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Germany is the number one car exporting country, being responsible for over one fifth of the world’s total car exports – and that’s not without reason. German car engineering is defining and increasing the standard of automobiles worldwide. With BMW, Volkswagen, Mercdedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche, there are models available for everyone, ranging from the practical family car to the top notch racing machine – while quality persists as a constant attribute.

You don’t have to go out of your way to finally sit behind the wheel of your own new piece of top-notch engineering either: myGermany is offering convenient car shipping, straight from the German vendor to your desired destination. Utilizing FedEX/DHL Freight we offer door-to-door shipping – taking care of customs and all other organizational aspects. Whether your car is a high value sports car or you’re looking for a cost effective way to ship you family van, we’ll offer the right service to suit your needs!

So, if you’re thinking about ordering a car straight from Germany, answer these few guiding questions and let us do the rest!

1. Do you prefer shipping via air cargo or over seas?
2. Is your car boxed/packed/wrapped/in a container already or can it be driven?
3. What’s the prefered delivery method to bring the car to Frankfurt Airport?
4. What are the car’s measurements (width x length x height)?
5. Whats the axle track length/distance between the wheels?
6. What’s your precise address?

a) Do you want us to take care of the export declaration?
If so:
b) Are you the owner of the car/who is the owner?
c) Who is the seller?
d) Potentially we need additional details about the car itself

For import
e) Do you prefer DAP or DDP*?
DAP: You handle taxes/duties yourself, aswell as custom fees
DDP: We take over the process of paying taxes & duties and you can conveniently pay for everything later (plus a small commission)

And as always, if you need specific information or have any questions, feel free to contact our support!


Importing cars from Germany has been practice for quite a while!

Importing cars from Germany has been practice for quite a while!