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The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the European Union (EU) and Canada provisionally entered into force on 21 September 2017. It eliminates approximately 98% of all import duties1 between the two regions and opens up big opportunities for businesses by making it easier to import and export goods and services.

Key benefits for your business

  • The agreement makes it cheaper for EU businesses to trade in Canada (and of course for Canadian businesses to trade here) by cutting the duties companies have to pay at customs.
  • It could also mean new trading partners, investment opportunities as well as easier access to materials and parts for your products and much more.

To benefit from a 0% import duty rate, the products imported into Canada need to be of EU origin (likewise, of Canadian origin for products imported into the EU). It is important to note that certificates of origin will not be issued by the customs authorities and the EUR1 form cannot be used as proof of origin. Proof of origin is now based on a declaration and not a formal certificate.

As an exporter, you will have to write a statement of origin on your commercial invoice – or any other commercial document – along with a complete description of your products. The originating products will then benefit from CETA on the basis of the origin declaration.

Please note that for shipments valued over 6,000 EUR, you will have to indicate your Registered Exporter system Number (also known as a REX number) with your Statement of Origin. If you do not currently have a REX number, you will need to become registered using the REX system before proceeding.

To view a sample statement of origin or learn more on REX Registration, please visit FedEx CETA page.

How FedEx can help
At FedEx, we can help your business reach its potential on the global stage. When it comes to exporting to Canada, we offer shipping services with customs-cleared, door-to-door deliveries from the EU to Canada in just 1-3 business days2.

Please contact us if you are considering doing business with Canada.

1 Some agricultural products will remain restricted, and duties on some other products will be eliminated through a tariff phase-out over the next few years.
2 Transit times and delivery service may vary depending on destination and origin. Please contact Customer Service on
03456 07 08 09 to validate service availability depending on your zipcode.