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myGermany GmbH team would like to say thank you

myGermany GmbH team would like to say thank you

The entire myGermany GmbH team would like to say thank you!

Thank you for your patience in this extraordinary situation. Not only that we have to deal with the COVID19 crisis and the related difficulties also the Brexit gave us additional work at the beginning of the year due to the uncertain shipping situation. To make matters worse we had to put our warehouse in emergency mode for a total of six days in mid-February because the winter conditions made it impossible to work. Altogether no optimal conditions to guarantee a regular process flow.


Nevertheless, we are finally back with a full staff and now working extra shifts to clear the backlog. We know that this is demanding a lot of patience from our customers. But we assure you that your parcels are as important to us as they are to you and we are doing everything we can to clear the backlog as quickly as possible.

Emergency operation due to extraordinary weather conditions

Emergency operation due to extraordinary weather conditions

We do process

  • incoming packages after a 48-72 h
  • outgoing packages after 48-96 h
  • Concierge ist still working and will be done within 24 h weekdays. In case items are not available, your payment will be 100% refunded.
  • Consolidations will take 2-5 business days

(11.02.2021): Update – We have resumed regular operation

After the entire commercial yard of myGermany GmbH was covered with a 50 cm thick blanket of snow on Monday, February 8, we rebuilt the regular operation step by step. The snow was cleared, the electricity reconnected and the water in the pipes thawed. After not a single parcel carrier visited our warehouse on Monday and Tuesday, we were understandably graced with three times the amount of parcels on Wednesday and Thursday. Our team is working intensively on a coordinated process to cope with the increase in parcels.

We apologize to all customers who now need a little more patience for their packages. As long as a notification from the service provider has been sent, your package has arrived safely at our warehouse and is now waiting for the matching process.

(07.02.2021): Emergency operation due to extraordinary weather conditions

The center of Germany, and Thuringia in particular, are affected by a harsh onset of winter. Besides partly freezing rain with glassy roads, up to 50 cm of snow fell within few hours. Also, strong winds lead to drifts that partially paralyze road sections completely. Bus and train companies have temporarily suspended their services. In addition, the Thuringian state government has closed all schools at the beginning of the week. Children must be taken care of and taught at home.

As a result, employees may be limited or may not be able to come to work at all. Parcel service providers will also be unable to reach our warehouse until Wendnesday. Operations on a regular basis are not possible.

Therefore we apologize to all our customers that myGermany GmbH will be in emergency operation until Thursday, February 11 probably. We will accept all incoming parcels and process them within the possibilities of Express Shipments.

Unfortunately all other orders will be processed only once the overall situation has calmed down.


Deutsche Welle press article

Suspension of DHL Economy Shipping method to Israel

Suspension of DHL Economy Shipping method to Israel

Effective immediately (20.01.2021): We no longer offer shipping to Israel via DHL Economy.

Even though it is our greatest good to offer a variety of different shipping providers to our customers, we had to realize that the benefit of DHL Economy is not in proportion to the expectations of our customers. Delivery times of up to 65 days do not reflect our promise to our customers of speedy processing and delivery. The reason for this is the transfer of DHL Economy to Israel Post on the soil of Israel. Here it comes increasingly to delays that are difficult to convey to our customers. Therefore, we take this delivery option out of our offer until further notice.

Of course, our other delivery options remain unchanged. Customers can still have their products and packages delivered via DHL Express, FedEx Economy, FedEx Express and DPD Express.

We say Thanks 2020 and Hello 2021

We say Thanks 2020 and Hello 2021

Rarely has a year been as crazy as 2020 and the expectations for the new year globally as promising as at this turn of the year. For myGermany GmbH, too, the past year was in every respect a meaningful, groundbreaking but also challenging one.

The COVID19 crisis initially caused our incoming and outgoing parcel volumes to plummet by 50% for regular parcels and by more than 80% for freight. Concerns arose as to how we should deal with this situation. But even before we had to change our personnel, the situation changed. More and more packages were arriving at the warehouse but could not be handed over for shipment. Our shipping partners were struggling with delivery conditions in their respective countries and also had to put packages on hold. An unfortunate chain reaction ensued and uncertainty spread. The situation was particularly difficult because the lockdown meant that our employees could only work reduced hours, in some cases not at all, as childcare had to be ensured thanks to closed schools and kindergartens. Our customer communication department had to work extra shifts because our customers understandably wanted their packages anyway, but we were only able to send them to a limited extent, and in some cases not at all.

