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The best indoor activities in times of Corona

The best indoor activities in times of Corona

The current situation with the Corona pandemic is not easy and many people are in domestic quarantine because of it. In order to keep your head above water, we have collected indoor activities for you. Hopefully there is something for you, too:

1. Spring clean

Spring cleaning is the ideal opportunity to bring freshness and order back into your own four walls. Dirt and grime reduce the feeling of well-being and have a corresponding effect on the soul. A spotlessly clean apartment, on the other hand, gives you a good feeling

2. Watch movies or series

Due to the many streaming offers or your big collection of DVDs, you now have the time to watch more series and movies. A nice movie evening with the whole family has its advantages

3. Sewing

If you own a sewing machine and fabric, then sewing is a great occupation. You can even make good use of it by sewing mouthguards – you can find instructions on the Internet. In many cities, initiatives have been founded to pass on your sewn mouthguard to important stations – maybe there’s something like that in your town

4. Try out new recipes

Try your hand at new recipes in the kitchen, because that’s what the time is for now. Now you can finally cook the three hours of food you always wanted to make. Of course you have to be lucky that your supermarket still has the right ingredients for the hamster purchases



5. Play board games or cards

You probably still have games or cards somewhere in your apartment or house. There is nothing wrong with a nice game evening with your partner and the children

6. Reading

Who doesn’t know it – you still have a list of books that you really want to read or have these books even already standing unread on the bookshelf? The current situation is just perfect to pick up a book and dive into the story

7. Gaming

If board games are not fun for you, you can move the fun to the online world. The game console is waiting for its bet and you can also combine this perfectly with a virtual meeting with your friends

8. Do things you don’t have normally time to do

During normal working hours you often don’t get to do things you wanted to do, but where you didn’t find the time or or you put it off. Maybe you wanted to stick the photos into the photo album, repair something in the household, still have to do your tax return or learn a new language. Then up and down it now – then it’s done!