Second Warehouse & New High Racks -

In January 2018 myGermany decided to build up a second warehouse, which is directly linked to the existing facility. Several new high racks were set up, so the same logistic management infrastructure and software can be used as in the existing facility.

“We process each week more and more packages, between 200 and 400 per day!” is Lutz Winning, Head of Warehouse, stating the subsequently increasing package and freight requests. After myGermany moved into a larger warehouse beginning 2017, soon the “old” warehouse became too small and new scope was needed. Thus, myGermany searched for new options and luckily was able to rent one attached building. The myGermany warehouses in Weimar are now 2000 sqm.

Thanks to our staff and our family members 10 new nigh racks could be built up in a dawn raid.

With the second facility, myGermany prepares the logistic processes for the launch of the new marketplace, which shall be live end of 2018. Check more details here. 

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