Collaboration with DHL, FedEx and others
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myGermany collaborates with several partners in order to meet your expectations

Air, Road, Sea, Rail, Mixed Methods

We partner with strong international logistic service provider to be able to provide you the best rates and services when shipping your mail and parcels to you! An additional benefit of having the close partnership is that you have to pay the services only once, in fact to myGermany only (we pay the service provider).

Track your parcelsCheck the Delivery RoutesTransport Insurance

myGermany collaboration with Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post Letter International

This service takes care of your letters by using simple and straightforward international mail services from Deutsche Post. Letters will be shipped worldwide to over 220 countries. myGermany defines letters as mail items up to 1 kg (dimensions: L+W+H <90cm, each side <60cm) and containing such items as documents or printed material.

Check here Deutsche Post

myGermany collaboration with DHL

DHL Economy

DHL Package

DHL Package (Premium) service is based on DHL WELTPAKET International  and ensures particularly short and calculable delivery times, including transport insurance, always transported to the destination country by the fastest means possible. Check our Country-Guide for details. Does DHL Package (Premium) deliver directly into your country (door-to-door)? Learn more at DHL Package (Premium) »

  • Colaboration with local providers
  • Shipment tracking via the Internet or by telephone through customer services

DHL Express

DHL Express is an express transportation service that provides time-definite, customs-cleared, door-to-door delivery, typically next business days. Check our Country-Guide for details. DHL Express »

  • Priority shipping via the fastest means possible
  • Lithium Battery Shipment possible
  • Direct Door-toDorr Shipment
  • Shipment tracking via the Internet or by telephone through customer services

myGermany collaboration with FedEx

Fedex Economy

FedEx Economy is a day-definite, customs-cleared, door-to-door economy service for shipments up to 68kg per package. Transit time is typically 2 to 5 working days, check our Country-Guide for details. It’s an economical alternative to express shipping, with outstanding customer experience, reliability and full visibility from start to finish. Does FedEx Economy deliver directly into your country (door-to-door)?

FedEx Priority / Express

FedEx Priority is Express, it is an express transportation service that provides time-definite, customs-cleared, door-to-door delivery, typically next business day, check our Country-Guide for details. Lithium Battery Shipment possible. FedEx Express does always deliver door-to-door / directly into your country. Lern more at » 

myGermany collaboration with DBSchenker

DB Schenker

Especially for freight requirements clients we partner with our trusted partner DBSchenker. With them we can ship huge items everywhere in the world, securly and fast! »

myGermany collaboration with DBSchenker

DSV Global Transport and Logistics

DSV delivers your cargo safely, securely and on time anywhere in the world by air, sea, road and rail. And we support all your warehousing needs. »

myGermany collaboration with UPS and TNT

UPS Express Saver

UPS Express Saver – rely on guaranteed delivery during the next business day across Europe and fast delivery worldwide. Check our Country-Guide for details. UPS Express Saver »

  • Next business day delivery during the day to almost all European business centers
  • End of second business day delivery to most business addresses in the United States and all major business centers in Canada
  • Lithium Battery Shipment possible
  • Delivery during the day within two to three business days to countries or territories in Asia
  • Day-definite delivery during the day to other countries worldwide

UPS Standard

UPS Standard is a reliable service for less urgent shipments to destinations within Europe. Check our Country-Guide for details. UPS Standard »

  • An ideal choice when speed needs to be balanced with economy
  • Day-specific delivery estimates let you plan delivery dates
  • Lithium Battery Shipment possible
  • Convenient door-to-door service
myGermany collaboration with UPS and TNT

DPD Business Parcel

DPD Standard is a reliable service for less urgent shipments to destinations within Europe. Check our Country-Guide for details. DPD Business Parcel »

  • An ideal choice when speed needs to be balanced with economy
  • Day-specific delivery estimates let you plan delivery dates
  • Lithium Battery Shipment possible
  • Convenient door-to-door service

DPD Express

DPD Express allows you to ake advantage of Express-Service within Europe and worldwide. Check our Country-Guide for details. DPD Express  »

  • Delivery in Europe normally in the course of the next working day
  • Delivery to international business centres as a rule within 1 to 3 days
  • Online shipping status, with current shipping information (I.O.D.) online
  • Lithium Battery Shipment possible
  • DAP and DDP delivery terms available
  • Up to 31.5 kg and 1.75 m max. length (airfreight 1.20 m) per parcel, up to 10 parcels per shipment
  • Document shipping also possible by arrangement
myGermany collaboration with UPS and TNT

