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Before we speak, please search through our information data base or check some of our top FAQs. Maybe it saves you and us a lot of time 🙂

In case you cannot find your answer, we are happy to call you »

Check some of the frequently asked questions:

How much does the myGermany services cost?

We do not have any membership costs.

If you ordered your items in Germany, we check, photograph, store, repack, and consolidate it for free. You only pay once you forward parcels with us. You pay per parcel only 1 fee which includes all our services plus the transportation costs of our partners DHL, FedEx etc. Here you can estimate your total costs »

If you use our Concierge Service then there are costs involved: 10 % Concierge fee (costs min 3,00 €) and/or 20 EUR pick up fee if you want us to pick up your item.

For more information, click here.

What phone number must or can I specify when I order online myself?

In the best case, enter your own phone number. This should normally be accepted. Should an international telephone number not be accepted, you can enter the following number (international format:) +49 176 4766 9792 (national format:) 0176 4766 9792 . It is a working myGermany number.

My package has landed… it is shown in my Inbox – and now?

Your items have been moved from the EXPECTED BOX to the INBOX because they have reached our warehouse! You will find all relevant information in your account, such as photos, status, condition, description, weight etc.

Now you need to be active: put the items you want to get forwarded into the OUTBOX. Here you will be led automatically with the next steps: you can calculate the shipping fees, you can select the shipment provider and you will be asked to pay. As soon as you have completed the payment, we will initiate the shipment!

Can myGermany remove invoices and invoice-related documents?

Yes we can. Simply check the option in your account when initiating your shipment.

How is the description of the goods concluded for the customs declaration?

If you use the Concierge Service, we take the data from the Concierge form.

If you have purchased the goods yourself, you will need to enter data (such as description and value etc.) regarding your order in the Expected-Items-Box in your customer account (under myOrder), so that myGermany can assign incoming parcels to your order. Taking your data we create the customs declaration. Please make understandable and truthful statements to avoid any misunderstanding.

That means: you need to enter data before your package reaches our warehouse!

Do you accept letters with verification data, such as GoogleAdsense etc.

No, we do not accept such kind of letters. We do not receive, forward or scan such documents!

Do you provide photographs of my items/parcels?

Yes, this service is standard and free of costs. For each incoming parcel you will find an image in your customer account > Inbox.

Can my myGermany address be used as billing address?

No. For legal reasons, reasons of traceability and consistency this is not possible. The billing address should always be your address.

In cases where it is not possible, please contact us and/or provide a copy of your ID or other documents proofing your identity!