Startport Duisburg invites to Investor Pitch |

November 2018, Startport Duisburg invites to Investor Pitch

Christian Schmalisch and Sebastian Meier explained the all-round package for the handling of shipments of German products abroad to around 100 guests: from packaging and customs formalities to the handling of goods routes abroad. With 11 companies supported by StartPort, myGermany presented its company concept from its foundation in 2012 in the garage until today, and among other things presented its plans for the next five years. In addition to the classic parcel forwarding business, the aim is to set up an online shop where products from selected German retailers are sold to international end customers. International marketing and complete logistics fulfillment including customs clearance will be handled by myGermany. The retailer no longer has to worry about anything. The focus in the next few years will be on service for German dealers. "Our business case has proven itself with over 20,000 international end customers and our infrastructure is up and running. Now is the time to revolutionize the international non-European Cross Border Shopping for German retailers" says Christian Schmalisch, Managing Director at myGermany. A new warehouse and some marketing campaigns on the German market are planned.
At the end of the Event Christian Schmalisch and Sebastian Meier have five discussions with interested investors.

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