myGermany | Free Checks & Photos of your Incoming Parcels
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Free Checks & Photos of your Incoming Parcels

We open incoming parcels, check condition, take pictures and update your customer account. You are aware of your items condition before you decide to either forward or return.

We automatically open and photograph incoming packages (expect DropShipment). We will photograph the label and the items in the package itself. Thus you or our staff can immediately spot any potential issues and ensure your packaging is in good shape so that the contents inside remain safe.

Detailed Pictures of your already received items can be get on-request. Simply ask for it in your customer account. You can even select the Detailed Picture Option for each incoming parcel.

The Photographs will remain in your account, so you can actually compare items condition after receipt.

We reduce your packaging sizes for free, thus you save shipping costs.

We consolidate for free – thus you ship just one package for several items.

myGermany uses for almost every package own strong 2-wavy cardboards / own packaging material. So your items will be perfectly secured for its long international trips!