Taxes & Customs Duties For International Shipment Service
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Taxes & Customs Duties

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Imported goods may be subject to import tax and/or customs duties. For this reason, the kind and value of the goods to be imported must be correctly declared (customs documents or declarations). We gladly prepare the customs documents incl. pro forma invoice for you, and additionally we also take care of the electronic customs declaration if the shipment value ≥ 1.000 EUR. Based on your chosen shipment method, we also handle the customs clearing process for you.

Shipments outside the EU…

…require always customs documents incl. a pro forma or commercial invoice, and if the shipments value > 1.000 EUR an additional declaration is needed, which requires close interaction with the customs and the actual German merchant (source of your shipment). myGermany provides the preparation of customs documents inclusive pro forma or commercial invoice for free, and the clarification if a customs declaration is needed for 20,00 EUR and compilation at 10,00 EUR per customs tariff number.

…are declared under Incoterm DAP (Delivered at Place, named place of destination), which means duties are not paid by myGermany under this term.

…with a value < 1.000 EUR
The customs service conducts spot checks on parcels. That means, import fees can but don’t have to be applied.

…with a value > 1.000 EUR
As we process the declaration, import fees will always be applicable if it is stated in the regulations of the destination country.

In cases where additional charges may be incurred…

The payment (clearance) will be conducted by our logistics partners and usually you will be charged by them after delivery. Usually our partners pay these fees in advance (for reasons of simplicity). In certain cases payment may be made directly by you to the customs service (e.g. if you have chosen DHL Premium).

What kind of fees can occur?

In most countries, customs/import duty and a kind of value-added-tax (VAT) can occur.
The VAT is in each country different. The rates of customs duties vary from country to country, with the amount depending on the goods. Some countries have determined an upper value limit or allowance which means that they are exempt from customs duties or tax (de minimis threshold, check our Country-Guide for more). For more specific information click here or FedEx, DHL country-specific, DHL General, DPD, GLS, UPS or simply contact us.

What else is important?

The importer of the goods holds legal responsibility for importing goods, and for the correct declaration of the goods and their value in order to allow for the accurate calculation of the payable customs duties and tax, plus any additional costs that may be incurred in the importing country. Thus we ask you for correct declaration.

We execute the preparation of customs documents: pro forma / commercial invoice or declaration, and can handle the customs clearance.

The accrual or amount of taxes and customs duties depends on a number of various factors:

  • Kind, quantity, and properties of the goods (including and among others the condition of the goods, i.e. whether they are new or used)
  • The tax exemption limit or de minimis threshold of the respective country
  • Tax and customs regulations of the respective country

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