How big, heavy, huge can my goods be? Standard sizes / weights of packages? Limitations? Costs for unwieldy/non-stackable items? -
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For freight we need to discuss individually, please contact us » 
For normal packages / standard sizes we focus on the specifications of our logistics partners:

At DHL Weltpaket Ecomony/Premium it varies from country to country. The maximum weight is between 20kg and 31.5 kg. The dimensions can usually be up to 120cm x 60cm x 60cm, the longest side must not be longer than 200cm, if one side > 60cm the other two cannot be larger than 60cm.
DHL Express: Additional costs for unwieldy/non-stackable items may occur. In case your item is not stack-able DHL Express reserves the right to increase costs up to 200,00€.

At FedEx the maximum weight is very high (> 1000kg). The maximum dimensions are very generously regulated: the longest side must not exceed 302cm.
Additional costs for unwieldy/non-stackable items can occur, e.g. in case your item is not stack-able FedEx Economy reserves the right to increase costs up to 200,00€.

UPS has established specific weight and size limits for the packages that you send with all UPS services. The restrictions below only pertain to individual packages. There are no limits to the total weight of your shipment or the total number of packages in your shipment. Shipments larger than the limits listed below will require the use of UPS Freight services or UPS Worldwide Express Freight.

  • Packages can be up to 150 lbs.
  • Packages can be up to 165 inches in length and girth combined.
  • Packages can be up to 108 inches in length.

DPD – For the best possible transport of your parcel within the DPD system, a number of limits must be taken into consideration. In addition to the max. weight of 31.5 kilos, the overall dimensions are important. The girth – longest side + circumference – are limited to 300 centimeters. Minimal size of parcel 10 x 15 cm.
For additional information about girth and volume-weight, please click here >>

GLS sorts parcels in distribution centres with automatic sorting systems. This makes shipping fast and inexpensive. Please therefore observe the following maximum dimensions when preparing for dispatch: The parcel may be shipped up to:

  • 60 centimeters high
  • be 80 centimetres wide
  • be 200 centimetres long
  • weigh 40 kilograms.

The girth of a parcel may be up to three metres. It is calculated from two heights plus two widths plus one longest side.


For precise Information please use our Shipping Cost Calculator allowing you to determine the size of the parcel. Please also refer to the units of measure for the size of girth and volumetric weight, which may apply in extreme cases. More details, see here.

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