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It’s almost Mother’s Day! For gift-giving occasions such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc. in Germany everyone likes to give away chocolate. And what’s better than a delicious piece of chocolate that melts in your mouth and seems to be nothing less than a drop from heaven? Especially Germany and Switzerland are known for their outstanding chocolate confectionery that is renowned and loved worldwide.

Have you tried it? If you want to taste the exquisite chocolate from Germany and give your palate an extraordinary treat, you should check out our partners that provide some of the best chocolate. Feel free to order as much as you want, we at are happy to deliver it to your doorstep for you!

Pralinenbote German »

Exquisite chocolate pralines and truffles from renowned German confectioneries
German chocolate and brands at Galeria KaufhofGaleria Kaufhof »

Find all kinds of German and Swiss chocolate brands like Lindt, Kinder and more
Rossmann Ritter Sport German »

Popular German chocolate brands and organic chocolate at Rossmann
Lauenstein German chocolates and »

Handmade drops of chocolate heaven from the exquisite Lauenstein chocolate manufacture
Fairtrade and organic chocolate at Fair »

Sustainable chocolate indulgence with organic and fair-trade chocolate
GEPA Fair Traide ChocolateGEPA »

At German company GEPA
you’ll find deliciousness that is fair trade and sustainable
Presendix Chocolate »

Find beautiful chocolate gift ideas, chocolates and pralines
Bagofsweets Candy and »

You prefer candy and gummi bears? Select your favourite sweets at