Can I get my VAT refunded, while / after using your service? VAT Refund? Value Added Tax Refund? -
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VAT refund is possible, but you need to start / discuss before you initiate the purchase, or simply take option C). There are certain options:

A) no guarantee.

For items < 1000EUR and you purchase (billing address needs to be your address):
Speak to the merchant and he can refund the VAT after we sent you/him the export documents. Be aware: refunding VAT is a can, not must…means the merchant has the power to say No. If he agrees, we will provide 2-3 weeks after delivery the papers / proof of the customs that we really exported the item outside of EU! Along with a small letter of yours he will refund the VAT to you….

B) better:

For items ≥ 1001 EUR and you purchase (billing address needs to be your address):
Speak to merchant, you will get a MRN number with the export from us. With that it is easy to refund the VAT.
An additional declaration export document is to be prepared (costs 20EUR per 5 customs tariff numbers). 

C) easiest.

You initiate our concierge service:
We will buy it for you and sell it to you without VAT. We take a fee of 10% (min. 3EUR) and you cannot “fine-tune” any customs values as we declare it with the value we bought it (we are liable for that in that case).
You simply need to initiate the Concierge ( and put a small line in the comment that you have spoken to us.


If you have already purchased at merchant and want myGermany to return VAT afterwards, we may be able to help, but allow us to take a VAT refund processing fee of 40 EUR. 

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