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Trusted International Mail & Package & Freight Forwarding from Germany and Europe to Indonesia

From online shopping to doorstep delivery in Indonesia, we provide all relevant services to get your stuff from Germany shipped to Indonesia, at the cheapest option possible! Calculate upfront your shipping costs and delivery times, be informed about Indonesia`s import regulations and use our currency converter to explore a stress-free shopping tour in Europe! Our amazing services have convinced clients in more then 200 countries. Get your virtual = forwarding address today »

We support you through the entire shopping, shipping & customs processes!

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As a global shipping company we offer via FedEx, DHL, DBSchenker, Dachser:
Economy, Express, Cargo & Freight (Air & Sea) Shipping to Indonesia.

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Import Restrictions

  • Anti-muslim material
  • Communistic products/materials
  • Knives (limited to cutlery only)
  • Liquids (any commodity in liquid form) exclude destination JKTA, CGKA, CXPA, HLPA
  • Precious metals, stones
  • Mineral products
  • Tobacco/Tobacco Leaves/Cigarettes – 1. A Certificate of Health and Quarantine report is required from consignee. 2. 200 pieces of cigarettes or 100 gram of tobacco/leaves plus 20 pieces of cigarettes is the maximum amount allowed per shipment. 3. Prohibited for private individuals if exceeds the maximum limit.
  • Dangerous Goods as defined by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA)
  • Checks in all forms (blank stock, travelers cheques, payroll, cashier)
  • Products displaying Chinese characters)
  • Mobile phones, cell phones, handheld or electronic device are allowed with maximum of 2 units and value is $1500 USD per shipment
  • Narcotics
  • Psychotropic Substances
  • Explosive materials, Firearms and ammunition, certain knives
  • Fireworks of all types
  • Books and printed materials that can disturb public order, includes unapproved books in Chinese and Indonesian language. Packaging and product labels
  • Recorded media that has not been approved for import by the Board of Film Censorship and the Attorney General
  • Certain telecommunication devices and equipment; transceiver equipment, cordless phones and related devices; telecommunications imported without prior certification and marking approval
  • Color copiers; photocopy machines, parts and equipment without prior authorization from the Department of Trade and Industry, Board of Money Forgery Coordination.
  • Flora and Fauna as defined by the Department of Agriculture, Directorate General of Fisheries
  • Drugs, medicines, hypodermic needles, acetic anhydride and opium pipes are subject to a special license delivered by the Director General of Medicine and Food (POM), control cannot be got though any virtual address, forwarding address, mail forwarding, freight forwarding or international shipping company.
  • Materials (regardless of state) that are proven harmful to the health and welfare of humans, ecologically damaging, poisoning, carcinogenic, etc, without approval from the Directorate General of Medicines and Foods (POM)
  • Pesticides; without prior approval from the Department of Agriculture. (Note: Pentachloro phenol and its salts, Dichloro difenil trichloro ethane (DDT) , Ethilane dibromide (EDB) are strictly controlled)
  • Ozone depleting substances are prohibited as well as devices that contain them; air conditioning units, compressors, refrigerators, etc.
  • Wastes (as defined under Government Law Rep. of Indonesia #12 /1995, Ecological law 23/199) are prohibited without prior approval or permit from the Department of Industry and Trade and BAPEDAL.

You can find more information here:

Link to DHL website, Import restrictions

Transit times

Global shipping from Germany to Indonesia with different methods:

    8-10 working days
  • DHL Express
    5-6 working days
  • FedEx International Economy
    5-6 working days
  • FedEx International Priority/Express
    4-5 working days

Please be aware that different times can be applied if you use our cargo and freight forwarding solutions (e.g. you want us to ship a car, appartment contents, bikes etc.).

More questions?

Customs & Taxes

Indonesia has determined an upper value limit or allowance which means that they are exempt from customs duties or tax (de minimis threshold). Trusted limits are:

  • Duty 50 XOF
  • Tax 50 XOF

Please note, that customs are free to change these limits and can work with their own assessment basis.

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