GLS Standard Europe

 GLS Standard Europe is a precisely-coordinated scheduled transports with modern distribution centres link the individual countries. Goods can be sent to all major European markets in standard delivery times of 24 to 48 hours. Deliveries to more distant regions usually take between 72 and 96 hours. Check where GLS delivery directly ». Check our Country-Guide for details. GLS Standard Europe »

  • Delivery in standard delivery times of 24-96 hours
  • Liability up to the value of the goods (up to a defined maximum)
  • Continuous shipment tracking, in many countries in real-time
  • Digital recipient signature
  • Second delivery attempt included; for private customers to a GLS ParcelShop (if available in the country)

GLS Express

GLS Express delivers documents and parcels quickly all over the world. Consignments reach major business centres such as the US, Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore in just a few days. Deliveries do not take place to countries where the political situation is highly unstable. Check where GLS delivery directly ». Check our Country-Guide for details. GLS Standard Europe »

  • Easy and fast processing
  • Online shipment tracking
  • Digital recipient signature
  • Lithium Shipment possible
  • Second delivery attempt included
  • Liability up to the value of the goods, in accordance with the Montreal Convention
  • Document shipping also possible by arrangement
myGermany collaboration with UPS and TNT

TNT a FedEx company

TNT now operates under the roof of FedEx and provides amazong services on the road in Europe, and fast delivery worldwide. Check our Country-Guide for details. TNT  »

  • An ideal choice when speed needs to be balanced with economy
  • Day-specific delivery estimates let you plan delivery dates
  • Lithium Battery Shipment possible
  • Convenient door-to-door service

Details of Partners transportation routes

DHL » // FedEx » // GLS »

DHL Express always delivers door-to-door.
DHL Economy and Package (Premium)
do often use local companies in the destination countries, therefore check the last column. All infomration applicable for non-freight only. Freight parameters are different, therefore please approach our customer service.

