From 6th March 2020 onwards: Export ban on medical protective equipment -

The year 2020 had begun with a contagious and fatal lung disease called Corona Virus or COVID2019 in the Wuhan region of China. When the virus had not yet left China and it was not yet foreseeable how it would spread, we, myGermany GmbH, helped to contain the spread. We made it possible for customers from China and the Asian region to buy face masks and disinfectants and then delivered them to you.

Since then, however, the spread has changed and with the outbreak in Italy two weeks ago, the number of infected people here in Germany is now also increasing significantly. In the course of this, the German Federal Government decided on 4 March to impose an export ban on medical protective equipment.

With immediate effect, our shipping service providers have stopped handling products affected by the export ban. As a result, we as a company will not export any medical respiratory masks, protective gowns and/or goggles until further notice.

Item to be received by myGermany from now on:
If we receive in-bounding packages containing forbidden items, we will either need to return at customer's costs, or we can store it in our warehouse in order to get in forwarded once prohibition is over.

Items already with myGermany:
Protective clothes we have already in our warehouse (06.03.2020) might be forwarded (legal situation still quite unclear). If your customer instructs us to forward, we will attempt to do so at your responsibility (such packages might be delayed or returned to our warehouse).

Items not affected:
Not affected by this export ban are masks and clothing used in other areas, such as the craft trades, and disinfectants. If the situation continues to deteriorate and new products are put on the red list, we will inform our customers.

For questions contact us at – please expect a delay in replying as we are facing an unexpected enhanced volume of eMail communication.