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 215 reviews
by Ann Andreasen on
Country: Greenland

Still haven't received my first order after a few weeks, my second order has still not been shipped after a full week without any consolidation needed. Unfortunately very unreliable

Dear Ann,

We are really sorry for the delay. Currently myGermany is again hit by the COVID restrictions and some of our employees need to stay at home while haing 100% more work with 60% less people. But for now work with 20-40% work-bench only and have huge delays in processing your requirements.

1st Sep - we have shipped DHL CO370647395DE, your first consolidation
Redrex 2 m 3D Printer ID2 mm OD4 mm PTFE Hose (154315) - (order#: 136911) --- NorthPada 16 AWG 1mm2 Electronic Electrical Wire (154316) - (order#: 136912) --- Arceli MOSFET (152503) - (order#: 135103) --- winkeep Chariot De Courses, (152102) - (order#: 134702) --- Ender (154211) - (order#: 136811) --- Viltrox EF-EOS M Adaptateur (152103) - (order#: 134703) --- Birkmann 210141 Patisse à baguettes (152105) - (order#: 134705)

8th Sep - we have shipped your Creality 4.2.7 motherboard (154027) with DHL - CO370648183DE

Today 14th Sep we have completed your second consolidation which is still in your account and needs to be shipped by you
Creality 4.2.7 motherboard (171433) - (order#: 154027) ---

In your Outbox you can click on the tracking ID and will get live tracking from DHL.

Does this help? Do you need me to explain how consolidations and shipments are working?

Best regards,

by nouf on
Country: suadi arabia

dear sir

There's no update on my shipments
after they've been merged for a week after you've been working.


by Jens on
Country: Japan

The user interface is not too consistent and varies a bit after logging-in and navigating. Other than that their customer service is really good and accommodating! Could be sometimes a bit fast, but I believe that is mostly due to COVID at the moment.
All in all I'll keep using their service while being stuck on the other side of the world 😉

by Michael Hermansjah on
Country: Indonesia

MyGermany has given me a way to find things sold within Germany/Europe. Their service is excellent, even during COVID time. A big shout out to Johanna, Felix, and the rest of the team for helping me so far.

by Carolin on
Country: Deutschland

Super Kundenservice 🙂

by Danny on
Country: Canada 🇨🇦

Johanna was VERY helpful 😉

by Loke on
Country: Malaysia

This is a totally scam website.
My parcel shipping fee should be around 132 (drop shipment) but I ended up paying 283.

I regret using this.

Hi Loke,

If you put your order straight in the OUTBOX and ship them, the free repacking & consolidation happens automatically by our system. You can check shipping rates without the need to pay!
But if you can bear 1-2 days, then please selected MANUAL CONSOLIDATION in INBOX (not OUTBOX): here our warehouse team will focus manually on consolidation (and is often better than system)- of course also for free. We will repacked and combine them into as little packages as possible. After completion we will notify you via eMail and a new package will appear in your Inbox.
Free consolidation happens only once! If you have additional wishes for that parcel please let us know in the comment field when opting for consolidation!

Best regards,

by Shmuel Meymann on
Country: Israel

Excellent and efficient service. The choice of shipment channel is very useful. Their service continued to work even through COVID-19 lockdowns. I have used MyGermany's service for a few times before, never disappointed.

by Ion Foiu on
Country: Denmark

Very Good Customer Care! Big Credits to Ms.Chris, very professional.

by Michelle on
Country: USA

First time trying the drop shipment service. Pleased so far with my experience. Received a confirmation and photo of package when it arrived at the warehouse. Currently awaiting shipment to the States; a delay is to be expected during COVID. Thank you for continuing to provide service while putting the safety of your employees first! Would recommend!!

by lior on
Country: Israel

The service is so eficient and profesional, i'm really satisfied!!!

by Nick on
Country: Poland

I used MyGermany when a supplier wouldn't deliver to Poland. I ordered the product to MyGermany and arranged for them to be shipped to me. The process was quick and easy.
The only time (so far) I have used them was in the middle of the Covid situation, so although I found things a bit slow and communication a bit drawn out, I guess that is understandable. I will have to use them again under more normal circumstances. But the important thing is that I received my products safe and sound. I was a little nervous, especially after seeing some less favourable reviews, but I have no complaints.

by Lee on
Country: Singapore

Today is the 8th business days since I made the payment for my shipment and my parcel is still NOT out for delivery.

