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Happy Gentlemen’s Day

Happy Gentlemen’s Day

It’s Father’s Day today in Germany, or as we also call this day: ‘Herrentag‘! This translates to ‘Gentlemen’s Day’ – Isn’t this a great occasion to celebrate the men in our lifes? For the Week of the Men we have lots of great products for all men out there. If you’d like to give your Dad, Husband, Brother, Friend … a special gift or you’d like to treat yourself to some new awesome stuff, our partners will have exactly what you need!

Saturn »

Men love their electronics and gadgets – Find everything from cameras, sound systems, TVs and more at
Galeria Kaufhof Ritzenhoff Beer GlassesGaleria Kaufhof »

Drink your beer in style
with the high-quality and stylish beer glasses by Ritzenhoff
Porsche Design at Taschenkaufhaus.deTaschenkaufjausde »

Elegant, functional and top
quality bags and wallets for men by Porsche Design
Radbag Gifts for »

Radbag is known for having fun items and extraordinary gift ideas! Find unique items for men now.
Men's Watches at »

An elegant watch for men
from Clarendo is the perfect accessory for any outfit
German Beer and Gifts at »

Delicious gourmet beers,
beer sets and more for beer fans at
Fashion for Men at »

Find stylish outfits for men
from denim to elegant and sporty
Men's Underwear at GetAmberGetAmber Berlin »

Great underwear is the base to a
great outfit! Find stylish men’s underwear at GetAmber


Chocolate for Everyone

Chocolate for Everyone

It’s almost Mother’s Day! For gift-giving occasions such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc. in Germany everyone likes to give away chocolate. And what’s better than a delicious piece of chocolate that melts in your mouth and seems to be nothing less than a drop from heaven? Especially Germany and Switzerland are known for their outstanding chocolate confectionery that is renowned and loved worldwide.

Have you tried it? If you want to taste the exquisite chocolate from Germany and give your palate an extraordinary treat, you should check out our partners that provide some of the best chocolate. Feel free to order as much as you want, we at are happy to deliver it to your doorstep for you!

Pralinenbote German »

Exquisite chocolate pralines and truffles from renowned German confectioneries
German chocolate and brands at Galeria KaufhofGaleria Kaufhof »

Find all kinds of German and Swiss chocolate brands like Lindt, Kinder and more
Rossmann Ritter Sport German »

Popular German chocolate brands and organic chocolate at Rossmann
Lauenstein German chocolates and »

Handmade drops of chocolate heaven from the exquisite Lauenstein chocolate manufacture
Fairtrade and organic chocolate at Fair »

Sustainable chocolate indulgence with organic and fair-trade chocolate
GEPA Fair Traide ChocolateGEPA »

At German company GEPA
you’ll find deliciousness that is fair trade and sustainable
Presendix Chocolate »

Find beautiful chocolate gift ideas, chocolates and pralines
Bagofsweets Candy and »

You prefer candy and gummi bears? Select your favourite sweets at


Shipment of the Week #9

Shipment of the Week #9

If you’ve ever wondered what our customers order from Germany, you’re going to enjoy this section!

Every few weeks we’re going to give you a quick glimpse on our favourite items, straight out of the myGermany dispatch warehouse – ordered by and shipped to people all over the world.

Whether they’re super hilarious, extremely rare or just incredibly good founds: they’re guaranteed to inspire your next shopping experience!

This week’s highlight: This glass ceramic hotplate!

Ship Home Appliances with myGermany.comNEFF Cooking plate (c)NEFF | M93R43N2MK

Germany is well known for its outstanding home appliances. German engineering guarantees great quality that customers from all over the world appreciate. Wondering if you can have German home appliances – even large ones – sent across the world to you from Germany? The answer is yes! We at will deliver pretty much anything to your doorstep – including all kinds of home appliances – and all in high quality and super safely! Check out some German shops where you can get everything you need, such as hobs, ovens, fridges, washing machines and more!

Household Appliances at »
German brands offer some of the best home appliances you can find. Check out BOSCH, Bauknecht, Miele and more and give your home an upgrade.
Neff Household Appliances at Otto.deNeff at »
Neff is a German manufacturer of high-end kitchen appliances
Bauknecht Household Appliances at KarstadtBauknecht at »
Clean clothes and dishes, fresh food and delicious meals with Bauknecht
Bosch Household Appliances at Karstadt.deBOSCH at »
Quiet and environmentally friendly, yet powerful houshould appliances is what you get with high-quality German brand BOSCH
Miele washing machines at Saturn.deMiele at »
German industry leader Miele offer outstanding washing machines that guarantee years of quality
Dishwashers and Home Appliances at »
Fed up with doing the dishes? Get a dishwasher from one of the best German brands: Siemens, AEG, Bosch
Siemens Household Appliances at Saturn.deSiemens at »
Check out the high-quality home appliances German brand Siemens has to offer – the largest manufacturing and electronics company in Europe!


Image: NEFF Cooking plate (c)NEFF | M93R43N2MK