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Shipment of the Week #10

Shipment of the Week #10


If you’ve ever wondered what our customers order from Germany, you’re going to enjoy this section!

Every few weeks we’re going to give you a quick glimpse on our favourite items, straight out of the myGermany dispatch warehouse – ordered by and shipped to people all over the world.

Whether they’re super hilarious, extremely rare or just incredibly good founds: they’re guaranteed to inspire your next shopping experience!

This week’s highlight: An amazing cat tree!

Order your cat tree for your pet

Order your cat tree for your pet

Order your cat tree for your pet Order your cat tree for your pet

They are man’s best friends – our dear pets. Cats, dogs, hamsters, fish, birds,… they all deserve the best! Find high-quality accessories, toys and beds and anything you’d like for your pets in high quality from our great partners!

Everything for your pet: cat, dog, hamster, bird, horse...from tiierisch.de tiierisch.de »
Get everything you need for your beloved pet,
from cat trees and dog beds to aquariums and bird cages and more
Everything for your pet: cat, dog, hamster, bird, horse..from Plus.de. Plus.de »
Plus.de has everything
for your pets’ needs at great prices
Everything for your pet: cat, dog, hamster, bird, horse...from Zoostore.de Zoostore.de »
Give your pet the best home
with great pet accessories from Zoostore.de
High-quality food and treats for your pet: cat, dog, hamster, bird,... from Rossmann Rossmann.de »
Oh, so yummy! Get the best high-quality treats and food
for your pets for a healthy diet at Rossmann.de


The spooky season is upon us

The spooky season is upon us

Halloween is near! October has already started, we are officially in fall now and the spookiest night of the year is right around the corner. Soon it’s time to get dressed up in our scariest costumes, decorate our homes with skulls, spiders and pumpkins and enjoy a fun night of trick or treating with the kids. Get everything you need for the scariest night of the year to enjoy the best Halloween in 2017.

Deiters Halloween Costumes Deiters.de »

Be who or whatever you like on Halloween
with high-quality costumes for Her and Him
Galeria Kaufhof Halloween Masks Galera Kaufhof »

Be the scariest face at the party with these Halloween masks
Galeria Kaufhof Halloween Costumes Galeria Kaufhof »

Win the costume contest
with great Halloween costumes
Toysrus Halloween Costumes for Kids Toys»R»Us.de »

Prepare the kids for a night of trick-or-treating
with the best costumes for boys and girls
Deiters Halloween Decoration Deiters.de »

Spook up your home
with scary Halloween decoration and accessories by Deiters »
Radbag Halloween gifts and decoration Radbag.de »

Fun Halloween items
for the best night of the year by Radbag »
Luckylens Party Lenses LuckyLens.de »

Top off your costume
with scary eyes thanks to LuckyLens party lenses
Rossmann Halloween Makeup Rossmann.de »

No costume is complete
without the right Halloween makeup!


Bringing Germany closer to you

Bringing Germany closer to you

myGermany offers special shopping, packaging and shipping services according to your needs. We shop, pick up, repack, consolidate and ship for you, using strong 2-wavy cardboard for free! Simply visit our website or let us know what you need: info@mygermany.com // +49 162 4352081

Bringing Germany closer to you myGermany.com »

Special items require special treatment! 
Find lots of great ideas on what myGermany can do for you here
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Sample Shipments from Germany Special services at myGermany.com »

Interested in sample shipments?
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myGermany.com Concierge Service Our Concierge Service »

Let us purchase on your behalf:
PickUp & Concierge Service
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