Can I return orders that the concierge has ordered for me (that are in the myGermany warehouse)? -
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In cases where shipments contain wrong or damaged, caused by the original seller, resp. products which are not compliant with the order (e.g. wrong size, colour, or general specifications), it is, of course, no problem to have these products returned, normaly at no charge. In case, costs will occure, we will pass it on to you. For returing hoods you need to consider a certain period of 14 days.

You may even return goods to the original seller without stating any reasons (e.e you changed your opinion). This service comes with a fee of ten Euros (in addition to the costs that may be charged by the original seller). Costs incurred by the original seller will be passed on to you, too. Please consider a that the return can only be happen within 14 days after receipt of your goods in our warehouse.

Please mind, that some Concierge Orders may be treated differently: if a Concierge is disocunt or special offer purchase, it may not be returnable.

Possible costs for return postage (for mail orders) and allowances (for myGermany), we will calculate with your already paid money; the remaining amount less 10% concierge fee will be refunded or we calculate it to open amounts.

The revocation period of 14 days is important. So take care to inform myGermany in time about returns, so that we can return your goods in time to the original seller.

Please see also here.

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