How much is the fee for the processing or cancellation of a Concierge order? -
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10% for the order itself (costs min 3,00 €). Nothing for the cancellation. Please mind, as long as we have not placed your order, you can edit or cancel the Concierge order. You can do this in your account in myOrders in the Expected-Item-Box. Fees already paid will be refunded to 100% on the way in which you have paid the fees. Once we have placed the order at the original vendor (usually one to two days after you have sent the form to us), a change or a cancellation is no longer possible.

However, you can have the goods you no longer like returned to the vendor up to 14 days after receipt by myGermany once they have been received in our warehouse. This option can also be found on your account in myOrders in the Inbox. For this service we charge a processing fee of 10 Euros. However, if the original sender charges a fee, these costs will be passed on to you.

To meet the deadline, it is necessary that you inform myGermany in time so that we can resend your goods on time to the original vendor.

Return Concierge Orders from myGermany warehouse to Merchant:
For a return or an exchange of goods, we execute the communication with the original vendor and take care of the return (upon your request). Possible costs for return postage (for mail orders) and allowances (for myGermany), we will calculate with your already paid money; the remaining amount less 10% concierge fee will be refunded or we calculate it to open amounts.

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