I have tried to reach out to them across various platforms but the only 1 reply I get is that they 'will keep us posted once the package is processed'.

Is it not possible to at least provide a confirmed date of delivery?

I see that they extended their storage time by an additional 60days. Meaning to say, are they only going to send out my parcel 3 months later? (60+30 days).

I am really curious if they actually do send out the parcels. If so, how long do they take?

Dear Lee,

we are sorry for the delay. Currently we can work with 2 people only in the warehouse, thus we are able to leverage a work bench of 20-40% only. Please bear with us, we are giving our best. From mid/end of next week / beginning June we should be back to normal as shout down is mostly over then

Your package was sent today with Express and Tracking ID communicated to you.

Thanks and best regards,

by CFP Systems on
Country: USA

This was my first time dealing with mygermany as an expeditor and they were very proactive with providing useful information and doing as they promised. Looking forward to working with them again.

Country: USA

Excellent service! I ordered a front lip for my BMW from a German based seller and were not directly shipping to my country. I did a little research and came across myGermany. This was my first time trying a service of this kind so I was a little hesitant, but I read all the reviews and was convinced to give it a try and trust this company.

My packaged was handle very well! from receiving and dispatching. They sent me photos of the items condition and offered the best method to ship it because it was freight.
though I had a little hiccups because I mistakenly clicked direct ship instead of putting my item on the outbox first to view my options so I emailed them and they responded and fixed my issue quickly despite this pandemic time.

I received my package in a perfect condition in a 2 days shipping time.
Immaculate service thank you so much!

by Viktor on
Country: Russia

Very good and fast service. I ordered a tablet from Amazon via MyGermany because no sellers were directly delivering it to my country. That was my very first time I used such a service, and I was a bit of afraid how it works and if everything is gonna be okay.

Before the actual ordering, I bothered MyGermany support in Facebook with many questions, and they kept me calm and made me confident, so I ordered the tablet the same day.

When the tablet arrived to their place, it was handled within one day which is great, I think, taking into account the situation with Coronavirus and quarantine. After I paid for the delivery, my package was dispatched by DHL the same day and arrived in a perfect condition.

I have a very good impression about MyGermany and would definitely recommend these guys to anyone who may need this intermediary service. Smooth process also depended on me as a buyer, so this is advice I can also give to everyone - be proactive, act quickly when your package is in the Inbox and then when it's ready to be shipped, and everything will be alright.

by Chance on
Country: United States of America

This was my first time purchasing items from another country and having it shipped with mygermany. They were absolutely wonderful. They answered all of my questions and provided excellent processing time. I have personally ordered other items from other countries directly from the seller and it took forever to receive it. Absolutely amazing. Thank you.

by Aleksandrs on
Country: Latvia

Comfortable interface. Friendly communication. Fast processing. Excelling packing. All kind of services (free storage, repacking, consolidation, photos). Good price. Thanks and Regards!!!

by Artir on
Country: UK

They've done a significant improvement to their service, including which I think was the most critical part, their communication with the client and a new and improved web interface. I have placed now several orders and the service has been flawless even in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic that we're going through! Thanks to the myGermany team, will continue to use the service in the future as well.

by joonhwa park on
Country: United States

I am the first time customer now at My shipment already arrived at their warehouse in Germany 3 business days ago, but no messages, no changes with my order yet. I sent a formed contact to them with the tracking info and an invoice, but their belated response after my 2 messages was very rude and misunderstood. They don't even give me a phone number to call. Is this site a scam? let me post it how it goes.

Dear Joohwa,

please accept our apology for the delay as 60-80% of myGermany (like rest of Germany) are at home. We are sorry for the delay, but myGermany is working with 20-40% workbench only currently. I also expect you to consider the worlds situation and be patient, we are giving our best!