Countriesmax. Package Dimensions
Served directly from DHL or handed over in your country to?
Delivery Period in days EconomyDelivery Period in days Package Premiummax. weightLenghtHeightWidthGirth
Afghanistan15-1910-15301206060300Afghan Post
Ägypten8-127301206060300Egypt Post
Åland-Inseln (FI)431,51206060300Itella Posti Oy
Albanien166-8201206060300Posta shqipatre
Algerien156-10201206060300Algérie Poste
Amerikanische Jungferninseln (US)
Amerikanisch-Samoa (US)10-126-7201206060300Samoa Post
Angola10-1615201206060300Correios de Angola
Anguilla10-15201206060300Anguilla Postal Service
Antigua und Barbuda14-1910-15201206060300Antigua and Barbuda Post
Äquatorialguinea15-1910-15101206060300Äquatorialguinea Post
Argentinien10-147-10201206060300Correo Argentino
Armenien12-1510-13201206060300Haypost – Armenian Postal Service
Aruba (NL)6-9201206060300Post Aruba N.V.
Ascension (GB)Ascension Island Post Office
Äthiopien8-126-831,51206060300Ethiopian Postal Service
Australien117-9301206060300Australian Postal
Azoren (PT)
Bahamas10-146-10201206060300Bahamas Postal Service
Bahrain8-126-8301206060300Bahrain Post
Balearen (ES)
Bangladesch15-1910-15201206060300Bangladesh Post Office
Barbados10-146-10201206060300Barbados Postal Service
Belize13-198-13251206060300Belize Postal Service
Benin15-1910-15301206060300La Poste du Bénin
Berg Athos (GR)5-7301206060300ELTA Hellenic Post
Bermuda (GB)6-12201206060300Bermuda Post Office
Bhutan10-148-10301206060300Bhutan Post
Bolivien10-146-10201206060300Empresa de Correos de Bolivia
Bonaire (NL)6-931,51206060300Flamingo Express Dutch Caribbean N.V.
Bosnien und Herzegowina125-7201206060300JP BH POŠTA /POŠTE SRPSKE /
Hrvatska posta d.o.o. Mostar
Botsuana10-148-10301206060300Botswana Post
Bouvetinsel (NO)
Britische Jungferninseln (GB)10-15201206060300British Virgin Islands Post
Brunei Darussalam8-126-8301206060300Brunei Postal Services
Bulgarien4-531,51206060300DHL Express
Burkina Faso12-1610-12301206060300SONAPOST
Burundi12-168-12301206060300RNP – Régie nationale des postes
Campione d’Italia (IT)3301206060300Poste Italiane S.p.A
Ceuta (ES)4-7301206060300Correos y Telégrafos Espagne
Chile10-126-8301206060300Correos de Chile
China, Volksrepublik12-148-11301206060300China Post
Cookinseln10-126-8301206060300Cook Islands Post
Costa Rica8-126-8301206060300Correos de Costa Rica
Côte d´Ivoire8-126-8301206060300La Poste de Côte d’Ivoire
Curaçao (NL)6-9301206060300Post Aruba N.V.
Dominica14-1610-12201206060300General Post Office, Dominica
Dominikanische Republik1515301206060300INPOSDOM – Instituto Postal Dominicano
Dschibuti10-168-10201206060300La Poste de Djibouti
Ecuador1515301206060300Correos del Ecuador
El Salvador10-148-10201206060300Correos de El Salvador
Eritrea8-126-8201206060300Eritrean Postal Service
Estland94-6301206060300Eesti Post
Falklandinseln (GB)8-12301206060300Falkland Islands Post
Färöer (DK)5-7301206060300Posta
Fidschi>3010-12201206060300Post Fiji
Finnland4301206060300Posti Ltd.
Frankreich3301206060300La Poste / Coliposte
Französisch-Guayana (FR)10-15201206060300La Poste / Coliposte
Französisch-Polynesien (FR)10-15301206060300Polynesie Francaise OPT
Gabun10-148-10201206060300La Poste gabonaise
Gambia10-148-10301206060300Gambia Postal services Corporation
Georgien10-127-10201206060300Georgian Post
Ghana10-148-10301206060300Ghana Post
Gibraltar (GB)4-7201206060300Gibraltar Post
Grenada15-1911-15201206060300Grenada Postal Corporation
Griechenland4-5301206060300ELTA Hellenic Post / DHL Express
Grönland (DK)5-7301206060300Post Greenland
Großbritannien2-3301206060300Royal Mail / ParcelForce
Guadeloupe (FR)10-15301206060300Guadeloupe Post
Guam10-126-7301206060300Guam Post
Guatemala10-148-10301206060300El Correo
Guinea11-159-11301206060300Office de la Poste Guinéenne (OPG)
Guinea-Bissau12-1610-12301206060300Office de la Poste Guinéenne
Guyana15-198-15201206060300Guyana Post Office Corporation
Haiti12-148-1031,51206060300Office des Postes d’Haiti
Heard- und McDonaldinseln (AU)
Hongkong106301206060300Hongkong Post
Indien10-148-10201206060300India Post
Indonesien12-158-10301206060300Pos Indonesia
Irak15-1911-15301206060300Iraqi Post
