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Our Customers

Private customers around the world

… for every individual interested in a forwarding company to purchase products in Germany, which are normally not accessible.

For everyone who wants to purchase products from online shops in Germany, but cannot do so because they either don’t live in Germany or outside the supplier’s delivery range. Our customers are the rank and file people, families or singles, businesspeople or athletes, self-employed or hired peoples, associations or organisations based all across the globe, like India, America, Russia, Africa, China or Switzerland. We cover all destinations around the world.

To all we provide a virtual address to where they can get items forwarded. International shipping happens with trusted logistic companies only.

Businesses in Germany

… for German enterprises interested in marketing their products globally and in extending their own international shipping competencies.

Owing to our excellent know-how, comprehensive network, and attractive framework agreements with our logistics partners DHL and FedEx, we are in the position to run an immaculate infrastructure that allows expedient and secure shipping of parcels at reasonable prices to our worldwide customer base.

As an international shipping company we serve about 220 countries with financially strong customers. International shipping turns out to be highly profitable for many German companies. myGermany aims at facilitating German companies to convert this opportunity into profit and is the partner of choice when you look for an international shipping and forwarding company.

International enterprises

… for international enterprises interested in teaming up with a logistic forwarding and post fulfilment partner who has suitable warehouse facilities.

International businesses who distribute their products in Germany resort to our local expertise and market.

As an international shipping and forwarding company we offer such services as temporary warehousing, implementation of order processes, postal distributing, handling of return-shipments along with fast, secure, and affordable shipping to the customers.