Please be informed here:

As soon as we have processed your package, we will inform you via eMail.
Thanks and best regards,

by Lois on
Country: Singapore

During difficult times of COVID-19 myGermany arranged to collect, repackage, ship, deliver a left bag from Frankfurt to Singapore. Very efficient service and much appreciated. I will use them again for sure.

by Johan on
Country: Sweden

I used myGermany for shipping my Amazon TV to Sweden. At the beginning I got a surprise over the estimated price of shipment that was different from the Cost Calculator I used from the MyGermany, but I was reassured by the great team from myGermany that this only had to do because they had a issue with their system. After two days they gave me the correct pricing offerings (from the different shippers) and everything went very (and fast) good.

In the future I will recommend myGermany for shipping, and of course use them myself. 🙂

by Mithun Parambath on
Country: Indi

myGermany GmbH the lion cub. myGermany GmbH is a great company if you want to export any goods from Germany. Compared to other services they are fast, reliable, and trustworthy. If Alibaba is a tiger in china, myGermany GmbH is a lion cub it can become king of the German forest in years to come.

by Hossein Abdu on
Country: US

No matter what country you come from, my professional manager will help you to choose the investment product that best fits your manager is constantly working on implementing unique trading methods with the most advanced and effective trading technology, competitive services, high-quality performance, genuine practices, excellent customer support service and fund safety that allow us to work successfully on the market in a highly profitable way.

by Bobby on
Country: Hong kong

🙏🙏 Thanks for your fast great job in this very hard time over the world( covid 2019). 🥰 I got my lovely parcel today and 👍👍😎 really appreciate that all of you guys still keep the fantastic repack of the stuff. 👏 It was so lucky and surprised that all of you guys put one plastic bag in but it still came over everywhere😧. However, 😌 I would like to suggest you the wrap some cling film on the bottle ( back lip on) of the liquid and pack with the plastic bag in🧴. Big thanks for the super great job finally. 🤝👍👍

Have a nice day and stay safe.... wash clean and 2m far with the peoples and wear the mask 😷 when over 2 peoples helps and protect you.

by Tom on
Country: NZ

Since 2016
Since 2016, we are regularly using the Concierge and Freight Shipment for our small business in Auckland. Thanks to the team, we save the GST/VAT and always get a perfect service when it comes to reduce the pallet sizes in order to save! Also a good selection of shippers allow us to select the most economical. Its a great idea and the company is developing in a good manner. Will be using them in future too.

by Marcos Onofre on
Country: France

Top and reliable packing and shipment service !

Great service ! My items arrived fast and very well packed, top notch support over email with Johanna, she anwer really fast and always is aware not only of the email, but also in the process to solve issues (I had a problem paying the insurance of the shipment and when she realized that I have paid it but the order was not sended with the insurance, she inmmediatly took over the and added the insurance manually).

Deffinetely I will continue using myGermany in future.

Top recommendations !!

by Shawn Warner on
Country: United States

Very thankful for the team at! They have helped me with several shipments and without them I would not have been able to purchase and receive these items in the US. Their process seems to be perfect and their communication is top notch - this I believe is the result from the company's excellent team members as they are always helpful and go the distance to make sure everything is perfect with my packages before they ship.

by Robert on
Country: USA

MyGermany is proving less than easy for general business. I cannot send a message through your website contact email. I think my items are shipped but cannot find a tracking number - I can see the shipping invoice. I know late July through August is high vacation time in Germany so some delay I understand. I do not understand that I am not easily provided a tracking number.

by Mats Johansson on
Country: Sweden

Best service ever fast as lightning.

5 golden stars to myGermany

My new logistic parhtner now on.


by Moses Sam on
Country: India

Excellent service and prompt reply to emails. Highly recommended.

by Keng Chye TEO on
Country: Singapore

I am trying to contact them regarding my package but their email seems not working and I did not have any reply on status regarding my package delivery

Dear KengChen,

your package was sent 24th Sep with DHL Standard, anr arrived 3rd Oct at your facility. As discussed evrything was OK 🙂

Best regards,

by Turku basheer on
Country: Germany

Bad service from 12/9 to now is not shipped my purchases

Hi Turku,

we do not deliver to other forwarders:

We have sent your package sucessfully via Express to our destination.

