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No matter what it is you would like to have shipped to you – bicycle, oven, antique clock, alloy wheels, dolls… we can send it to your doorstep! We will pack and ship whatever it is you need, making sure it will reach you safely and unharmed. Don’t hesitate to ask us any question you might have. We are happy to help with any request! Check out our customer reviews about our services »

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Blog »

Check our blog articles for funny, heavy, light, crazy, normal, big and small items at Blog »

Bath Appliances »

Shipping bath utensils, such as toilets, bath tubes, washing basins from Villeroy & Boch, Duravit, Hans-Grohe etc.
Read about our toilet-basin shipping service » on Facebook: Shipping a complete bath and kitchen around the world »
Read our experience about Household and Kitchen Supplies Transports »

Bikes »

Shipping bicycles, such as mountain bikes and racing bikes from Canyon, Cube, Focus, Göricke, Stevens etc.
Read about our bike shipping service » Blog: Shipment of a Canyon Bike » on Facebook: 10th shipment of Canyon Bikes »
Read our customers experience about ordering a bike from Germany and have it shipped to the US using »

Bags » ships your bags from Germany, such as Titan, Bree, Picard, Rimowa etc. to you. on Facebook: Bag delivery to Hongkong »
Read about our customers experience: Facebook Customer Review »

Beds for your Kids » picks up the furniture at the German stores, prepares and ships it to your doorstep incl. customs handling and insurance. on Facebook: Wooden Bed shipped to Singapore »

Couches & Sofas »

We pick up and prepare your furniture for its long international trip! on Facebook: Sofa delivery to Australia »

Car Parts »

Check out how we wrap and pack your Alloy Wheels for a safe journey. on Facebook: Alloy Wheels to Asia »
myGermany Rim Packaging & Shipment Services »

Car parts such as bumpers, rear spoilers, catalysts etc. Blog: Mufflers » Blog: Car doors »

Dolls and Puppets »

Order valuable items such as antique dolls, porcelain dolls, puppets from Germany. Blog: Ordering dolls from Germany »

Household Appliances »

Oven – Preparation of an Oven to be shipped across the world:
Read about how we prepare and wrap an oven (or any other household appliance) to be shipped safely to its destination »

Sensitive Items – Forwarding fragile items such as Dish Washers, Washing Machines, Ceramic Plates, Exhaust Hoods etc. from Bosch, Siemens and other high-quality German brands:
Watch a Video to see how we forward household appliances safely »
Get your own household appliances now from one of the best German brands »

Kitchen – Sending your Kitchen safely across the world:
Read more on Facebook about how we prepared kitchen and household appliances for a long journey to Asia »

Radios »

Valuable Vintage Radios – Package Preparation for a sensitive Radio:
Read about how carefully we packed such an amazing item in order to get it safe to Asia »


Summer »

The summer season has started, get everything you need with Blog: Pack your bags for summer vacation »

Shoes and Fashion »

Shoes and fashion from Germany delivered worldwide. on Facebook: Go shopping in German shops and have everything shipped to you with »

Watches and Clocks »

We provide packing and shipping services for antique clocks and clocks of any kind. Blog: How to securely pack a fragile grandfather clock for a long international journey »
Check it out on Facebook »

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