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Free Package & Repacking Consolidation Service

We repack and consolidate your goods automatically for free. For 2 reasons:
Safety & to save on shipment costs.

We automatically repack and reduce packaging sizes when consolidating your items or when the original packaging is not sufficient for its long journey. In such cases, we use high-quality packaging material to ensure a safe arrival for your goods! You can even add additional packaging material to secure sensitive items.

Package consolidation is also done to cut down shipment costs! You can combine several shipments to a single one. That way, you will save up to 80% shipping costs you would have to pay, if you had placed a single order for each product and had the goods shipped to your address abroad.

We will consolidate into < 30kg maximum (as per policy because of package security and employee health). We won’t charge for it. Just tell us / select in your account what order-numbers you want us to put in your next package, we’ll do it.

If you want us to consolidate more heavy than > 30kg, please contact us individually for each consolidation. Additional costs will occur.

We consolidate for free, only once! Once we have completed the first consolidation, there will be no further changes for free. A new re-consolidation may cause costs (check here).

Consolidation shall reduce packaging dimensions and weight – as soon as you requested the consolidation, we do our best, but cannot guarantee a cost-reduction! Please understand, that sometimes even our manual effort will not help to make packages smaller/lighter.

We reduce your packaging sizes for free, thus you save shipping costs.

We consolidate for free – thus you ship just one package for several items.

Double walled Cardboard is used for your Repacking Service
Air bubble film is used for your Consolidation Service
Air pockets are used for our Consolidation Services
Only the best material is used for Package Repacking and Package Consolidation Service

Our staff is well-experienced when it comes to the efficient and secure repackaging and consolidation of your goods.

Any questions left? Or you want us to use a certain packaging?
Just contact our team for any Package & Repacking Consolidation Services.

myGermany 2-Wavy Strong Packages

myGermany uses for almost every package own strong 2-wavy cardboards / own packaging material. So your items will be perfectly secured for its long international trips!