Best regards,

by Rosalinde Rose on
Country: NL

I really appreciate this company and can truly recommend you myGermany!

by Dixin Lui on
Country: China

Very responsible staff working in a business rising company. I am very happy with the shipped goods. The working attitude of the whole company is very enthusiastic.

by Dixin on
Country: P.R.China

Very responsible staff with highly professional attitude.

by Russel on
Country: US

myGermany is a freight forwarding company that forwards items, articles and other purchases not available locally to North Americans. Rare or hard to find times that can only be found on European eBay or Amazon websites such as,, can be accepted here. Since myGermany is located within central Europe, shipping from UK, Italy, France and other European countries to this destination is reasonable. But before purchasing anything from these countries, you must register on the website to obtain a European (German) address. Like any freight forwarding services shipping rates are high but reasonable: if you’re shipping more than one item. Its recommended to purchase and ship in bulk and within the reasonable time permitted (storage rates apply after a period of time). Its also advisable to plan your purchases out within the time permitted in order to get the best shipping rates possible (create a shopping list).

Communication with the staff is top notch and usually answers inquiries within the next business day. For high priced items, it is best to not only complete all the necessary information on their website, but to follow up on the shipment through their website site (online inquiry/contact *a bit difficult to find but its there). If the tracking of a package indicates that it has been delivered (to their warehouse); it usually takes 1 or 2 business days for the information to be updated on their website (depending on regional holidays).

Once you’ve received all your packages (or package) and are ready to ship, its as easy as selecting the items from the orders menu. If more than one item was selected, they usually combine the items in one box and update the packaging list (for customs). At checkout they provide a list of shipping carriers to chose from FedEx, UPS and DHL. Tracking and insurance is usually provided with the shipment and shipping time (from Germany to USA) is within 2 to 3 days.

by Ramzi Baramki on
Country: United Arab Emirates

DO NOT USE My Germany to ship to the UAE

If you are using My Germany to ship to the UAE like I did, DO NOT USE THEM.

I tried shipping 4 packages weighing a total of 3 KG, when I did the calculation the price came to 74 Euros, since they brag about reducing the shipping cost by consolidating the packages into one package to reduce the shipping cost, I went ahead and did that but the price was the same for the consolidated package. So I sent an email to customer support, they respond slowly and sometimes even after two days from the email and after various solicitations.

They have a very bad customer service (maybe they do not understand English that well) as I had to send multiple emails about the same topic explaining that the price did not vary after doing the consolidation. They either did not get it or did not want to get it. Their cost is too high compared to other services.

At the end, after two weeks of waiting and various emails, they came back with the same response. So there is ZERO added value from their service. The only added value is MORE AND MORE DELAYS in the delivery of your items.

I used GLS in the past to ship products from Germany at a much cheaper rate but they do not do consolidation.

You can use comparable services that are specifically catered for the region like Shop & Ship or Shop & Ship Flex, which is even more cost effective and efficient.

Thanks for your constructive criticism.

We have consolidated your 4 packages into 1 for free, but we could not reduce weight of 3KG. You have selected DHL Package, where dimensions are not relevant. Thus, you have paid for for 3KG. DHL Package is the low budget version, which hands over to local post.

If you had selected any other option, such es Express, your package would have been a) delivered directly to you and b) you had paid just one third compared to the rate for 4 single packages! Compare here:

We explained and even suggested an Express Shipment with discount in order to compromise your irritation. But you still selected the low budget version 🙁

Your are correct, the eMail communication could be faster. We are growing fastly and need to handle 300 eMails per day with 1,5v people - too little.

OUR LEARNING: myGermany discusses internally to remove DHL Package for UAE. myGermany will hire 3 new guys in August 2019.

Please give us a second try - Now, knowing it, you can leverage our free size reduction and consolidation services! We are happy to serve you!

Best regards,
Chris CEO myGermany

by Elena on
Country: AUS

Great customer service. I have previously used MyGermany when we renovated our bathroom. Have purchased all the supplies including toilets and bathroom sink in Germany and MyGermany helped to repack and ship it all the way to Australia. Would use them again in the future!

by Jasper on
Country: DK

No worries - MyGermany take care!

