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Enjoy the warm days in your Garden

Enjoy the warm days in your Garden

Spring has arrived, the sun is showing its first warm rays of sunshine and we finally don’t have to spend our days inside anymore. Let’s enjoy the nice weather outside in the garden, on the terrace or on our balcony. In Germany this is the beginning of the grill season, so friends and family will meet up on the weekends and put delicious food on the grill to enjoy outside. How do you like to spend your spring days?

Get your garden or terrace ready with everything you need from garden furniture to decoration as well as grills, pavillions and more. Enjoy the warm season of the year with a beautiful garden, terrace or balcony!

Tchibo Garden Furniture »

Find beautiful furniture and decoration for a truly stylish and luxurious garden or terrace
Otto Garden Furniture »

Turn your garden into a wellness oasis with furniture, garden houses, pavillions and more
Kaufhof Garden Toys for Children Galeria Kaufhof »

Fun for the little ones with garden toys from Galeria Kaufhof
SACKit Luxurious Bean Bags for your Garden SACKit »

Find truly luxurious and super comfy
bean bags for your home and terrace at SACKit »
Plus Garden Furniture, Accessories and Decor »

Great selection of items
for your garden at
Saturn Equipment for your Garden and Terrace »

Keep your garden neat
and beautiful with equipment from
Karstadt Garden Decor »

Furniture, decoration and lighting
for your garden or terrace
Radbag fun items for your next garden party »

Your next garden party will be more fun
with super fun items from


FedEx Supports Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a groundbreaking achievement and is the most modern, ambitious and economically significant trade agreement the US has ever negotiated. The TPP covers a market of over 800 million people, 40% of global GDP and almost 30% of global trade – and it’s remarkable for a host of reasons.

It will eliminate 18,000 duties, including all duties on manufactured goods. This will create thousands of new and improved export opportunities for our customers and more business for FedEx. Lower duties on imports also helps U.S. consumers and businesses through greater choice and lower prices. Remember that, on average, exports contain 40% imported content – this reflects the reality of the modern global supply chains where things are “made in” many different countries. So reducing tariffs on imported parts and materials will actually help make U.S. exports more competitive.

This is important because the TPP includes Japan, which is one of the top export destinations for American products, as well as rapidly growing economies like Malaysia and Vietnam, whose growing middle classes will be buying more US consumer and capital goods for years to come. These markets represent real growth opportunities for American companies.

The TPP will mean faster, more reliable and more transparent customs clearance. One example – the agreement requires the release of express shipments within 6 hours of arrival.   Streamlining customs clearance will help our customers, especially small businesses, get their goods into their consumers’ hands faster, helping them become even more competitive.

The TPP expands opportunities for services suppliers, like FedEx, to operate overseas and has new provisions that will help ensure TPP supply chains operate efficiently. This is something that FedEx supported from the beginning of the negotiations.

For the first time, an entire chapter of the agreement is devoted to helping small and medium sized businesses take advantage of the TPP. It is a recognition of the vital role that small businesses can and should play in international trade.

The TPP also brings trade and investment into the modern, digital age. The TPP is the first agreement to seriously protect an open internet and to ensure the free movement of data across borders, which is important for every business in today’s global economy, and is especially critical to the continued growth of global e-commerce.

Finally, the TPP can become the primary platform for deeper and broader economic integration and trade liberalization in the high-growth Asia-Pacific region. Already, countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand have expressed interest in joining TPP. As more countries join the TPP the economic impacts will continue to multiply.

For all of these reasons FedEx strongly supports the TPP and we look forward to its passage in 2016.   We will be working with Congress, the Administration, other companies and stakeholders to explain the benefits of the TPP and move the agreement to a vote this year.   With continued weak economic growth, we need TPP now more than ever.

Get ready for Spring and Easter

Get ready for Spring and Easter

The colourful season of spring is upon us with Easter around the corner. Now the flowers will start growing, our gardens will brighten with colourful flowers and the days will get warmer, brighter and longer. Easter is only a month away, so it’s the perfect time to get your home and everything ready – with bright home decor, light spring clothing, colourful accessories and more. Find everything you need to welcome spring and Easter now!

Spring and Easter in your home with Galeria Kaufhof Galeria Kaufhof »

Bring the spring feeling into your home with just the right home decor and Easter decoration
Swarovski Jewellery Spring Collection Swarovski »

Give yourself a sparkle with floral jewellery designs from the Swarovski Spring Collection
Mirapodo Spring Shoes »

Round off your spring outfit with the perfect pair of shoes
Otto spring fashion »

No more warm sweaters and winter jackets – find your spring outfit now at
Lindt Easter Chocolates Galeria Kaufhof »

Easter is the perfect time to give away chocolate – find German chocolate especially for Easter at Galeria Kaufhof
Tchibo Spring Fashion »

Find your perfect spring outfit with fashion and accessories from
Karstadt Steiff Easter Bunnies »

The Easter Bunny is coming! Prepare the kids and your home with plush bunnies by high-quality German brand Steiff
DaWanda Easter and Spring Home Decor »

Fill your home with spring and Easter with unique and handmade home decor by


Shipment of the Week #8

Shipment of the Week #8

If you’ve ever wondered what our customers order from Germany, you’re going to enjoy this section!

