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Cheap Freight Forwarder In Germany | myGermany

Logistic Fulfilment Solutions in Germany:
import, warehousing, palletization, distribution, shipments & return-shipments etc.

We help you to deal with Amazon (Versand such Amazon, Vendor Express etc.), eBay & Co in Europe.

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Do you need an importer? You need a warehouse? A logistic partner in Germany who handles your incoming/outgoing palettes or packages? A partner handling your Amazon or eBay processes? A freight forwarder? We offer a variety of fulfilment solutions, such as:

importing by
warehousing by
trucking by
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We can import on your behalf to Germany, using our EORI Number and VAT ID we can take over the entire process for Rail, Sea, Air, Road.
Standard Import Rates:

119,00-175,00 € Customs Clearance inkl. handling of 2 positions, each further 7,50 € 
39,00 € Handling
as per outlay Taxes / Fees (Outlay 3%)
45,00-90,00 € Realease Fee
65,00 € Processing Fee

Warehousing Services

Your own shipping address and warehouse space in Germany.
Your dedicated staff will care for palletization, quality checks, prepare orders in order to coordinate the distribution of your items in Germany and Europe.
60 days free storage for smaller items, or just 0,15-5,00 €/cbm/10days.
We provide you extensive competencies for eBay and Amazon processes.
We coordinate your return shipments.
Standard Warehousing Rates:

0,15-5,00 € per 1,00 cbm per 10 days (4,50-15,00€/cbm/month) storage
39,00-59,00 € per working hour
5,00-10,00 € palatalization basic rate per pallet (plus effort)
145,00 € palatalization basic rate per 20F container (plus effort)
195,00 € palatalization basic rate per 40F container (plus effort)

Trucking Services

Collaboration with DHL, FedEx and DB Schenker – as preferred Amazon supplier we deliver fast to any Amazon Fulfilment Centers in Europe.
We organise your cargo, container, freight via Air, Road, Rail or Sea (several container shipments are possible: 20 and 40 ft DV Container, 20 and 40 ft RF Container, 40 ft RF High-Cube-Container).

Shipment Services within Germany and Europe

For all countries we can use our frame contracts with Deutsche Post, DHL and FedEx. Additionally to the pure shipment costs we ad a small amount for myGermany`s effort.
Standard Rates could be:

Kilogram Package myGermany effort Shipment within Germany Shipment within EU Shipment within Europe
< 1kg 2-10 € 5 € 12 € 14 €
< 3kg 2-10 € 6 € 12 € 14 €
< 5kg 5-10 € 7 € 12 € 14 €
< 10kg 5-15 € 8 € 12 € 20-22 €
< 20kg 5-15 € 11 € 14-16 € 30-40 €
< 30kg > 5-20 € > 13 € > 14-26 € > 30-40 € > – your partner in Europe

Whether you’re a growing manufacturer, a national distributor, or an ecommerce online retailer, myGermany has the warehousing and order fulfillment services to help you manage better and grow faster here in Europe.

Strategically located in the midle of Germany, our uniquely integrated warehouse, order fulfillment, and distribution services allow us to manage your entire supply chain from sourcing to delivery – seamlessly, efficiently, and at a reduced cost to your organization.

Whether you want us to pick up and/or forward parcels, take care of your customs documents, accompany your shipment from origin to destination or conduct the entire shipping process, our Freight Forwarding & Cargo Agents will provide the solution. 

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