I'm so glad I found MyGermany. Finally I could get my needed spare part for my Mercedes sent to me very fast. Again many thanks to MyGermany and the great service. This was certainly not my last order about you!

by Joost on
Country: NL

Great Opportunity and Company

Great way to send products that are not available from me. I used myGermany to buy an Amazon Echo Dot Show. Unfortunately you can't buy it from us in the Netherlands, so I used the service of myGermany. Product entered in the Concierge Formaular, paid and waited. After two days my Echo Show had arrived and I could send it to my home adress. All in all in less than a week. Great. If Amazon is too stupid to sell this here, then just like that.

by Ahmed Al Marar on
Country: Arabic

Love their dedication in customer…
Love their dedication in customer support and excellent service

by Blane S on
Country: USA

I cannot recommend MyGermany enough when making purchases in Germany from another country. I have used them several times to purchase items that would not be available to me without their help. My largest purchase so far was 2400 kg of tractor parts that needed to be shipped 8000 km to me. There were no issues at all with US Customs and the parts arrived in good shape at the docks in my city.

They have been able to save me money by getting rid of the VAT when I purchase new items. The VAT is 19% and their fee is 10% which saves me 9% without have to go through the difficulty of filing the removal of the VAT myself.

I will continue to use them to make my German purchases as they are very helpful and responsive if I have any questions regardless of which staff person I work with.

by Pandabatt on
Country: Indonesia

Happy with the customer experience

Very good. Everything went more or less as expected in getting package to Ireland. Would have liked to be able to specify a delivery address at time of selecting dispatch but you need to have your address picked beforehand as I understand it. Otherwise I was very satisfied with the experience and would use them again. They also handle larger LCDs which some of their competitors don't and their website is well laid out and translated if you don't speak German.

by Ruben Oktay on
Country: Svizzera

At start great, but terrible in last times!
Very deluding, i contacted them already for my issue regarding the last package i shipped and i got ignored, for two times, maybe they will notice my issue with a review?
They shipped a package with the wrong courier that cannot work with lithium batteries (i paid DHL Express i got UPS Economy) and now the package is stuck from one week, and they ignored all the e-mails.
Today, i got an item delivered, but as usual, their calculator is broken, i always paid max 20~EUR for 1Kg and now their calculator gets me prices ranging from 44 to 85 EUR when for a smaller package (still express-only) i paid 21 EUR.
Are you mocking me?

Hi Ruben,

your package contained dangerous goods, such as lighters and gas pressure cans. We have been forced to change the provider in order to get it delivered to you. Otherwise you would have paid a fee and the dangerous good rates - which we could avoid 🙂

Johanna, myGermany

by Elk on
Country: UAE

Eva saved my day and precious time. Danke! Eva is great! I had a quite bad experience recently, regarding the review of the product value after submitting merchant invoices.All those days & seconds were saved today by myGermany, within few mins. I'm happy s he was the one I was able to talk to on live chat! I do feel like she deserves a nice commission for her work. Keep it up! Love from Maldives to myGermany team. Happy Ramadan

by Dr. Yagil Weinberg on
Country: Israel

It was my first experience with MyGermnay when I wanted to buy and ship various items from Europe to Israel.
Throughout the process the team at myGermany were simply going out of their way to accommodate my needs and to turn any stone to find me the items I desire at the best price.
Both Chris and Johanne were my counterparts. They did not cut any corner to making sure I am satisfied and that I get what it is I wan.
Further, they were so kind in allowing me the necessary time to add products to my shipment, and even offering me free storage for the interim time frame.
They also worked hard at identifying the best shipping method and accommodated my specific needs throughout the process. They kept their involvement making sure the shipment is secured and following it top to the moment I received in at my curb.
Obviously it does come with a price, sometimes I thought over-priced, but it all just details in an overall exceptional experience.
Their superb service, attention to details, on-going support and service standards are rare and a delight. They earned in me a loyal customer

by HunS on
Country: Singapore

Fast turnaround time and excellent customer service. Items status updated timely and customer service team is very responsive, am happy to use their services.

by Adesoga Adeola Anthony on
Country: Nigeria

Great concierge services with well consolidation of packages. Will always recommend myGermany to anyone as my business is reliant on myGermany and they never fail me.

by Gabor on
Country: DK

I would like to give 5 stars for MyGermany services, because they have a very good service, but one thing made me sad for a few days. I used the calculator on the MyGermany website, and it show a lot of options. I choose one of them for 58. When I try to ship my consolidated package from the outbox, there was only one option for 180. I have tried to contact by e-mail, but no answer for a few days. The next step was the online form. Finally I have got an answer from Eva who make me happy again with a lot of shipping method. Thank you Eva 🙂
Now I can trust again in MyGermany and recommend for everyone.