With the increase in tasks and the amount of work on the parcel, we had to increase our team and retrain them. The crisis freed up personnel resources in other areas of the economy. Our team was thus able to be supplemented by wonderful people. Here we have been really lucky. With the summer off and the backlog cleared, we were able to turn our attention to processes in the warehouse. With a new warehouse system, we have since successfully met the increased demands and significantly increased the speed in the warehouse.

After a short breather and also some vacation for all employees, the Christmas business started creeping but nevertheless very clearly. With the growth in eCommerce in general, we were also surprised by the increase in packages. Our team struggled every day to process the parcels as best as possible, to consider every customer request and to deliver our customers their valuable parcel as fast and as safe as possible. With very few exceptions, we managed to do this very well. This is especially noteworthy as the situation in Germany is getting worse again with the Christmas season. Since December 13, Germany has been in a severe lockdown, which has brought public life to a virtual standstill. Kindergartens and schools are closed again and our employees are struggling day by day with every single minute to manage the balancing act between family, childcare, homeschooling and work.

We are extremely proud that we have succeeded in this way so far. Even though the lockdown will continue at least through January, we are confident that we as a team can withstand this extraordinary situation and look forward to 2021 with great confidence.

myGermany News in the Corona Crisis

Customers may expect transit delays for Intercontinental Economy and Economy Freightshipment from Europe to the US, Canada and Latin America

We anticipate temporary service delays due to some unexpected surge in volume in our and our carriers (DHL, FEDEX, UPS, DPD, DBSchenker) network. For the shipments collected today, customers may experience service delays of up to 48-72 hours vs. quoted transit time for our Intercontinental Economy, Express and Freight services from Europe to the US, Canada and Latin America regions at origin. Contingency plans are in place to resume our regular service schedule as swiftly as possible.

Extension of lockdown in Germany and phased program to return to normality

The measures to combat the Corona crisis were extended again. Until March 7, the restrictions of contacts to just one person from ouside the own household, the obligation to wear FFP2 masks in public life, distance rules, closed schools/ kindergarden, catering, culture and retail, as well as the obligation to the home office where possible, continue to apply. At the beginning of March, a phased plan will be launched, describing what restictions can be soften up.
That means that myGermany GmbH is still unable to operate at full capacity. We still have to work with the lack of the employees who are in childcare. Processes take more time and the home office makes communication and process flow more difficult.

We continue to ask for your understanding and patience and also assure you that we will do everything we can to ensure a fast and smooth process.

BREXIT Shipments from EU to UK (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)

Due to the BREXIT we face issues sending packages to UK because carriers do not pick them from our warehouse until their logistic processes are settled. We do process these packages and might keep them in warehouse until our carrier partners will send them.
We certainly need to attach to your UK packages: commercial invoices – so please upload the correct invoice in the CheckOut. Only then we can guarantee the seamless transaction of your packages!

DPD will not serve UK for private customers from Jan 2021 onwards.

Emergency Surcharge Carriers:

DHL Weltpaket Ecomomy and Premium
+ 3,60 EUR up to 30kg packages for packages to AUSTRALIA
+ 2,60 EUR up to 30kg packages for packages to BRAZIL
+ 3,90 EUR up to 30kg packages for packages to CHILE
+ 1,00 EUR up to 30kg packages for packages to JAPAN
+ 2,30 EUR up to 30kg packages for packages to NEW ZEALAND
+ 1,60 EUR up to 30kg packages for packages to SINGAPORE
+ 1,00 EUR up to 30kg packages for packages to TAIWAN
+ 2,50 EUR up to 30kg packages for packages to US
+ 1,90 EUR up to 30kg packages for packages to SOUTH AFRICA

DHL Express
+ 2,50 EUR up to 30kg packages each country
+ 15,00 EUR 30-70 kg packages each country

On each package UPS adds 5,60 EUR for additional efforts (large packages 50,00 EUR and bulky package 90,00 EUR)
+ 0,22 EUR per KG for each country
+ 0,66 EUR per KG for China

FedEx Economy & Express
+ 0,20 EUR per KG for each country, min. 0,90 EUR  per shipment
+ 0,90 EUR per KG for China
+ 44,85 EUR per freight shipment

myGermany is still working and expects your packages and eMail requests!
We still have our employees working in warehouse and for communication

It is our top priority to ensure that our team, their families and their friends are healthy and protected. Each of our employees works with own equipment only. But we are still here for you and we would love to serve you, and ask you for patience as we are working with 80% work-bench only.

