Política de Privacidad de myGermany
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Política de Privacidad

1. Información General

Sus datos personales (datos de registro, detalles relativos a las ubicaciones de pedidos, etc.) serán almacenados por myGermany y serán tratados de acuerdo con los reglamentos de la Ley Alemana de Protección de Datos (BDSG, enero de 2003).

myGermany respeta la seguridad y privacidad de los datos de sus clientes y nunca venderá ni divulgará datos personales del cliente (ej. correo electrónico, nombres, direcciones) y otra información relacionada con fines publicitarios o similares.

Consideramos que es importante, que nuestros clientes sepan lo que ocurre con sus datos. Debajo encontrará un resumen de los datos recogidos por nosotros y para qué serán utilizados.

2. Datos del cliente

Todos los datos proporcionados por el cliente en el proceso de registro serán almacenados por myGermany y protegidos contra la destrucción, pérdida, acceso no autorizado o uso inadecuado. Por esta razón, nos hemos asociado con nuestra HostEurope, cuyo centro de colocación es uno de los más grandes y más seguros en Alemania.

3. Uso de los datos del cliente

myGermany garantías almacenar solamente los datos del cliente, que se consideran importantes con respecto a la manipulación de los procesos respectivos.

¿Para qué usa myGermany los datos de los clientes?

  • Atención al cliente
  • Contabilidad (preparación de facturas, etc.)
  • Comprobar e inspeccionar los envíos entrantes
  • Realizar pedidos en nombre del cliente (servicio de conserje)
  • Comunicar con nuestros clientes
  • Para fines estadísticos (sólo datos anónimos)

Todos los datos personales de los clientes guardados por myGermany se muestran en su cuenta de cliente.

Las direcciones de correo electrónico serán utilizadas para la comunicación directa con nuestros clientes, solamente. Esto incluye el correo electrónico de bienvenida enviado a usted cuando se registra, los mensajes en caso de envíos entrantes o reenvíos, y anuncios realizados por myGermany para informarle sobre noticias o cambios.

myGermany nunca revelará, venderá, arrendará o transferir los datos personales de los clientes a empresas externas o proveedores. Se aplica una exención a los proveedores de servicios de transporte y socios de pago en línea que requieren sus datos de cliente para ofrecer sus servicios. Por otra parte, myGermany se reserva el derecho de revelar datos de los clientes a las autoridades en casos de persecución penal.

Aparte de eso, myGermany se reserva el derecho de rechazar, borrar o hacer ajustes con respecto a la información y los datos proporcionados por los clientes.

4. Acceso a los datos del cliente

¿Quién puede ver o tener acceso a mis datos personales de cliente?

  • All of those staff members of myGermany, who are trained in the processing and handling of data subject to privacy protection laws.
  • Our board of management (in exceptional cases)
  • Our carriage service providers are provided only with such data necessary for the fulfilment of customer orders, which excludes the disclosure of E-mail addresses or telephone numbers.
  • Our online payment partners are provided only with order-related data, enabling them to verify and carry out the payment process

5. Customer rights

The consent to use and store personal customer data is optional and, hence, not mandatory. However, the customer´s refusal of consent regarding the use and storage of their data entails the refusal on part of myGermany to provide any services or forward shipments to customers.

myGermany will always be at your disposal for all your queries or concerns related to the German Act of Data Privacy, such as:

  • Detailed information on the use of your data
  • Request for a copy of the personal data provided by you in your customer profile
  • Request for updates or adjustments regarding your data
  • Withdrawal of your consent to disclose your data to carriage service providers and online payment partners.

Moreover, upon your request, we will delete your data from your our servers at any time. The contact details of the competent department are stated below:

myGermany GmbH
Nordstrasse 5
GER-99427 Weimary





6. Deletion of data

Due to our obligation regarding the applicable tax provisions, the immediate deletion of customer data is usually not possible, unless explicitly requested by the customer. As a general rule, customer data are deleted after a period of three months at the latest as this is the period required for the storage of data, unless we are obligated by law to store the data for a longer period.

The termination of the contractual relationship doesn´t diminish the right of the customer to have his profile data adjusted or deleted at any time.

7. Information on user behaviour and cookies

Every access to our homepage is logged. These data are not person-related – hence, myGermany cannot trace back, what kind of data are called up by which user.

The IP-address of the computer used to call up our homepage is not stored. Therefore, the generation of person-related user profiles is not possible.

The data are used for statistic surveys serving internal purposes of myGermany. Above-mentioned surveys are, by no means, linked with customer data.
The survey or evaluation of said data is conducted by myGermany. This excludes the disclosure of data towards third parties.

Neither does this website use any person-related cookies, nor any other methods to trace the behaviour concerning the access or use of this website.

8. Data privacy

myGermany guarantees for a secure, encrypted data transmission using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). All individual order details such as the name or address of the customer, and product specifications are transmitted in an encrypted way and stored on a server which is protected against unauthorised access. We are committed to provide our customers with the highest level of security. Therefore we cooperate only with certified payment service providers that meet our high requirements especially regarding the data transmission involving payments made by debit- or credit cards. myGermany will never store any information or date with respect to your debit or credit card. However, the responsibility with respect to the security of the browser used rests with the customer.

9. Final provisions

myGermany reserves the right to make amendments or updates of this data privacy agreement. In such an event, myGermany will directly inform their customers and publish an update on their homepage in a timely manner.

Please don´t hesitate to address your queries or complaints concerning data privacy to myGermany at any time under:

myGermany GmbH
Nordstrasse 5
GER-99427 Weimary