by Nedas on
Country: Lithuania

Shipping price is 10,000$, what to do ? Packages are worth 1000$

Hi Nedas,

this was the mark for freight, wherefore we have had to clarify
- packaging
- customs processes
- shipping methods

You were never asked to pay really 10k USD 🙂

by Vadim on
Country: Latvia

Best Service, great communication,

by Guillaume on
Country: Sweden

I do not usually post reviews but I will make an exception for myGermany. I wanted to order a pair of gloves from a shop delivering only to Germany (that was a last item of the season I could not find anywhere else). I created an account and then had the gloves shipped to myGermany address. I was worried because while the gloves were listed as delivered by DHL, myGermany had not updated anything even after 1 week. I started to get worried that I had felt for a giant scam. I still wrote myGermany and to my surprise, they replied that they had updated my account but not saved it by mistake, and the gloves were ready to ship. At the end, everything worked well and I now have the gloves here with me. So I do recommend the company and I will definitively shop again. It can perhaps be a little less effective than major companies but it does work.

Thanks Guillaume for your feedback, patience and cooperation 🙂 Happy to count you as customer!

by Marie farmer on
Country: United kingdom

Excellent service first time I've used Mygermany but I doubt it will be my last I am very happy with the service I received a big thank you to all the team at mygermany from Marie and my husband in the uk

by Priya Ramnani on
Country: India

Very quick service, Excellent Job they do.

by emirhan on
Country: Russia

very smooth and fast process , always positive and productive customer service

thanks a lot !

by Gabor on
Country: Greece

My order has been sitting in their warehouse for one week. It should have been an easy drop shipment from EU to EU.
I paid for the forwarding via DHL 7 days ago and nothing!
I wrote them and requested an upgrade for express service, because of the delay, so they asked me to pay 79 EUR, instead of 29.

Dear Gabor,

we have not asked you to pay 79EUR. This was the Express option. We have then recommended you the Economy - which you have actually selected, 29EUR.
The delay was caused by a sudden case of death in our team. We are sorry how it went and, would love to keep you as customer as we really care for our customers! But in such an exceptional situation we could not be faster.

We really wanted to talk to you about the options, but you were not very responsive 🙁

Best regards,

by fergal on
Country: europe

I paid for my parcel to be delivered by expert courier DHL.
Parcel was send via Deutsche post and Irish postal company AnPOST.
No DHL stickers on parcle and parcel was left on footpath pavement /street
for anyone to kick or bring home with them.NO document to indicate parcel was abandoned on the street .
Service is cheap and there is la good storage time , but if you pay for DHL
you expect to get DHL.

Dear Fergal,

you have selected the cheaper oprtion: DHL WeltPaket Premium, not DHL Express. As per definition is is handed over to local post:

Please understand the shipping options before initiating the shipment, and selcet any Express service if you want to get it delivered directly.

Thanks and best regards,

by praveen verma on
Country: Pakistan

Great Service

by Richard Sarro on
Country: United States

I was referred to from a Marklin Train dealer. I wanted to purchase several Trix train items from a German vendor, who confirmed they had them in stock, but refused to sell them to me via their website or direct contact. I used MyGermany's concierge service to order the items. They got me everything I wanted and at the price advertised by the vendor. I received all the items in a timely manner and all were in perfect condition. I would highly recommend this service!

by Satyam Hardia on
Country: India

Great communication, awesome services! You guys are awesome! myGermany is a very good package...

by Lex on
Country: Germany

Best Service around EU and outside. Perfect support and quick shippings and affordable prices. Good luck in Business

by Pratik Sharma on
Country: India

Excellent service keep it up.

by JD on
Country: Philippines

Proper handling of my packages and fast forwarding. This is the best service to storage your items and forward them. 5-Star Service!

by Bojan Trpevski on
Country: Macedonia

This service is reliable! My order has arrived on time, I live in North Macedonia, Skopje, and the only way to order one pair of sneakers from a store from Germany was using MyGermany's concierge form. Very professionally done!

