Drop Shipment – Our Fastest Shipping Method Saves 15% On Regular Shipment Rates

myGermany is an International shipping company which provides different kinds of logistics services related to international shipment of small packages as well as heavy packages. myGermany is serving its customers from the last 7 years with great goodwill in the market. With myGermany you will get a German delivery address to get your packages forwarded from Germany to all over the world. So you can make any purchases from any German or European online store and myGermany will make them reach you to your place. 

At myGermany you will get an abundance of services related to international shipment like delivery address & warehouse, concierge & pickup, parcel checks & pics, repacking & consolidation, drop shipment, shipping, customs, return management for business. Here you will also get concierge services, buy for me services, freight forwarding services, fulfillment services, mail services, parcel forwarding services, etc. For More, you can check myGermany’s official website. 

myGermany’s Drop shipment is the fastest shipping method with you will get a 15% discount for your final shipping costs. In Drop shipment, myGermany follows the first-in-first-out Concept, which means received packages at myGermany’s warehouse will be forwarded the same day they receive them. They do not waste any extra time in opening, checking, repacking, consolidation. In this case, you will be able to save 15% of your standard shipping costs. 

You save 15% of your final shipping costs!

myGermany always treat your packages confidentially and with priority so that they can give the best services to their customers. When they get your package at their warehouse you will get notified by email and in the inbox. With this, you will be able to choose the shipping options and pay your shipping cost, so that your packages will be sent as received immediately without any wastage of time. If you have done all your work previously then your package will be shipped immediately and cut down all the time-consuming process. While receiving the packages if they found the package or packing damaged then they will repack it at free of cost. 

Comparison of Drop Shipment and standard shipment

In Drop Shipments, it will take less time in shipment processes than standard shipments. In standard shipments, more time is consumed because parcels are automatically or manually consolidated. The package gets repacked only in standard shipments, not in drop shipments. For drop shipment, myGermany can guarantee you the fastest processing time possible. 

myGermany.com provides ensured services to its customers and you can also grab your required services regarding the shipment of the products from myGermany. myGermany will give you great services with less costs and time.