Every few weeks we’re going to give you a quick glimpse on our favourite items, straight out of the myGermany dispatch warehouse – ordered by and shipped to people all over the world.

Whether they’re super hilarious, extremely rare or just incredibly good founds: they’re guaranteed to inspire your next shopping experience!

This week’s highlight: This car door!

Shipment of the Week: Car Door

Germany is globally known for its outstanding automobile industry. German engineering guarantees great quality that customers from all over the world appreciate. Wondering if you can have that car part sent across the world to you from Germany? The answer is yes! Us at will deliver pretty much anything to your doorstep – including all kinds of car parts you might need – and all in high quality and super safely! Check out some German shops where you can get the car parts that you need such as car doors, bumpers, rear spoilers, catalysts etc. for car parts from Germany Autoteile-Meile – Parts for Mobility »
Find everything you need for your car from spare parts and tires tp accessories and more at – Parts for Mobility
Autoteile Preiswert for car parts from Germany »
Need a new exhaust? Or brake? Find spare parts and more at Autoteile-preiswert at good prices for car parts from Germany »
Affordable yet high-quality products are what you will find at, your German online shop for car parts of any kind
Mister Grip tires and rims from Germany Mister Grip »
Winter is over, it’s time to get those summer tires on your car – get your high-quality tires and new sparkling rims from Germany at Mister Grip for spare parts for your motorcycle »
You prefer two wheels? Get spare parts in high German quality for your motorcycle at
Car HiFi by Saturn »
Turn your car into a music box on wheels with HiFi, radios and speakers for your car from Saturn
Tuningshop »
If you want to pimp your ride and tune up your car, is for you
5 Reasons why is your best choice for shopping in Germany and Europe

5 Reasons why is your best choice for shopping in Germany and Europe

You already know that is your partner when it comes to shopping in German and European shops and have your items delivered to you. But with you get more than just ordering something online and receiving it in your home. Here are 5 reasons why to choose for your online shopping in Germany and Europe:

1.      Shop in German and European online shops

with your personal German shipping address and have all your favourite products delivered to your doorstep, no matter where you live! Shop your favourite brands now and discover new shops and unique stuff!

Your personal shipping address in Germany Get your personal German shipping address now and start shopping online! 
Top Shops in Germany Our Top Shops in Germany »
Check out our TOP SHOPS and
TOP PRODUCTS in Germany and discover new things
How myGermany forwarding works We forward your shopping to you  »
Find out how our forwarding process works

2.      Global payment

You’re shopping on German websites and your payment is not accepted? Not to worry! Use our Concierge Service and we’ll order and pay on your behalf! Thanks to our partners PayPal and WireCard, we offer fast and global payment methods with the highest security standards.

Let myGermany shop and pay on your behalf with our Concierge and Pick Up Service Let shop and pay on your behalf with our Concierge and Pick Up Service
Global payments made fast and easy thanks to our partners PayPal and wirecard

3.      Save on shipping

Shop as much as you want and in as many shops as you want. We’ll keep it for you in our warehouse until you feel you’re ready and will consolidate your items and send everything to you in one package. That way you get everything at once and you save on shipping costs!

Calculate your shipping costs
Calculate your total costs
that will encure when using to send your shopping to you
We repack and consolidate your shipment Combine multiple orders in
one package to save costs with
our free consolidating and repacking service

4.      Never lose sight of your items

If you ship your shopping with, you will never have to worry when or if your package will make it to you. We provide tracking and insurance with all our shipments, so you will always know where your shipment is at and when it will reach you. Lean back with peace of mind and just enjoy your new items.

Insured Shipping with DHL and FedEx Thanks to our master agreements with DHL and FedEx your goods will be insured and forwarded in the fastest and cheapest way possible

5.      No hassle with customs declaration and documents

We are happy to prepare your customs documents and pro forma invoice for you. If your shipment’s value is more than EUR 1.000 we will also take care of the electronic customs declaration and depending on your chosen shipment method we will also handle the customs clearing process for you. Just enjoy your products and leave the rest to us!

Let us prepare customs documents for you so you can just concentrate on enjoying your shipment We prepare customs documents for you

Can’t wait to get started and hit the shops?

Register and start shopping now!

Register with myGermany now and start shopping in Germany and Europe!

Top Shops in Germany
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in Germany and start your shopping now
Top Products from Germany
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from Germany and find lots of unique new things