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Shipment Lithium Batteries (like SmartPhones and other technical devices)

DHL and Deutsche Post banned shipping by air anything containing a lithium battery. But shipments with lithium batteries up can be sent via FedEx Express (if packed with equipment or contained in equipment). An additional document will be required, wherefore myGermany fully supports you!


Saudia Arabia, Change in customs authorities instructions

As per Saudi Arabia Customs Authorities instructions, goods imported into Saudi Arabia require Import of Record identification to be presented at the time of customs clearance. The failing to provide the required documents will lead to a delay until the necessary documents are provided. This new import procedure is effective since September 13th, 2015.


FedEx informed us that they do not deliver items larger than 30 kg and value higher than 200 EUR to the Russian Federation.

DHL will transport whiteout any restrictions.

Yemen (read also the update here)

Due to the fragile security situation and increased military activity, DHL has suspended all services to and from Yemen until further notice.

All shipments destined for Yemen that have not entered the country so far, will be returned to the sender or redirected upon customer requests. Shipments that are already in Yemen cannot be returned at the moment as Sanaa airport is heavily damaged. Aden airport is closed due to ongoing fights.

DHL is closely monitoring the situation and is doing everything to keep service restrictions as low as possible. We will inform you as soon as the situation changes.

Update May 2015:
The restrictions are partly canceled. Shipment of documents are possible.

France, Air Traffic Controller Strike

To force negotiations on the working conditions, the largest French air traffic controllers union SNCTA has called its members to strike. The strike began April 8, at 4:00 and is expected to next Friday, April 10 4:00 in the morning.

In order to keep any disturbances in the network process as low as possible, DHL and FedEx have responded accordingly. They have changed flights, flight times and routes and programs, where possible, have redirected to alternative transport routes.

Despite these measures, delays are possible.

Hungary, Road Transport

Hungarian National Tax and Customs Authority introduces a new electronic control system EKÁER for registration of road transport in Hungary. It’s about monitoring all goods carried on Hungarian roads goods and preventing VAT frauds.

For registration with EKÁER the recipient is responsible! 


In the past days, the military activity has expanded considerably. The situation remains complex, roadblocks, flight cancellations as well as an increased number of security checkpoints making it difficult for us to transport shipments to, from and within Iraq.

DHL offices are still open and the pick up and delivery of express shipments continues by taking the overall difficult security situation into account. Therefore, please expect significant service delays.


The political unrest in Libya continues, the airport of Tripoli remains closed. DHL has set up an alternative routing into Libya but the overall security situation as well as fighting in many parts of the city makes it too dangerous to offer pick up and delivery services at this time. The DHL office in downtown Tripoli is open for customers to collect shipments. Please expect significant service delays for shipments sent to Libya. Due to the situation, DHL do not offer outbound services from Libya at the moment.
DHL will do the utmost to minimize service impacts as much as possible but the safety of employees is top priority.

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