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Every year we tell ourselves to not get stressed out at the end of the year. But all the Christmas shopping and festivities always keep us pretty busy until the new year arrives. Better take action now and make sure you’ll start the new year with wellness and relaxation to let go of the hectic holiday season. These products will let you forget all the year end stress and help you unwind in the best way – for a wonderfully relaxed 2018!

Otto comfortable home wear Otto.de »

Being comfortable is the first step to relaxation!
Get the most comfy home wear for a relaxed day at home!
Deichmann comfortable home slippers Deichmann.de »

Keep your feet warm
and comfy with fluffy slippers from Deichmann
Plus Wellness at Home Plus.de »

Turn your home into your
own wellness center with the best equipment from Plus
Tchibo Everything for a comfortable home Tchibo.de »

Comfortable clothes, fluffy blankets and soft furniture  for relaxation and cuddle time at home
Rossmann Badesalz und Badeschaum Rossmann.de »

A hot bath is the ultimate
relaxation with great bath salts from Rossmann
Soft 100% organic cotton blankets by Reinebaumwolle.de ReineBaumwolle.de »

100% cuddly, 100% organic
cotton – soft blankets by ReineBaumwolle.de
Fair Trade Tea and Hot Chocolate at FairEinkaufen.de Fair-Einkaufen.com »

Hot chocolate and hot tea
will make you relax from the inside out
SackIT Bean Bags for your home SACKit.de »

Bean bags for the best
relaxation time at home by high-quality brand SACKit
Top Shops in Germany Top Shops in Germany

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