Shipment of the Week #4 -

If you’ve ever wondered what our customers order from Germany, you’re going to enjoy this section!

Every few weeks we’re going to give you a quick glimpse on our favourite items, straight out of the myGermany dispatch warehouse – ordered by and shipped to people all over the world.

Whether they’re super hilarious, extremely rare or just incredibly good founds: they’re guaranteed to inspire your next shopping experience!

This week’s highlight: this 2000-piece puzzle!

myGermany Puzzle

Who doesn’t love puzzles, right? It’s a wonderful activity to just relax and unwind or to have some fun with friends and family! If you would like to have a puzzle like this one to enjoy some alone time or with your friends, check out our partners:


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Duborg Toys Puzzles

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3D Puzzle Galeria Kaufhof

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