We do process

  • incoming packages after a 48-72 h
  • outgoing packages after 48-96 h
  • Concierge ist still working and will be done within 24 h weekdays. In case items are not available, your payment will be 100% refunded.
  • Consolidations will take 2-5 business days

Please note also, that we have added for each of you an additional +60days free storage 🙂

As long as our carriers are still working, we do so too. All are continuing to operate to and within impacted countries as local conditions and restrictions allow. Please also note that packages will be delivered without signature-proof only.

myGermany still accepts new registrations!

Thank you for your registration with myGermany GmbH. We are pleased to welcome you as our customer.

This time are special and difficult times for all of us. We still accept new customers, please register with us!
You and your wishes are important to us, therefore we try tirelessly to work on your requests as fast as possible and finally to reply. We still receive, process and send packages! Also our Concierge Service is still working for you.

myGermany still receives packages!

myGermany still receives packages in the warehouse. According to accepted legal and scientific requirements, we put all incoming package in 24h quarantine bevore we process it. Viruses do not survive longer than 24 hours on cardboard. Thus, we try to minimze infection risk for customers and employees.

myGermany Availability – warehouse work bench 50%

myGermany emplosees are still working Monday to Friday for 8 hours, but with 50% work power / employees only. Because the German Government closed in Germany all schools and kindergartens so that parents have to manage the care for kids at home themselves. Some of our employees have taken / had to take vacation or short time work in order to care for their children.

Extended Storage Time due Corona Crisis – Additonal 60 days free of  storage for myGermany customers  would like to do its part to mitigate the consequences of corona and has decided to extend the free storage in our warehouse for additional 60 days until further notice (Standard/Sensitive Account 30+60  and Premium Account 60+60). With this, we grant our customers the possibility to collect and consolidate their products in quite and to have them delivered at the time that suits them best.

With the exception of protective clothing such as masks, gowns, and glasses, it is still possible to purchase products from German shops and manufacturers. If you are not sure if the products are subject to any restrictions in the current situation, simply use our Concierge Service and we will take care of the complete process from ordering, acceptance, invoicing and even the VAT refund.

From 6th March 2020 onwards: Export ban on medical protective equipment from Germany

The German Federal Government decided on 4 March to impose an export ban on medical protective equipment.

With immediate effect, our shipping service providers have stopped handling products affected by the export ban. As a result, we as a company will not export any medical respiratory masks, protective gowns and/or goggles until further notice.

Item to be received by myGermany from now on:
If we receive in-bounding packages containing forbidden items, we will either need to return at customer’s costs, or we can store it in our warehouse in order to get in forwarded once prohibition is over.

Items already with myGermany:
Protective clothes we have already in our warehouse (06.03.2020) might be forwarded (legal situation still quite unclear). If your customer instructs us to forward, we will attempt to do so at your responsibility (such packages might be delayed or returned to our warehouse).

Items not affected:
Not affected by this export ban are masks and clothing used in other areas, such as the craft trades, and disinfectants. If the situation continues to deteriorate and new products are put on the red list, we will inform our customers.


Delays on several shipment routes accross the world for all carriers!

DHL Standard Shipments (Weltpaket) suspended their routes to China incl. Hong Kong and Macau.

All carriers announced that due to the limited available capacity for international package and airfreight shipments into and out of Asia and US delays may happen. The capacity is reaching a critically limited level, any bookings that are time sensitive should be arranged with Express services only.


Please contact our team via eMail or via the form. Caused by the increased eMail requirements and the current situation, please bear with us and expect / accept a delay in eMail replies! Thanks, Johanna & myGermany team.