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They have won 3 x Robot Project Beamer with myGermany.com & Cerevo Tipron Robot

Great news for the below mentioned customers who have won 1 x Beamer Cerevo Tipron Robot.

Sent one package in June & win 1 robot – 01. July 2018 // June winner: Mrs Linda Wo Wang from Hong Kong.

Sent one package in July & win 1 robot – 10. Auguts 2018 // July winner: Mrs Barbara S. from China

Sent one package in August & win 1 robot – 05. September 2018 // Mr Nian de Kock from Singapore

3 months – 3 robots. Each month (June, July; August) we raffled 1 Tipron Cerevo Beamer Robot. All existing and new myGermany customers (registration in June/July/August ) that send a package in Jun/July/ August automatically participated in that drawing. They shiped one package by 30 June, or one package by 31 July, or one package by 31 August for a chance to win a 1 of 3 Tipron Cerevo Beamer Robots.

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