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myGermany ships to over 200 countries & regions and provides you an overview of relevant shipping information for your destination

Find an overview of relevant shipping information specifically for your country or region! Learn more about the shipping costs you have, the tax/duties/import fees you eventually need to pay, country-specific import restrictions, find a currency converter and information about the latest decisions regarding import/export restrictions.

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Overview of de minimis value regimes open to express shipments world wide

Overview of de minimis value regimes open to express shipments world wide
De minimis refers to the minimum value of the goods below which no duties and taxes are being collected by the Customs. Certain destinatoins have a separate threshold below which simplified declarations are accepted, e.g. in form of the transport manifest or other suitable form.

Hong Kong is a duty-free destination. No duties or taxes are collected.
India, there is effectively no duty and tax-free threshold, and most shipments will be subject to a range of duties and tax.
Russian Federation, duty and tax depend on an individual’s monthly import activity. The monthly allowance is currently a total value of 1,000 Euro (CIF value = value of goods + shipping) or a total weight of 31 kg. Duty and tax are payable at a combined rate of 30% of the value in excess of 1,000 Euro, although nothing is payable if the duty and tax are 2 Euro or less. For items exceeding a total of 31 kg, duty and tax are payable on the excess at a rate of 4 Euro per kg
Singapore, there is no duty payable on most products except alcohol, tobacco products, motor vehicles and petroleum products.

Disclaimer: This list contains information that GEA (global-express-association, has been able to collect from publicly available sources. It is not an official source of information on such regimes world wide. It may not be perfectly accurate or up to date. GEA and its affiliates do not accept any liability for any inaccuracies contained therein or decisions made on the basis of the information listed here. Please help us improve this list by sending us additional information from authoritative sources to and we will update it as appropriate.

Countries & Regions De minimis value “no duty/tax collection”
in national currencyin USDin SDR
Andorra12 EUR1410
Argentina25 USD2518
Armenia150000 Armenian Drams300213
Australia1000 AUD756537
Austria150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Azerbaijan1000 USD and 50 kg1000710
200 USD and 20 kg200142
BahrainNo de minimis00
Bangladesh1000 Taka139
Belarus10 EUR118
Belgium150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Belize50 USD0
Bolivia100 USD10071
Bulgaria150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
15 EUR (VAT)1712
Brazil50 USD5036
Brunei400 BND295210
Cambodia50 USD5036
Canada20 CAD1511
Chile30 USD3021
ChinaShipments with duty and VAT liability less than RMB 5086
Colombia200 USD200142
Costa RicaNo de minimis00
Croatia150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Cyprus150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
17 EUR (VAT)1914
Denmark150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Dominican Republic200 USD200142
Ecuador400 USD & 400 KG400284
El SalvadorNo de minimis0
Estonia150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
21.98 EUR (VAT)2518
Ethiopia20 EUR2316
Finland150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
France150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Georgia500 GEL and 30 kg217154
1000 GEL and 50 kg434308
3000 GEL and 50 kg1302924
Germany150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Greece150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
GuatemalaNot applicable00
Honduras500 USD with certain exceptions500355
Hungary150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Iceland1000 Icelandic Krona86
India10000 INR150107
Indonesia50 USD5036
Iran<50 USD5036
Ireland150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Israel100 USD10071
Italy150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Japan16600 JPY9064
Jordan20 Jordan dinars for commercial samples2820
Korea150 USD (FOB)150107
200 USD200142
Latvia150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Liberia150 USD150107
Lithuania150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Luxembourg150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Malaysia500 MYR12891
Malta150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Mexico50 USD5036
Mexico300 USD0
Morocco300 Moroccan Dirham3122
Netherlands150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
New Zealand400 NZD272193
Norway200 NKR2417
Panama100 USD (Not implemented correctly in practice); down from 200 USD10071
Paraguay100 USD10071
Peru200 USD200142
Philippines15 PHP0,330
Poland150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Portugal150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Qatar822 USD822584
Romania150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Russia7964 RUR11985
Rwanda<400 USD400284
Saint LuciaNo de minimis0
Singapore400 SGD296210
Slovakia150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Slovenia150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Spain150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
Sweden150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
22 EUR (VAT)2518
SwitzerlandTotal duties/taxes less than 5 CHF are waived54
Chinese Taipeh3000 TWD9366
Thailand1000 Thai Baht2820
Turkey135 Turkish Lira2114
Uganda10 USD107
Ukraine100 USD10071
United Kingdom150 EUR (Customs duties)170120
15 GBP (VAT)2115
Uruguay200 USD0
United States800 USD800568
Venezuela100 USD10071
Vietnam1000000 VND4028

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