Iran10-148-10201206060300Islamic Republic of Iran Post Co.
Island14-164-631,51206060300Íslandspóstur hf
Isle of Man (GB)
Israel16-2212-16201206060300Israel Post
Italien3301206060300Poste Italiane S.p.A./ DHL Express
Jamaika12-148-10201206060300Jamaica Post
Japan106301206060300Japan Post
Jemen15-1910-15301206060300Yemen Post
Jordanien8-121031,51206060300Jordan Post
Kaiman-Inseln (GB)10-15101206060300Cayman Islands Post Office
Kambodscha138-1031,51206060300Direction des postes, Cambodia
Kamerun12-1610-12301206060300Direction des postes, Cameroon
Kanada105-7301206060300Canada Post
Kanalinseln (GB)3-5301206060300Royal Mail / ParcelForce
Kanarische Inseln (ES)4-7301206060300Correos y Telégrafos Espagne
Kap Verde15-1910-15201206060300Correios de Cabo Verde
Katar8-126-8301206060300Qatar Post
Kenia10-148-10301206060300POSTA KENYA
Kirgisistan15-1910-15201206060300Kyrgyz Post / Kyrgyz Express Post
Kiribati>3010-15301206060300Postal Division, Kiribati
Kokos-/Keelinginseln (AU)
Kolumbien12-168-12301206060300La Red Postal de Colombia
Komoren12-168-12201206060300Societé Nationale des Postes et des Services Financiers
Kongo, Demokratische Republik10-148-1031,51206060300SNPT Comoros
Kongo, Republik10-148-1031,51206060300Parcels Post Compendium
Korea, Nord15-1910-15201206060300Korea Post
Korea, Süd106201206060300Korea Post
Korsika (FR)
Kroatien2-3301206060300Hrvatska pošta
Kuba20-2516-20101206060300Empresa de Correos de Cuba
Kuwait8-126-8301206060300Department of Postal Affairs Kuwait
Laos15-1910-15201206060300ENTREPRISE DES POSTES LAO
Lesotho10-148-10201206060300Lesotho Post
Lettland3-5301206060300Latvia Post
Liberia12-1610-12201206060300Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
Libyen12-1610-12201206060300Libya Post
Liechtenstein4-52-3301206060300SwissPost / DHL Express
Litauen4-631,51206060300Lietuvos Pastas
Livigno (IT)3301206060300Poste Italiane S.p.A
Lord-Howe-Inseln (AU)
Luxemburg2-3301206060300P & T Luxemburg
Macau11631,51206060300Macao Post
Madagaskar12-1610-12201206060300PAOSITRA MALAGASY
Madeira (PT)
Malawi12-1610-12301206060300Malawi Posts Corporation
Malaysia8-126-8301206060300Pos Malaysia
Malediven12-168-10301206060300Maldives Post
Mali10-148-10301206060300Office national des postes
Malta4-6301206060300DHL Express
Marokko8-126-8301206060300Barid Al-Maghrib – Poste Maroc
Marschallinseln>3010-15301206060300Marshall Islands Post
Martinique (FR)10-15301206060300Martinique Post
Mauretanien10-148-10301206060300Mauri Post
Mauritius106-8301206060300Mauritius Post
Mayotte (FR)10-15301206060300Mayotte Post
Mazedonien7-155-7301206060300Macedonian Post & Telecommunications
Melilla (ES)4-7301206060300Correos y Telégrafos Espagne
Mexiko8-126-831,51206060300Correos de México
(Föderierte Staaten von Mikronesien)
>3010-12301206060300Mikronesien Post
Moldau, Republik10-125-720,01206060300Posta Moldovei
Monaco3-4301206060300La Poste Monaco
Mongolei12-1910301206060300Mongol Post
Montenegro, Republik7-104-7301206060300Pošta Crne Gore
Montserrat (GB)10-15201206060300Montserrat Post
Mosambik10-147-10301206060300Correios de Moçambique
Myanmar10-148-10201206060300Myanmar Posts & Telecommunications
Namibia10-126-8201206060300NAM Post
Nauru>3010-15201206060300Nauru Post
Nepal10-148-12201206060300Nepal Postal Services
Neukaledonien (FR)10-15301206060300OPT – Nouvelle Calédonie
Neuseeland10-128301206060300New Zealand Post
Nicaragua10-148-10301206060300Correos de Nicaragua
Niederlande2301206060300DHL Parcel Benelux
Niger12-158-11301206060300Niger Poste
Nigeria10-148-10301206060300Nigerian Postal Service
Niue (NZ)
Nordirland (GB)
Nördliche Marianen10-126-7301206060300Northern Mariana Islands
Norfolkinseln (AU)
Norwegen7-84-5301206060300Posten Norge AS
Österreich231,51206060360Österreichische Post AG / DHL Express
Oman8-126-8201206060300Oman Post
Pakistan117-10301206060300Pakistan Post
Palästinensische Autonomiegebiete8-126-10201206060300Palestine Post
Palau10-126-7301206060300Palau Post
Panama8-126-8301206060300Correos de Panamá
Papua-Neuguinea12-157-10201206060300Post PNG
Paraguay10-148201206060300Correo Paraguayo
Peru10-147-1031,51206060300SERPOST – Servicios Postales del Perú
Philippinen10-148-10201206060300PHLPOST – Philippine Postal Corporation
