you should be buying them. Here at myGermany, you will find hundreds of German stores that give Black Friday Deals and bargains from Germany at a glance. Take a look at the below Top German & European webshops and get marvelous discounts & offers.  



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In Europe, Germany has the largest national economy and people love to use German products due to its quality. This Black Friday get unbelievable offers and discounts from Top German & European stores and get the International shipment from myGermany. Visit the top German stores at and there you will find your wishful products at very low rates. Make your purchases freely and get forwarding services from There you will get worldwide shipping services at the cheapest rates. 

Cheapest Ever – Economy Shipping With DHL

Cheapest Ever – Economy Shipping With DHL

myGermany is a German-based international shipping company which provides shipping and freight services from Germany to all over the world. They help customers who buy their products from German or European web shops. You can also get international package forwarding services from Germany in which you will get a German Shipping Address. With myGermany you can also be shipped your goods in the cheapest and fastest way possible. 

Get whole transparency in shipping services and its costs provided by myGermany. Here we will tell you about the transparent and simple cost structure of this company. Get to know the total costs for packages, total costs for myGermany services including their partner fees. They are your partner of choice for logistics and post fulfillment services, or if you need to ship a bike, motorcycle, furniture, apartment contents, spare parts, and other things, etc. 

myGermany does not charge any membership fees, monthly fees or hidden fees. They will only charge you for getting their services as if you will send a parcel with them. While paying for their services, you will be charged for their partner fees i.e. DHL, FedEx, DPD, GLS, UPS, DB Schenker. 

Calculate your final shipping costs with myGermany with their shipping cost calculator. Their shipping cost calculator enables you to calculate the estimated total costs while using their services and shipping your packages from Germany to other nations. The estimated costs of myGermany includes: 

  1. International shipping from Germany: partner fees, including fuel surcharge and customs handling. 
  2. For getting services from myGermany: 
  • Documents preparation
  • Free storage for 60 days
  • Receipt, inspection, and pictures
  • Repacking and consolidation of packages 
  • Drop shipment & discreet shipping

myGermany has several shipping partners like DHL, FedEx, Deutsche Post, DB Schenker, UPS, DPD, GLS, etc. And every shipping partner has their different economy shipping rates. We will tell you about the DHL economy. 

DHL Economy

DHL economy service is based on DHL WELTPAKET International and guarantees calculable delivery packages. In this service, the packages will always be shipped and make them reach the destination country in the most economic way. You can check the Country-Guide of myGermany for more details. You can also check the door-to-door delivery of packages by DHL economy here

  • Collaboration with local providers
  • Track your shipment via the internet or telephone via customer services. 

You can get your packages insured with DHL. Let us tell you the shipping conditions of our insurance partner DHL.

DHL Premium

Your parcel is automatically covered without any extra cost up to EUR 500

  • EUR 20 will be charged by us in case the value of order exceeds EUR 2500
  • EUR 70 will be charged by us in case the value of order exceeds EUR 25,000

If you want insurance higher than this then please myGermany. 

DHL Express

Insurance must be purchased at 1.5% of the value but it must be minimum 20EUR. provides you the cheapest international shipping in less time. Now go and get your packages forwarded with myGermany and get at your doorstep.

No Volumetric Weight – Pay Only For What Your Package Weight

myGermany is a German-based international shipping and forwarding company established in 2012 by two friends, and headquartered in the middle of Germany, in Weimar. It is Germany’s #1 Forwarding company and offers purchasing and logistics services like freight, mail, parcel, and cargo to its customers and small and medium scale companies. They provide international shipping for small packages as well as bulky packages.

This is the company where you will get assured services and at a reasonable cost. Here you will get full transparency in your shipping cost and get to know everything about that. You can also calculate your shipping rates with


What means Dimensional or Volumetric weight? 


The dimensional weight is used as the base for calculation for carriage by air. This weight relies upon the size of the packaging of the parcel used by the seller. The dimensional weight is an easy method to calculate the actual air freight space needed for movement or transfer of goods, which can be lighter in weight and heavy at the same time. After all that, both the dimensional weight and the actual weight get compared and the higher one will be used to calculate the freight cost. 

  • The dimensional or volumetric weight

The actual weight and dimensional weight of parcel get compared and after that which gets higher value used to determine the freight charges. So, we can say that if the size of your light container is larger then it may cost you higher. This means that a lightweight photo frame may turn out costlier than a heavy LED because the frame is bigger in size and volume than the small television. 

  • The Girth Measure

The girth measure is measured on the basis of the package’s circumference o.r. Length*Width*Height. The shipping partners of myGermany has specified some limits if the package cross those limits then the shipping cost will be affected and it will get charged according to the applicable rate class. The exceeding limits of length of the package differ from country to country. 


No Volumetric Weight – You Pay Only What You See


With UPS Standard/Express and DHL Weltpaket Economy /Premium methods myGermany estimates and charges its members based on package weight ONLY* for international shipments. Other shipping companies use a complicated calculation based on dimensional (or volumetric) weight. 

With our revolutionary No Volumetric Weight Price system, our members pay what it weighs*. With no surprises or hidden costs.

We are sure that now you get to know everything about the shipping cost of your package and how can you determine the cost of your package with myGermany’s shipping cost calculator. Now you can use our shipping cost calculator to determine the size and cost of the parcel.