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myGermany is a German-based international shipping and forwarding company established in 2012 by two friends, and headquartered in the middle of Germany, in Weimar. It is Germany’s #1 Forwarding company and offers purchasing and logistics services like freight, mail, parcel, and cargo to its customers and small and medium scale companies. They provide international shipping for small packages as well as bulky packages.

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What means Dimensional or Volumetric weight? 


The dimensional weight is used as the base for calculation for carriage by air. This weight relies upon the size of the packaging of the parcel used by the seller. The dimensional weight is an easy method to calculate the actual air freight space needed for movement or transfer of goods, which can be lighter in weight and heavy at the same time. After all that, both the dimensional weight and the actual weight get compared and the higher one will be used to calculate the freight cost. 

  • The dimensional or volumetric weight

The actual weight and dimensional weight of parcel get compared and after that which gets higher value used to determine the freight charges. So, we can say that if the size of your light container is larger then it may cost you higher. This means that a lightweight photo frame may turn out costlier than a heavy LED because the frame is bigger in size and volume than the small television. 

  • The Girth Measure

The girth measure is measured on the basis of the package’s circumference o.r. Length*Width*Height. The shipping partners of myGermany has specified some limits if the package cross those limits then the shipping cost will be affected and it will get charged according to the applicable rate class. The exceeding limits of length of the package differ from country to country. 


No Volumetric Weight – You Pay Only What You See


With UPS Standard/Express and DHL Weltpaket Economy /Premium methods myGermany estimates and charges its members based on package weight ONLY* for international shipments. Other shipping companies use a complicated calculation based on dimensional (or volumetric) weight. 

With our revolutionary No Volumetric Weight Price system, our members pay what it weighs*. With no surprises or hidden costs.

We are sure that now you get to know everything about the shipping cost of your package and how can you determine the cost of your package with myGermany’s shipping cost calculator. Now you can use our shipping cost calculator to determine the size and cost of the parcel.