by Ammon Olson on
Country: Canada

Man, I felt like this could just be a giant scam, and that they could just take my stuff and sell it on ebay of something, but although it arrived a few days later than advertised, my product was in perfect condition, and when I emailed to ask about the thing taking awhile they were quick to respond and help me understand that the issue was with my tracking. Absolutely recommended.
I'm from Canada, if that's relevant to anyone.

by Ashish on
Country: India

Great Service. I had a great experience with MyGermany. I had got great support from them. They had response me quickly

by Riri on
Country: Saudi Arabia

I ordered from an online store and the item was repacked and shipped to Saudi Arabia as soon as I paid the fees. It took two months to arrive to my local address and I belive it was because of Ramadan and Eid seasons and the problem perhaps from the Saudi post end. The tracking status has not been updated for 2 months and I was a bit worried. I contacted Mygermany and they started investigating the issue. Thankfully my package arrived few days after in an excellent condition.

by Marko Đurišić on
Country: Montenegro

Great service! Reliable, quick and professional service at competitive cost. Ordered various goods, had them repacked and shipped 3 times so far to Montenegro without any problems. Friendly and quick feedback.

by Ioannis T on
Country: Cyprus

“Best in Class”

Truly a five star service, my package was quickly dispatched and arrived in Grecce safe and sound!Highly recommended service!

by M&N M&N on
Country: Australia


by Willy on
Country: HK

MyGermany helped me to get my 71kg pallet of toilet fittings from Villeroy&Boch all the way from German to Singapore in perfect condition ! Every single porcelain was nicely packed and not forgetting Johanna for being ever helpful in every way possible !! Highly recommended to all!

by Collin on
Country: Singapore

“Reliable shipping and helpful service”
Very helpful service staff who arranged all I needed for a large shipment from Germany to Singapore. Everything arrived very quickly once details were confirmed and all in order. Definitely reliable and will use them again when I need.

Thanks Chris, Eva and team from myGermany!

by Blane on
Country: USA

I have used for several purchases. Their communications with my have been excellent. I am currently using them for an expensive purchase and subsequent shipment of 5 pallets weighing close to 900 kg. I would not have felt comfortable putting this much at risk if my previous service with them had not gone as perfect as it did. This is a great company and I feel completely at ease with their assistance in making purchases in Germany on my behalf and shipping them to me in the USA. They have a great system in place and they are completely trustworthy. I will continue to use them for all my purchases in Germany.

by Litzou on
Country: China

We recently used myGermany to receive a large (32kg) package for us from Lithuania and forward it onto the US. Their service is impeccable and I plan on using them all the time! I was informed as soon as my package arrived at their facility, they stored it for me for 2.5 months for free and as soon as I was ready to receive it in the US I requested that the order be sent and it was shipped out immediately and arrived in perfect condition. It is incredible to have a reliable, professional warehouse in Germany. What is even more unbelievable is that everything is done online - their UI is great, easy to understand and extremely clear. Plus, both times I had a question I received an immediate helpful answer. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would!

by Kiril on
Country: Israel

Hi, your service helped me a lot!
Quality service, accurate packaging! lot of thanks!

by Andreas Leistner on
Country: Germany

Sehr guter Service.

by Andreas on
Country: Sweden

Truly a five star service, my package was quickly dispatched and arrived in Sweden safe and sound!

Highly recommended service!

by Nape on
Country: US

Very good customer service, very fast delivery and secured. I am very happy with customer service. Good communication and quick action taken. I highly recommend myGermany!

by Michael Ka on
Country: India

Best in Class

by Ksenia Z. on
Country: Russia

Great service! Sent a huge pack of tabletop games to Russia and everything got to me in perfect condition. Staff was extremely helpful and quick to reply - they helped me split my order into two packages. And also helped me track my package when our post mistakenly swapped tracking nubmers. Prices are also right and you can calculate them beforehead, so no surprises here.
The site itself is a bit outdated and can get glitchy, but you can always sort it out by contacting the staff.
Will definitely use again!

by howard greenberg on
Country: South Africa

Slow or no response to email. They dont answer their helpline number! Poor service. Maybe they will contact me after this review

Howard, we have talked on the phone. Your countless emails get replied. How is our service bad? We are not responsible for a slow shipment. There is nothing we have done wrong. And we are supporting you in tracking your package.