Pitcairninseln (GB)10-15101206060300Pitcairn Islands Post
Polen2-331,51206060300DHL Parcel Poland
Portugal4-5301206060300Correios PT / CTT Expresso
Puerto Rico10-126-731,51206060300Puerto Rico Post
Réunion (FR)7-10301206060300Réunion Post
Ruanda10-148-10301206060300National Post Office (Iposita)
Russische Föderation> 145-15201056060200Russian Post
Saba (NL)6-931,51206060300Flamingo Express Dutch Caribbean N.V.
Salomonen>3010-15201206060300Salomonen Post
Sambia10-158-10301206060300Zambia Postal Services Corporation (ZAMPOST)
Samoa>3010-15301206060300Samoa Post
San Marino5-8301206060300Azienda autonoma di stato filatelica
São Tomé und Príncipe13-159-11301206060300Correios de São Tomé e Príncipe
Saudi-Arabien, Königreich9-136-9301206060300Saudi Post
Schweiz4231,51206060300SwissPost / DHL Express
Serbien, Republik7-104-7301206060300PTT Communications “Srbija”
Seychellen10-136-9301206060300Seychelles Postal Service
Sierra Leone11-157-10301206060300Sierra Leone Postal Services
Simbabwe10-136-9301206060300Zimbabwe Posts
Singapur, Republik6-83-5301206060300SingPost
Slowakei3301206060300Slovenská pošta
Slowenien3301206060300Pošta Slovenije
Somalia1206060300Somali Post
Spanien4-5301206060300Correos y Telégrafos Espagne
Sri Lanka8-126-8301206060300Sri Lanka Post
St. Eustatius (NL)6-931,51206060300Flamingo Express Dutch Caribbean N.V.
St. Helena (GB)14-19201206060300St. Helena Post
St. Kitts und Nevis12-148-10201206060300St. Kitts & Nevis Postal Services
St. Lucia12-148-10201206060300Saint Lucia Postal Service
St. Maarten (NL)6-9301206060300Post Aruba N.V
St. Pierre und Miquelon (FR)10-15301206060300La Poste de St. Pierre et Miquelon
St. Vincent und die Grenadinen12-148-10201206060300SVG Postal Corporation
Südafrika8-126-8301206060300South African Post Office
Sudan10-147301206060300Poste Rapide
Südsudan10-147201206060300Südsudan Post
Svalbard und Jan Mayen (NO)
Swasiland9-136-9201206060300Swaziland Posts & Telecommunications Corporation
Syrien126-8301206060300Syrian Post
Tadschikistan10-148-10201206060300Tadschikistan Post
Taiwan8-126-8201206060300Taiwan Post
Tansania10-147-10301206060300Tanzania Posts Corporation
Tasmanien (AU)
Thailand126-8301206060300Thailand Post
Timor-Leste10-126-8201206060300Timor-Leste Post
Togo10-147-10201206060300La Poste du Togo
Tokelau (NZ)
Tonga>3010-15201206060300Tonga Post
Trinidad und Tobago12-148-10201206060300Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation
Tristan da Cunha (GB)
Tschad10-148-10301206060300Tchad Post
Tschechische Republik2-3301206060300Česká pošta
Tunesien8-126-8301206060300La Poste Tunisienne
Türkei10-153-9301206060300Turkey Post
Turks- und Caicosinseln (GB)10-15101206060300Turks and Caicos Islands Post
Tuvalu>3010-15251206060300Tuvalu Post
Uganda10-147-10301206060300Posta Uganda
Ungarn4301206060300Magyar Posta
Uruguay147-10301206060300Correo Uruguayo
Usbekistan10-147-10201206060300Post of Uzbekistan
Vanuatu>3010-15251206060300Vanuatu Post
Vatikan5-7201206060300Vatican post
Venezuela10-148-10301206060300IPOSTEL – Instituto Postal Telegráfico de Venezuela
Vereinigte Arabische Emirate8-126-831,51206060300Emirates Post
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika10-12631,51206060300United States Postal Service
Vietnam10-148-1031,51206060300VNPT – Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group
Wallis und Futuna (FR)>3010-15301206060300Wallis and Futuna Post
Weihnachtsinsel (AU)
Zentralafrikanische Republik10-148-10301206060300Office NAT. des Postes Centrafrique
Zypern, Republik9-1131,51206060300Cyprus Post
Zypern, Republik (Nordteil)10-153-931,51206060300Turkey Post

FedEx Express delivers always directly to your country.
FedEx Economy uses now and then third parties, for details please check table below.

FedEx length package site can be 274cm, or girth 330cm (girth = 1 x longest side + 2 x height + 2 x width).
All infomration applicable for non-freight only. Freight parameters are different, therefore please approach our customer service.

FedEx Economy:

GLS delivers always directly to your country:

GLS delivery network:

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