by Jan on
Country: NL

Very helpful service. Safe, quick and smooth co-operation. Customer friendly approach, great idea, great job. Thank you.

by Kisu on
Country: Finland

The website and user interface is a little bit clumsy and old-fashioned. Email communication is sometimes slow but they always get back to you. The most important thing is that their system works perfectly at a very reasonable cost. It's like having a friend in Germany who will receive your shopping orders, wrap them up and send them to you. This kind of forwarding service usually costs a lot of money in other countries but in here, it's really reasonable. The process is simple to use once you get used to it, but surely there's still room for improvement. I have used their service many times I will continue doing so in the future.

by PP H on
Country: Taiwan

Very friendly customer service ,thank you JOHANNA!

by Shin Take on
Country: Japan


by Iseult Reid on
Country: Israel

Fantastic company, great service. Great company to deal with. Simple process from registration to receiving your goods. Had one query along the way and Marta dealt with it immediately. Cannot fault them and would definitely use mygermany again.

by Amit on
Country: India

Mygermany is top notch and miles ahead of other forwarders

Mygermany is doing a very good job connecting Germany logistics with worldwide clients. They have solved and managed our consignments to Russia with ease which a lot of big companies failed to do so. I am very impressed and cannot find words to thanks their team for quick answers and professional packing. Our business to Russia has picked up momentum because of them and we see them as a partner for logistics. Keep the good work going guys.

by Marina on
Country: Latvia

Constantly used this service. The first time situation bad. Paid delivery 4 days ago, but the parcel was not sent. I asked to accelerate process, long waited for the answer, and at last Marta answered that there is a lot of work and if I want quicker, then it is necessary to choose more expensive delivery. I believe that this delivery, not cheap! The relation is unpleasant, I was upset. To regular customers such bad relation. It is very unpleasant for me!

Thanks Marina for this feedback. We know we are to slow in the replies. Sorry. We have just hired 2 new guys and hope it will be better soon 🙂

by Filippo G. on
Country: SGP

“Top notch service!”
I have used their services several times now and I can say will continue to do so. They are very precise professional, fast responding and simply really good. I am happy to be their customer. Thank you for making my life easier.

by Moha on
Country: US

Best company for shipping from Germany

I had a problem with their shipping but they care about it and replied fast They are fast in putting your stuff on your box and send it to you ASAP I hope they will make more selections for Shipping Will be used again

by Lisa on
Country: Indonesia

Great company, wonderful service and prompt communication. All my goods made it to my home safe and fast! I could not have asked for anything more!

by Oluwatoyin on
Country: Nigeria

I want to buy electronics from Germany to Nigeria, a friend introduced to me, I was well pleased with the service, my orders was shipped to me between 3days through DHL express.

by Satomi K. on
Country: Japan

They offer good service. Their reply to emails is fast enough, they deal with irregular requests.
However I would recommend myGermany they revise their UI on management page. Because after forwarding shipments, we cannot check information of those anymore, and the management page itself does not look pretty.

Thanks Satomi, in Jan 2018 we will have the UserInterface relaunched 🙂 with a lot of new functions!

by Haya Alfarhan on
Country: Saudi Arabia

Excellent and punctual service, looking forward to deal with Company in the future.

by Utkarsh Khare on
Country: India

Had a great experience with Mygermany !!
I was a little skeptical about ordering a product from Germany and getting it delivered to my country (India). But Mygermany did a great job. They delivered it to me well on time. I get products delivered from China too but they take more than one month to get it delivered to me. But with Mygermany my experience was super awesome. Good job Team Mygermany.

by Eyal on
Country: Israel

myGermany. so glad I discovered those guys. They were great, responsive and fast! I received a huge 26kg package from Germany to Israel in 2 days. everything was perfect.

by Dirk Rothe on
Country: Austria

Perfect store: a very reliable partner, where I order anytime again??

by Darleen Smith on
Country: SA

MyGermany is great. I can tell them how I want my stuff to be packed and they do it. 🙂

by Helmut Kern on
Country: AUS

After a few problems with the package size it was solved to my satisfaction and send with the cheapest option available. Top service thank you. Helmut Kern

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